Thursday, July 31, 2008

From the Archives II

I'm on the road for a couple of days--something about meeting my brother half way to deliver a boat, but not important. I left this morning about 10:00am after saying a quick good bye to the family, Russ and Music. I've gotten reports from the road and all seems to be going well. Most importantly Russ is eating but word is that he only eats after Music dashes in to get a nimble of his Satin Balls. (There's a story, but I will save it for when I get home!)

Any way it seemed only fitting to pull a couple pictures out of the archives that didn't make it to prime time viewing. Just so everyone is on a level playing field let me quickly describe my two characters. Russ is a ready for anything, game for a good time kind of dog, while Music is a sweet little girl, with a vamp side but for the most part content to hang out with her human on the couch or chair. (With the new puppy arriving in just a few short days, Aunt Cindy suggested that dear Music had no idea what she was getting into when she adopted our couch.)

I think these two pictures will show the vast difference between them. Russ--rough and ready to take on the fan, and Music snuggled up the the softest blanket she can find.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Russ here.

My boy has this stupid gaming system called Wii. He loves to play with it especially when it is hot. I hate it! Mom took some video of me while my boy was playing, and she said she wished she could understand what I was saying. So I decided to write a blog about what I think about Wii.

First, I don't get why he likes the dumb game. He stands in the living room pretending to throw a bowling ball, swinging a club or some other silly thing. He looks ridiculous--hands flying all over the joint.

Second, if he is going to go to all that trouble, why doesn't he just take me outside and play some real football. Yeah now there's an idea especially since Mom cut my football sessions down to once a day until I put some weight on. How stupid is that?

So anyway, on the video I am telling my boy that it is a stupid game, and that he should put it away, and play with me. I even charge him so that he gets the idea that I want to play with him, but he keeps playing that idiot game thing Wii.

Russ out.

Addicted to Downy

Music is a funny little girl in her own right. Now she is no where near the character Russ is, but I'm not sure any house is big enough for two Russells. (Although there is a rumor out there that the new puppy Shaker like to rearrange fans!) But I digress...

One of Music funny little habits is her drive for anything that smells like Downy fabric softener. She could be sound asleep, but the instant she smells me coming with clean laundry she's up and in--yes I said in--the pile of laundry. If I happen to drop a load on the bed and can't attend to it immediately, I will find her buried in it with just her big 'ole bat ears showing out the top!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Skinny Show Dog

Russ is at that lanky teenage period of his life, and like so many teenagers he is a skinny guy. We are trying to beef him up, but believe it or not he is a picky Cardi Corgi.

In addition to extra food with good stuff on it, we are giving him treats during the day. He enjoys Wellness Peanut Butter treats, but we wanted to mix it up so he didn't get bored with one flavor. Today I introduced Natural Balance sweet potato and fish treats. To me they smelled like something that the river washed up, but Russ ultimately decided they were pretty good.

However, whenever you give Russ a treat he does the same treat routine. He carries it in his mouth for a time, drops it, does a funny little dance, repeat this a couple of time, then he either eats it or runs a few Corgi laps around the house. I finally got part of the routine on film, but missed the Corgi laps.

It is hard to put weight on a dog that runs it all off while eating the treats!

Obsessed with cats!

Monday night headlines with Jay Leno is a staple here at the ranch, and typically Russ and Music are sleeping soundly by the time we are laughing ourselves senseless at the silly headlines.

Well last night Jay had on Julie Scardina & Sea World Animals, so we thought what the heck this is always fun. The second animal guest was a jungle cat kitten. I swear Russ heard Jay Leno say "oh it looks like a house cat," and he jumps up and charges the TV. He is barking and carrying on like a demented Cardi, until the stage hand takes the cat away.

Now we all know Russ loves nothing more than herding cats and tormenting Stinky cat but honestly I never thought it would transfer to cats on TV. On this Monday night, my buddy Russ was funnier than headlines!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Corgi Picnic

Wow! Picture it 40+ dogs mostly Cardigan Corgis, but a good representation of Pembrokes as well, plus some wannabes (at least one Border Collie and a big white fluffy Samoyed, and Collies!)all at the Corgi Picnic. Well let's run through a few highlights...

Russ met his match in Ransom (Pembroke puppy). Russ has finally met another puppy who wants to play as long and hard as he does.

There was some water play. The foggy bottom crew are nuts for the hose and pool. Oh course, my Russ thinks that if the water is clean it is not worthy of his time. He prefers a good mud puddle thank you very much.
We had some football play, but the Border Collie was faster than the Corgis so Russ was a little put out. He forgot his football at the picnic and is very unhappy. I promised him a new one, but well its a bit like a child's favorite blanket--it will do but its not the same.

