Sunday, September 19, 2010

Paw It Forward

Okay folks, it has been a while but I just found out my Cardi clowns are the proud recipients of the Foggy Bottom Dirty Dozen puppy guessing game gift bundle. For some crazy cute puppy pictures, go to Cindy's blog Random thoughts on Random things. (I must confess a bias for the litter critter that looks just like my Ruffle Buns.) Any way on to the main event... My Paw It Forward Contest.

Yesterday, Kathy and I attended a funeral for the wife of a friend. She was only 50 yrs old, so needless to say we were all shell shocked and beyond saddened. She was a gal that always had a smile on her face and brought joy to everyone she met. She also had a heart as big as all outdoors and once threatened to adopt all the stray animals in a 5 mile radius of their home. While she was spreading this joy and gathering strays, she was in physical pain. But she never let her smile down. The minister spoke of her being joyful beyond her circumstances and challenged each of us to do the same.

Well that point hit me square between the eyes...or should I say heart. Yes, I have a severely broken wrist, 7 pins and enough nerve pain to fill a 5 gallon bucket, but I can certainly be more joyful! So I decided to laugh more, play more and enjoy my time now!

So this morning when I took the dogs out I watched them play. I didn't as has been my practice these last weeks hurry them to do their business, so that I could get back to my pillows. As a result of this new mind set, I saw Shaker lie in wait for Ms. Rainbow and then commence to fancy foot work the little devil all around the yard. I laughed until my sides hurt. I also saw Music hit Shaker broad side resulting in him rolling down the hill. I saw Ella pulling weed along the fence line and she got a Jewel weed stuck in her teeth. I think she thought it would disappear if she tried to out run it. I watched Ruffles tear up the yard as he ran himself silly for no apparent reason. I also had the pleasure of calmly petting Duchess without any interference.

What a gift! So here's the challenge...How do the animals in your life help you be more joyful than your circumstances? Nothing fancy...just a few lines. Let's figure out how to go forward and spread joy--one smile at a time!