Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't Tell God Your Plans

See any size difference between Shaker and Rambo?

Herding dogs are my thing. Twenty years ago, a border collie named Tippy dropped into my life, and the world turned a whole lot brighter as a result. She was pure delight. If I thought it, she produced it. When she crossed the Rainbow bridge 4 yrs ago, I wasn't sure I would ever find another dog to fill the hole that she left. But as some time passed, I was ready to start the search for another herding dog.

At that point, we decided that looking for a smaller herding dog was probably the best decision. Our thinking went something like this...smaller dog = a little easier to lift in and out of the truck in their old age. So then we had to decide between a pem and a cardi. That decision was easy, I enjoy laid back and loyal, so off we set to find a well bred puppy.

I had never shown a dog in my life, nor had I so much as watched a dog show on TV, so I did not set out to bring a show dog into our lives. I was looking for a hard working companion to walk with me, do some obedience, and possibly some therapy work. Well you all know already what I got was a prima donna show dog that I couldn't love any more than I do. So I guess it just shows the truth in the old adage--"don't tell God your plans, 'cause he'll just laugh."

But I did get that smaller herding dog, until....Shaker Baker (aka Shaker Baby) came into my life. Now he was brought into my life as a show dog...again don't tell God your plans, because he kept growing and growing and growing. Now this lug is also the biggest love ever. In fact, he slept every night right next to my head when I arm was broken. When I would open my eyes, he was right there looking at me, as if to question if I was alright. And now my smaller herding dog out weighs my border collie.

I could go on, Rainbow (also thought she would be a show dog) on the other end of the scale just didn't grow. Oh and I temporarily share space with a Pembroke named Duchess! So at the end of the day, would I change anything? NOT A CHANCE! I love the whole motley crew just as they are--big, small, intense, demanding, loving, gentle, fierce....

Monday, March 21, 2011


Teegan is out of the Russ X Music litter (Aug. 08). I spoke with her "mom" today and my heart was filled with joy! She said things like, "She is the best dog ever!", "She loves my son", and "She is such a snuggler". Well from the pictures she takes after Ruffles love of children. She also seems to have his way of being in the world--she loves to watch TV, does his funny little Kramer stance and has her special spots! Yep add it all up and I see a great deal of Ruffles, and not a lot of Music in this one--except size!

Oh I am so pleased and am so grateful that she is loved beyond all measure!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dinah Does Agility

Dinah, out of the Russ X Music litter (Aug. '09) is not only herding but has taken up agility! To say that I am pleased with her home and life's work would truly be an understatement. Thanks be to the Elliot's for, well, everything!

And seriously, for those of you who know Ruffles (aka Russ) check out the look in the first picture, see any resemblance to the looks her Daddy can give? Personally, I have always called that his, "Look Ma no hands" challenge. Yeah, I'll say it again, I am so pleased!