Turns out Music is a vamp! Oh my that was the surprise of the day, Music out there sashaying about leading a parade of boys. I believe someone looked up and said "Music--you're a hussy" Who knew?

Well thanks to David and Cindy for great food, wonderful time and lots of laughs!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Every morning we three set out for a walk, and just as predictably Russ and Music must check their p-mail. Some messages take longer to read and respond to than others but none the less each message is properly attended.

Today I am so pleased to report that after watching Russ for some time, Music decided the best approach to message reply was to lift her leg. Yes indeed can you just imagine--my dainty sweet little Music lifting her leg!

Vacuum Cleaner

Hey folks, I really thought Russ would out grown his aversion to my vacuum cleaner. But alas he is a year and a couple of weeks and it the same response. Every time the vacuum cleaner is turned on, and believe you me with all the shedding going on around here it is pretty frequent, he goes into "Oh My God, It's the Vacuum Cleaner" mode. Well take a look...

Thursday, July 24, 2008


This is Music.

Russ told me all about his blog and e-mail, so I decided that I wanted to check it out. I needed his help to open the lid, but I have it figured out now. I noticed that Mom writes a bunch more about him than me, so I guess I will have to step up my game.

Mom has started to figure out that I have control of Russ. I let him get away with just so much and then that's it--I am all over him. Russ looks at me like "I don't get it" what is her problem. Mom just laughs.

Well I guess I'll sign off. Talk to you along the way, Music

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cardi Communication

So Russ is barking at me, and I think that he is asking for a business session. I never take just one Cardi out for business because it is way too inefficient. I get the walking leashes off the hook and call for Music. She always comes running when I get walk leashes down, but this time she just sits in the chair and flat out refuses to come. I made some playful noises and called again. No go she is not getting off the chair. So I said okay for you but don't ask me to go out in 15 mins.

I start out the door and release Russ to follow, and he bolts to the side yard. Football--he wants to play football. Of course, he has the wrong leash on for football, so back in the house to switch out leashes. Music is still sitting in chair only this time looking all smug. You see she hates football and would never willingly go outside to even watch the stupid game. She knew what Mr. Russ was asking for and wasn't going to have any part of it.

I am still amazed!

Full Pillow

Okay Music and Russ have figured out that they need to sleep on my side of the bed. That's fantastic, but what I wasn't bargaining for was that they are pillow thieves. I am an extremely sound sleeper, so as the night progresses they just move me over, down, get the picture until they have possession of the pillow. This morning, I found myself sleeping on about 3 square inches of my feather pillow.

Glad they were comfortable!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Russ here.

Mom is busy with the baby today so I have to play by myself. Mom bought me a new tennis ball that has a squeaker in it. Man 'O Man is it ever fun. I can toss it for myself, chase it, catch it, and even make it squeak loud and long so it wakes up the baby.

I have to say that Mom likes it when I play with the squeaky ball better than chewing her computer charging cord. She was none too thrilled when I did that last night. Hey I got distracted and lost my focus. I don't get why that stupid cord is so important anyway.

Russ out.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Newest Addition

Russ spent some time in his crate today while we were out. We had a neighbor come in to let the dogs out around noon, and Russ played a great game of Chase the Corgi. He apparently ran my neighbor ragged before being caught and stuffed back in his crate. When we got home he gave me the best, "What? I don't get it" look ever.

Then he proceeded to harass Music until she looked at me with the most pleading eyes--"When are you getting him a puppy?" Well the answer is August 17th, we will add Shaker to our Ranch!

Please take a look at this darling puppy at Word from the Foggy Bottom crew is this litter of puppies is the happiest group ever. We couldn't be happier to be adding another Foggy Bottom puppy to our pack!

This is complicated--Shaker's Dad's Mom--told you it was complicated--once told me that Cardi Corgis were like potato chips--you couldn't just have one. I laughed and said "oh I will only have one at a time". Well it is officially time to eat my words. Yes indeed these funny engaging dogs are like potato chips. And soon we will add the third!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Can You Believe It?

Russ here.

My family went out on the boat today to do something called tubing, and they left me behind. Can you believe it? I was all ready to go but Mom said "no Russ" you can't go with us today.

I promised myself that when she got home, I would get back at her, but I totally forgot as soon as she let me out of the crate. I ran up to her and begged for pets and love. Hopefully I will remember tomorrow that I am mad at her.

