Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great Day

Well it all began this morning when I donned a sweatshirt so that I didn't freeze to death while Meredith tubed on the Mighty Mississippi. But as soon as I could convince her to get back in the boat, we had a spot of lunch returned home and promptly built a fire in the back yard pit.

The Cardis 4 were so excited to see us head for the backyard they could hardly contain themselves. We spent the entire day outside by the fire while the Cardi kids played ball, stick, and of course "catch me if you can!" Shaker and Ella went for a swim at least 2 dozen times while Music and Russ watched.

The real show came when we tried to play wiffle ball again. Now it went very well with Ella last night but my boys are ball crazy. So every time I tried to pitch the ball, one of the two juvenile delinquents would jump, bark or my all time favorite--bounce off of me. Yes indeed it was a show worth the price of admission.

By 8:00, the Cardis and their human companions were exhausted. It was a great day!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Hi it's me Ella Bella.

I had a really great evening. Mom said that I needed to have some additional socialization experiences--(whatever that means)--so I got to go on a picnic. My brothers and sister knew what a picnic was and they were seriously jealous that I got to go and they didn't. But I didn't know how much fun it was to go to a park with my people until I got there.

We went to a County park and my moms, Nick, Grandma Rose and Meredith got all this food and toys out of the people and dog hauler they call "the Burb." Mom hooked me up to a really long thing that she said was "Sara's." All I could think was who is "Sara and why am I hooked to her long thingy?" But when Mom finished eating and hooked the long thingy to her belt loop, all I could think was "wow this is fun!"

My best boy Nick and my good friend Meredith got out a bat and ball. Then we all went to a space for some "hitting practice." I thought it was great fun to watch Mom pitch to the everyone. I made sure that I interfered with her pitching every chance I got. Woo Wee did she laugh!

Then it was Mom's turn to hit. I was involved with smelling great stuff so I really didn't care what she was doing until the (wiffle) ball hit me. Mom said, "Good dog Ella you took one for the team, so you can take your base." Seriously, "take my base?" I had better things to do like run after butterflies, sniff for well anything...take a base--how boring!

Well my peeps played some more and then they said it was time to pack up. We cleaned up and I played a game they called "crazy dog." (Crazy dog is me running as fast as I can to the end of the leash (20Ft) then running back and doing the whole drill a couple of more times). When Mom said, "Okay Ella we have to go home, I was bummed and wanted to stay longer, but Mom promised that I could go on "picnic" again.

Well I hope I can go on another picnic soon. Even better I hope I can leave my brothers and sister home so that I can have all the fun again!!!

See you around the pond!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lessons Learned

Hey it me Ella Bella.

Mom took us "Outside Fence" last night. She said that the weather had cooled a little and we need to blow off the stink. What ever that means.

We ran around and had a good time. Shaker and I got all slimy and wet from playing in the pools. Mom is usually pretty good about watching us but she missed me eat something odd. I didn't know what it was except that it jumped and looked interesting.

After we came in, I didn't feel so good. Mom said, "Ella you look a little green around the gills." I made this funny yodeling sound and threw up. Then I did it again and again and again and again. While my Moms were cleaning up the mess, Mom Kathy handed Mom Kim something. Mom yelped, "Why did you hand me a frog?" A frog? Now I had a name for what I ate--a frog! A frog--isn't that what us Cardigans do when we lay full out? Except I don't feel so yucky when I lie down as I did when I ate the frog.

Well I tell you what I am NEVER NEVER NEVER going to eat another frog!

See you around the pool,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still Stinking Hot

Well I just couldn't take it anymore, so I let the dogs out in the backyard.

Ella and Shaker took off like they were shot out of a cannon. Ella took the lead shooting across the yard, up the fence line, through the pond and then poked out in the flower garden. Ella is small and nimble so she flirts through the hostas, day lillies, and ground cover like a Mazda Miata, but Shaker, well he is built like a Sherman Tank. When he hits the flower beds, I say a quick prayer for my beautiful flowers. I should give credit where credit is due he is either getting better with his navigation skills or he has trounced enough that the path is now officially wide enough for him.

