Sunday, February 6, 2011

Post Blizzard Playtime

We had record snowfall, and all the dogs got cabin fever. When the winds finally calmed down enough that we could be outside for more than just a few minutes, I turned 'em loose. Much romping, path making and ball digging out ensued.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Picture It

Picture it, post blizzard 2011, snow drifts every where, short dogs trying to make trails.

Enter the Shih Szu named Skittles. Background: Skittles is a few bricks short of a full load, but the kid loves him. Skittles attempts to make his way in the same fashion as the Cardis, the Pembroke and the Bearded Collie mix. Needless to say he got himself stuck in a massive drift.

The Cardis, Pembroke and Bearded Collie mix had long since headed for the house when it became clear that Skittles was hopelessly mired. At this point, I am thinking that I am going to have to get dressed--snow pants, boots, mittens and the works to get this fool dog.

At about this point I hear Duchess, the Pembroke leading the charge, followed by Music, the Cardigan and Angel the Bearded. Duchess immediately organizes a rescue crew. Angel is set to trampling down snow while Music is enlisted to push Skittles. Of course, Duchess' role was to bark orders and directives the entire time. But within a minute the 3 heroes had our bedraggled victim unstuck and moving toward the house.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Go Red!

Dora the Explorer made the Daily Corgi with her Cardi pals in D.C. Russ and Music couldn't be prouder parents...well OK Russ is puffed up and Music is, well, Music.

Now back when we were three, the Riverbend Corgis posed for a Christmas picture wearing bells too. Of course, Russ and Shaker thought it was great fun, but Music was only game after I fell over the chair trying to get everyone to look in the same direction.

But my favorite, Go Red, Cardi moment does not come with pictures. (Trust me this is most unfortunate!) We (Cindy, Nick, Meredith and I) were traveling home from Rochester, MN in the trusty 'ole Winnebago when I heard a big THUD! "Holy crap,"I said, "What was that?" Cindy jumps up to investigate, and I hear a gasp and laughter. I swing my head around just in time to witness a sea of cranberry wine heading right for the front of the coach. I asked Cindy if I needed to pull over? To which she replied, "No, I've got it." And she would have, if that darn corner hadn't been right in front of us, and the sea of cranberry wine made a toxic shift toward the rug. Have I mentioned that we had a boat load of puppies with us--Shaker's litter? The little heathens were trying to "help", so the kids were enlisted to keep the babies on shore. I stopped the RV and grabbed anything that was absorbent--bath towels, paper towels, socks--you get the picture. CHAOS! While the kids kept the puppies on shore, Cindy and I were laughing so hard we can't see, but some how or the other we got the gallon of cranberry wine mopped up.

At some point, we regained control of ourselves and the only remnants of the incident were a bathtub full of pink towels and the faint aroma of cranberry wine.

While I am sure the American Heart Association would not approve of the cranberry wine for drinking purposes the entire incident still makes my heart happy with laughter.