Russ out.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Poor Music

Music is a lap sitting dog. Every evening she relishes that part of the day when I sit down to read or watch TV because that means lap time! Last night I sat down about 9:00 and she was waiting for her time. (Russ is not a lap sitter. He prefers to lay next to the chair or sit next to you on a couch. No laps for him for probably two good reasons 1) he doesn't fit and 2) he gets too hot.)

Any way, Music and I are having our special time together when my--okay I admit my favorite cat--Skitch decides he wants a little lap time too. He jumps up and I am thinking okay we can figure out how to make this work when he lays down on Music. She just keeps hanging out on my lap and I am guessing her philosophy is--"I can wait out a cat." And she did.

So right now in my house, I have Mr. Opinionated Himself--Russ. Russ has opinions about everything from who is allowed to walk on our street to theories of global warming, and sweet tempered, loves nothing more than a warm lap and a soft pillow Music. But rumor on the street is my next Cardi Corgi will be a bit more middle of the road. Cheers to a pack full of personalities.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Coalition?

Russ and I were at Focus and Heeling class this evening. We have come a long way in 6 weeks, but we are still not competition ready. We start a competition style obedience class on July 30, but this is not why I write...

We came home and engaged in our usual routine--sit, leash off, put the obedience bag away, but what do my eyes see--Music and Stinky on the bed together.

Just to bring you up to speed, Stinky Cat is Russ' arch enemy. She is the cat who will wait until he is sleeping and then run up to him biff him and take off. So Music and Stinky communicating and spending time together. It can only spell one thing--Russ is screwed!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh Where is that darn camera when you need it?

I had a soft sided crate for Russ set up in the living room. He's pretty good loose when I am gone but if anything loud happens he chews up a book or a magazine. Thank goodness we seem to have moved on from shoes and glasses. But I digress...

Okay the crate is still up and Russ sees a kid on a bike go by the front window. He immediately races to the front window. The shortest distance between two places is a straight line--right? So he charges in a straight line to the window only the crate is right smack in the middle of this straight line approach. He charges full steam ahead into the crate and bamm hits the back window of the crate. I swear the back side of that crate looked like the old horror movies when the face comes out of the wall. I laughed until my ribs hurt!

Well I am happy to report that at one year and a day, my buddy Russ is still making me laugh!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You Say It's Your Birthday! (Part 2)

We had a little party tonight for Russ and the neighbor who just turned 21. A good time was had by all! While we ate cake, Russ played with his new toy and Music wondered about her January party. Russ of course got to do his two favorite things in the world--go for a 3 mile walk and play a little football.

It was suggested to me that I include in the year in review that Russ Corgied my prescription glasses. Yes, I wore reading glasses for a couple of months before my year interval was up!

Of course I should also note that the rocking chairs won't be the same until they make a trip to the furniture restorer. (Fortunately we know a really good one!)

And it wouldn't be complete if we didn't take a moment to remember Russ nabbing the neighbors golf club and parading about the yard like a peacock.

Well tomorrow dawns bright for my buddy Russ and I hope he keeps making us laugh.

You Say It's Your Birthday!

I can't believe my buddy is 1 year old today. So it seems only fitting to do a year in review series.

It was a cool September evening that we met Cindy and picked up the wonder puppy. Except he wasn't Mr. Outgoing then. He was super shy and scared to death about leaving his puppy siblings. So we were supposed to meet some friends in a little town at a restaurant that specialized in local meats and produce. Well those plans got scrapped in a New York minute, and we ended up eating burgers at the Dairy Queen on an outside picnic table. We took turns holding the puppy so the other could eat. Did I mention it was cool when we picked him up--well it was freezing by the time we ate dinner. I should have know that it was going to be quite a ride.

Let's take a ride through some of the high lights of his capers...

Christmas Carnage--he slipped between the iron rails of our bed, jumped into a laundry basket to then find freedom. He made his way into the wrapping room and in a matter of minutes tore into at least 15 packages! I found him in a sea of wrapping paper, ribbons and tape. He needed a bath and I found out that I got what I wanted for Christmas.

Then there was the time he jumped into the dish washer to get a better vantage point to finish licking dishes.

Of course, we must always remember him eating my lap top keyboard. I didn't have cvbnm for two weeks.

Scads of toilet paper was shredded, my sherling slippers, and of course let's always remember my pair of Cole Hann shoes--all corgied!

Well I'll post a birthday picture from his party tonight tomorrow! More stories to follow.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Russ Airs Out

It cooled down over the weekend but Russ still thinks it is pretty hot. The picture says it all....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Okay we are ready to go outside...