On the Ruff Ruff front, no matter how hot he gets he flat out refused to get in the swimming pools. (I have 3 scattered about in the yard.) So as we were sitting outside watching our clowns play, we decided to put some sprinklers out tomorrow evening. I think if I strategically place them, I can ensure that Ruff Ruff will get some water. I can't wait to watch him turn himself inside out to avoid getting wet. I'll have to remember to take the camera out back tomorrow!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

All Tired Out

Ruff Ruff here.

We all went out to Aunt Cindy's for a Squeeze the Puppy Party. All of us Cardis got to play outside in the yard. Whooooo Weeee did we have a good time. We played chase Ella and Moose supervised. He was in charge of insuring that no blood occurred. He did a good job--nobody got hurt. Moose and Dreamy went into the pool alone. I think that Dreamy has a crush on Moose.

We also played in the pool. Well I didn't play in the pool but Shaker did and so did Ella. They were super dirty at the end of the day. In fact Mom said one was muddy and one was slimy.

Well we all came back to the RV and we just made it inside and we fell asleep!

Russ out.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hot and Humid

It's hot and humid here in the good ole Midwest.

In fact too hot for the dogs to have their normal backyard romps, so they are driving me crazy in the house.

Ella chases Shaker, then rolls him over and proceeds to beat the snot out of him. It would never occur to dear lovable Shaker that he weighs twice as much as she does and that one well placed paw and the beating would be over....

Russ barks at anything that moves when he hasn't had enough exercise, so he barks and I bellow to STOP BARKING! Yes we are quite a pair.

Shaker is bored so he throws kibble all over the bedroom by digging his nose into the bowl and then pretending he is Flipper the Great Dolphin Cardi.

Ella for her part goes swimming in the water bowl. It is not even possible to describe how far one bowl of water can spread.

I can't wait for this humidity to break or maybe I will just set up sprinklers in the back yard. There has to be a pattern that would make it impossible for Russ to avoid getting wet!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It was a Big Time

Hey it's me Ruff Ruff.

We got in our big car, the one Mom calls an RV, and headed to North Central Iowa. We got there pretty early and got this really great site with plenty of room for my boy Nick to put out x-pens. Mom was pretty happy too because she had to time get things ready before our guests arrived. She did this silly thing of clearing half a closet for my best girl Bekka. I thought she was very silly but Mom said girls need room for stuff. I don't get it!

Then it started raining, so of course that's when everybody started arriving. Aunt Sherilyn, Uncle Rus and my best girl Bekka got this gigantic thing out of the truck. Mom called it a tent. I seriously think it looked like something they dragged out of the water, but hey if it makes 'em happy. There were poles, and fabric everywhere. Oh did I mention it was raining. So all the humans are getting wet putting this thing up and Mom seemed to be enjoying herself.

The next day my boy Alec and I went to play. We had a good time and I got some ribbons that seemed to make Mom smile. Something about a Breed ribbon and a Herding Group 2. Hey it was fun, that's all that matters in my world and I got to eat these really great rib eye steaks that Mom cooked just for Alec and me.

Later that evening, my best girl Bekka got some stuff out of her closet and got all prettied up. Boy did she look great, but turns out it wasn't for me. I don't get it! Hey and why was everyone calling me Hugh Ruffner?

Well after the show on Sunday it was time to tear down Camp Dog, and the humans were very efficient. I thought it was going to take all day but they cleared it up in no time. They are much better at packing up than creating.

Well we had us a big time, and I can't wait to go back out again with all my whole great big extended family. See ya soon!

