Friday, October 30, 2009

Ella's Post

Ella is sitting with me and she requested that I make the following assertions.

1) Ella is the princess
2) Ella is the cutest
3) Ella is my favorite
4) Ella is the smartest
5) What Ella wants Ella gets.

Rainbow's First Night Night

I wonder where we are supposed to sleep?

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Well for those of you who were taking bets...yeah we did it! We couldn't help but keep one of Music and Russ' puppies. So please say hello to the newest addition of our family...

Davenitch's Make Me A Rainbow

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

There is a very good reason that I don't live in Seattle...Rain! (Well and John Deere isn't headquartered there.)

The dogs are absolutely stir crazy from all the rain. Let's see...

Russ broke into the bathroom and stole all manner of clothing items. And what is that dogs deal with towels?

Ella tore up the instructions for fire screen assembly. (Yes I had to piece it back together and read through the dog drool to assemble the darn thing.)

Shaker found an old half chewed hoof, and taunted the others. He would run around until he found a victim..oops I really meant one of his Cardi chums...then he would drop it. As soon as one of his hmmmm chums tried to get it, he snatched it up and off he would run. Needless to say he doesn't have many friends right now.

Music decided to amp up her bossiness which personally I didn't think was possible. (Turns out I was wrong!) Her latest was to lay in wait until someone (particularly Russ) wanted some kibble. Then she bounded out of the crate snarled and chased her victim...hmmmm Then she would eat 4-5 pieces and return to the crate to wait for the next "chum".

So I finally just gave up and let them run with abandon in the yard. Muddy paws and one muddy nose later they were content. Well at least they were for a couple of hours.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ella Wants...

To sleep in Mama's spot on the bed. Mama said that Ella has to learn to compromise.

Ella Bella Bumblee Bee

Ella has been invited to attend a Halloween pet parade for the children at Gilda's Club (Noogieland). Now one can not go to a Halloween parade in just anything so I decided to break out my sewing machine which has not seen my hands since Russ was a puppy. (We needed a crate cover for the show sites, but I digress...)

Anyway I did a bit of searching about and decided that Ella Bella would make a particularly good bumble bee. I ended up making two because the first was too small. The second overall fits much better but she can get the hood off without any trouble, so Ella will be wearing her hood with antennae as a neck scarf.

Now the story behind the picture is pretty interesting and a bit scary too. I tried getting a shot of her on the floor but the boys wouldn't leave her alone, so I put her on the table. Apparently two short barks and a howl mean JUMP, so just as I snapped the picture she prepared herself to JUMP off the kitchen table. I howled STAY! Thank goodness she did, or broken bones would have not permitted any Halloween parade!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Calendar Says ...

The calendar says that it is October 17 and the thermometer says it is 48F

But Shaker says that the pools need cleaning, and he requests the purchase of a larger one!

Safer World

Ella Bella is keeping the world safe from...


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Buckeyes...No Not Me!

I love to put Buckeyes out this time of year. Buckeyes get scooped up for good luck. Folks grab a couple each year to carry in their pockets. Most important to me buckeyes bring out smiles.

Now this year buckeyes have brought a entirely new depth of smiles to my house. You see this year the cats and dogs have entered into a limited time coalition. The cats drop the Buckeyes on the floor, so that the dogs can play with them.

Now I have no real desire to clean up, chase or step on these little gems. Three of my four clowns are quite obvious when they have something in their mouth. A simple "drop it" command will consistently produce a buckeye with the predictable clowns. But Shaker, well, he is bigger and can easily cheek the buckeye.

But it turns out Shaker is quite predictable too. You see if I look at Shaker and he doesn't have anything in his mouth he just comes over for pets. If he has one of the buckeyes in his mouth, he gets a gleam in his eye and runs full out down the hallway.

Silly boy gives me the same look every time I catch up with him..."How did you know I had a buckeye?"

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where's Ella?

The Players: Ella and Shaker

The Playing Field: A Destroyed Pet Bed

The Game: Hide, Seek and Growl

Oh did I mention that they were in a complete and total de-stuff everything in sight kind of mood all day?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well It Was Red and Thick!

Wednesday is mop the hardwoods day whether they need it or not, and with all those motley dog feet and a teenager most times they need it!

Anyway I am merrily mopping my way down the hallway and I see a red blob in the foyer. I stopped and gasped. Oh my goodness, my mind races ahead, that is exactly what I was warned to watch for with Music. So I drop my mop and run for my phone which is conveniently located right next to the paper towels.

I hit my vets number while I rip off a paper towel and head back to the blob. With the vets number ringing, I scooped up the red blob and immediately isn't blood! Oops, I say into the phone---it's Kim G. and it's a false alarm. Yes yes I am a little sensitive about Music right now but it is my Music!

So what is my mystery glob? Strawberry Jam! Yes it was Strawberry Jam. Now how on earth did strawberry jam end up in the foyer? Good thing I had the mop close by!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pupdate Fun Pics

The puppies are 7 weeks old today and they are busy busy busy.

Let's see in a matter of minutes--they untied Kathy's shoes, attempted to eat my Merrill clogs, bit fingers and toes, chewed electrical cords and...

Anyway here are some of the fun pics we took tonight. Connie will have formal pictures up on her website soon (

I think that Kathy caught this picture at the exact moment that I yelped!

Isn't that a great picture of Kerri? Who says getting 7 wk old puppies to stand still is easy?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Music is HOME!!!!!!!!

'Ya see that pillow she is leaning on...Yep it is mine!

Yeah Music is home from maternity leave.

I really don't have adequate words to describe how much I missed her. I missed her stealing my pillow. I missed her snarling in my ear when I moved her to gain some bed space. I missed her keeping control of my pack of clowns.

Now I will add.... Music is retired! I just heard her over my shoulder and she said that I need to announce her retirement with greater force. So here goes....MUSIC IS RETIRED!

While my Ms. Music was on maternity she became quite ill with some mysterious stomach issue. We were not entirely sure she was going to make it. During the darkest moments of this illness I promised her that I would never make her show again. All she had to do was get well. She did indeed recover beautifully, and now I will live up to my end of the bargain. Music will never enter another show ring for any reason. She will live out her retirement as my companion, top bitch (not to be confused with Queen Bitch--that's my title) and chief couch potato!

So raise a glass and say a cheer with me--Music is well, Music is home, and Music is retired. Cheers!