We have successfully convinced Russ that he can't jump up or down from the bed. I am not entirely sure how we did it but we did. Music on the other hand is a regular acrobat and there is no convincing her of the evil of stairs, bed jumping, and other sorts of Cardi misadventures.

So while we were traveling, Music is on and off the bed at will, while Russ had to resort to barking, whining and other cajoling to get what he wanted. On the day the picture was taken Music decided to wait for Russ to make her grand jump and skid across the floor. For a pretty small dog, she makes quite the show of her landing. She lands and slides several feet before her braking system is fully operational. And for Russ' part he decided to save our ears and not bark!

Fresh Air Please

My buddy Russ has become quite the traveler--well at least in the RV. Music heads straight for the bedroom but Russ prefers to watch the scenery. His latest trick is to come up to the air conditioning vent for a breath of cool air. He also likes watching the back up camera especially when Kathy is back there guiding us into a site!

Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Hot in Iowa!

Russ is not a hot weather dog by any standard, well unless someone says football and then he is game, but for the most part he hates the heat. So while we were up north he was a happy camper. But we came home to heat and I do mean heat!

The air conditioner is working overtime and the temperature in the cottage was still rising--it hit 80 degrees at 9:00 p.m. The dogs are walking around with their tongues hanging out, so we went into supplement mode. We drug out every fan we could find, turned off lights, and brought out the cooling mats. Now you would think that Russ would find this to be welcome relief, but no he starts complaining that it's still too hot! Then he decides that the cooling mats need to be relocated. I am telling you sometimes there is no pleasing him!
I am pleased to report that the little monster finally settled down in front of a fan!

Corgi Butts

While on vacation, we took some pretty walks along the lake and to water falls. But the prettiest hike we took was on the Cascade River in Minnesota. So here we are in the prettiest place, and do you think I could get Russ and Music to pose for a photo? Absolutely not, if one was looking at the camera, the other was moving or turning around. Well you get the picture so to say...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Evil Must Be Lurking

Russ has decided that in addition to being a football star that he is also a first class watch dog. He kept the RV safe from all manner of evil lurking in the bushes.

He kept us safe from young children on bikes and trikes, middle-aged couples, birds, and dogs. We finally had to break the news to him that he needed better profiling tools, but he assured us wolves sometimes came in sheep's clothing.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Things I don't get

Russ here.

I have been on vacation, well sort of, Mom made me work for a few days while we were in Canada. But that was fun too because I cleaned up! Can you believe someone asked my Mom if the dogs knew when they were winning and do they get cocky? My Mom who is usually not so quick says, "Yeah they know" and left it at that. Jesh don't ya think she could have come up with something better than that?

Well before Mom figures out I am near the computer again I have to tell you about a couple of things I don't get.

1. Why do girls like hummus? My Mom makes this gross stuff with garbanzo beans and tahini and calls it hummus. Music is nuts for it and will practically turn herself inside out to get some. My Mom thinks it is really cute and says "oh she likes it as much as Tippy (Mom's beloved border collie) did." Then they say "Russ give it a try." I did and it is gross and disgusting!

2. Why can't I ride under Mom's feet when she is driving the RV? I tried the direct path to sit beside her in the RV, but she said, "No Russ." Then she put some barricades up, but I figured out from the other captain's chair that I could wiggle under the fabric and come out right by her feet. Pretty smart 'huh? Now Mom is ordering a toy sized x-pen to go all the way around her driving seat. She thinks she is pretty smart but I'll out fox her. I always do!

Russ out.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Okay have I mentioned that we are in an RV for a couple of weeks on an Up North vacation? We been seeing the sights, enjoying the weather and generally have a grand time. We are also in the land of "wild rice," so last night I had a couple of left over cups and decided to use them up in some wild rice soup.

Russ is not a beggar and has never had anything from the table to tonight's behavior was quite a shock. Must be he really liked the smell of the soup!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

When you show your show dog...

Or I could have titled this one...Show Dog with Big Head or Show Dog is Pain in the .....well that is probably to far. I probably should give the story.

It was a long, wonderful and super fun weekend and both dogs worked hard. So I gave Russ some leeway on Sunday. But I swear starting Monday morning he decided he was a dog with needs, wishes and desires and the rest of us mere mortals were put on earth to meet them!

So here's a clip...he's hungry...bark bark now, he's got to go out...bark bark bark...right now people or oh my there are dogs next door...bark bark bark...make them go away! This morning he decided that the appropriate pace for his morning constitution was warp speed. My hands have rope burns!

Next he'll be asking to check his e-mail....