Monday, August 29, 2011

Where's Mom?

Ruffle and Abbster's Dirty Dozen litter turned a year, and it seems as though they have each left a little puddle of themselves in each.

Max (shown here) is a huge mama's boy, and unfortunately just like his father is a picky butt when it comes to eating. But back to the mama's boy thing.

For those of you who remember Russ (Ruffles) out there showing as a puppy, do you see any similarities in the table shot? Could it be the, " Mom, MOm, MOM, Where are you, Mom, MOm, MOM?

Well here's to a year with the Dirty Dozen! So much more to come!

Ella Bella

Ms. Ella Bella as seen at about midnight last night...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dora Readies for Irene

This picture was taken last night as she readied to go out the last time as the early bands of Hurricane Irene were hitting her hometown! I can just see her wheels turning, "I don't need no stinking rain coat, I am a Corgi!"

But seriously folks, I am just go glad to know that Jill, Jim and Dora are fine.

Friday, August 19, 2011

'Da Girls' 2nd Barkday!

Oh I remember it well, it was blistering hot, my brother and I were racing a storm to get a shed built, and Connie called and said, "Music had her first puppy. It's a brindle. (That's you Dora the Explorer). My reply was, "Well if that doesn't beat all. I can't leave right now because a monster storm is on the way and we have to get a roof on this shed." Well Kathy came home about an hour later, and came out to check the shed progress. I told her Music was having her puppies, and she promptly turned heel and headed to Connie's. As she scampered across our lawn, I asked, "Could ya get us some water?" She replied, "Get your own water, Music is have her babies!"

Well two (2) years, have come and gone since that wonderful day. Dora has jumped in the Tidal Basin, Izzy has captured and released a duck, Rambo...oops Rainbow has created a great deal of havoc, Teegan has run her heart out, Dinah has herded, ran agility and played in a little Rally.

All the girls are healthy and happy. Who could ask for anything more?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cats Will Play While...

Yesterday we were stripping and waxing the hardwoods and seriously needed a break! The faithful Cardis were being their ever helpful selves...sleeping! Any way while we were drinking water and the dogs were sacked out, my lovey cat Skitch wiggles through the banister, steps over the dogs and jumps on the table.

Now I am not one to reward a cat for table jumping but this was some serious risk taking! So he got loves and pets, and he hung out with us until Kathy pulled in the driveway. I was ready for great chaos, but these great watch dogs, we call Cardis, were so distracted by the car they never even realized their was a cat in the kitchen!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Music's Update

Hello, it is I Music.

While Ruffles barks at his food, I decided it was time to update all of you.

I have been very busy training the humans. As of today I have trained the humans to engage in something I like to call joint custody. You see, I so enjoy Lisa and Don and their dog doors that I am willing to ride in a car. Yes, yes, you heard me right I like dog doors and Don has them. I can go in and out to suit myself. This is a good thing!

Also, Lisa understands my food needs. I like a bit of wet food touching every morsel, and Lisa understands and accommodates this desire. Also I have Don trained to feed me my on my couch. This is a good thing too!

Now having said this, the lovely couple has one serious draw back. They get up a O'ridiculous thirty! So I must come home and sleep with my other Mom Kim, so as to catch up on much needed beauty sleep.

So until I can train one or the other of these pet humans to either give me a dog door and cover my food or sleep in, I will settle for "joint custody!"

See you fine folks around the pond...especially if any of you can fit the above mentioned bill.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Do Unto Others

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Cardi Corgi Capers with the following reminder...

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Seems simple enough, and enough said!

We now return to our regularly scheduled Cardi Corgi Capers!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Not To Be Out Done...

Apparently Izzy read about her sister's antics with the sprinkler and decided to show she has water talents all of her own! (Please note that the duck was released unharmed...Good Dog Izzy!)

I will say that I am hoping that Rainbow doesn't catch wind of this competition, as I would be afraid of what she might do living so close to the Mississippi!

Dora the Explorer v. Georgetown Sprinkler

On any given morning Dora the Explorer can be found taking on the sprinklers on the Georgetown campus. (Dora is one of the Russ X Music babies, and trust me this love of water and sprinklers skipped a generation. This behavior comes from her great grandfather Fred, who is a known and oft wanted sprinkler thief and attacker!)