Ruff Ruff out!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back Yard Antics

My morning routine begins with making coffee and wishing the drip would happen faster. No not so that I could get my first hit of caffeine (although a good guess) but so Russ will shut up. Now why on earth would Russ bark at me while the coffee is brewing? Well because he knows that as soon as I pour a cup, he and the other clowns get to go "Outside Fence."

So with a coffee in my left hand and Ella on my right hip we descend the steps to "Outside Fence." As soon as the door opens they rush it, and Russ hits mach 10 in 15 steps while Ella and Shaker are in hot pursuit. In quick order one of them cuts Russ off at the pass which really torques him off. Immediately he is in hot pursuit of well usually Shaker.

Now Shaker knows that the instant that Russ catches him he is going to get rolled, so being the smart boy that he is--he makes a beeline for one of the pools. I would like to say that the pool is home free but the fact of the matter is that Russ wouldn't be caught dead in the swimming pool.

So once this game is played a few times, Shaker turns his attention to Ella. Ella is a feisty creature who is not going to take any bologna off a boy, but Shaker has figured out how to make her roll. Now not the kind of submissive your top dog roll that I see between Shaker and Russ but a real live roll down the hill.

So this roll thing happens like this--Shaker comes at her from the side and if he catches her before she spins on a dime, he gets his big ole nose under her middle and then she literally rolls down the hill. Now trust me this really honks off the puppy and she comes up all teeth and mouth. Before you know it she catches up with Shaker and is telling him off while digging her puppy teeth into the side of his neck.

Oh yes "Outside Fence" is quite entertaining.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

While I Was Away

Hi it's me Ruff Ruff...

I was away for a couple of days with my mom.  Yep I finally taught her that she can't go anywhere without me.  She had her cousin Liz house sitting, and the cats were NAUGHTY!  Well if you want a big laugh, go to Cousin Liz' blog.

Ruff Ruff out!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ella's Cache

Is it a bad yard sale?  No.

Is it an example of my poor housekeeping?  No. (Well maybe but not on point.)

It's Ella's cache.  From the time she was an iddy biddy puppy she has taken stolen treasures and hidden them under the bed.  As of tonight she has amassed the following items:

1. Queen sized bed pad
2. Frisbee
3. cat bed
4. choice stuffed squeaky toy
5. bone
6. balls
7. sweat shirt
8. zebra toy
9. pull toy
10. indestructible chew toy

Well we will see what else she takes under the bed!

First Day Home

I went to South Carolina to visit my brother and his wonderful family and then we went to Atlanta for my baby brother's wedding.  I had a great time, but I left my family to tend and care for my beloved babies (aka Cardi Kids).  Well let's just say that I won't be having a vacation alone again any time soon.  Kathy was ready to string them or put "Adopt Me" vests on the whole darn bunch of them.  She said they only listened to my mother-in-law which is way too funny because she never owned a dog in her life.  

Okay so the first day back in the saddle the dogs had a few lessons to relearn...

1) I am the Queen Bitch--no one else even comes close.  (This is a tough one for Music today)
2) Shaker isn't allowed to flatten Ella no matter how annoying a little sister she is.
3) Russ isn't allowed to kill Shaker no matter pesty he is
4) Stay out of the hostas.  They are not part of the agility course.
5) No Barking.  Remember I can throw a can, ball or shoe with pin point accuracy.  
6) No peeing and pooping in my house.  Remember the ball thing?
7) No chewing the legs of furniture.  I have a squirt bottle and I am not afraid to use it.
8) No I an not adding cheese, leftovers or anything else to your food.  Eat it and like it--well unless you're Russ.  
9) Don't bump my arm when I am drinking coffee it makes me crabby, and you will smell like coffee for days--Ella.

Okay that about covers it...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome Home MaMa

Russ here.

My Mom came home tonight.  I totally forgot how mad  I was at her about the boating thing and then going away without me when she came home.  I jumped up and gave her some major kisses.

Don't worry tomorrow I will be my old self and make her pay but for tonight I don't care.

Russ out.