Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dog Gone Yellow?

Okay it's funny now, but just a few hours ago, I was in may day mode.

I gave Music a bath and started with a whitening shampoo and, I kid you not, her whites turned YELLOW! I couldn't believe my eyes, but it happened. I sent an "oh what have I done" e-mail to my Foggy Bottom buddy hoping for a quick solution.

Trust me no quick solution. First a Dawn bath produced a squeaky clean dog (we took care of all that olive oil once and for all) but still yellow. Then I tried a different whitening shampoo and we started to make progress. But upon drying her, I discovered yellow blotches. Ugh...this went on for 3 hours before I finally produced white whites.

I can assure you that everyone around me today enjoyed the show and now looking back--Okay it's funny!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The other day I happened to Russ hasn't chewed anything up in a really long time. Well first I should have knocked on wood and then I should have remembered that while we are past teething we are no where near past revenge chewing.

While Russ was teething anything hard was fair game--rocking chairs, chair get the picture. Revenge chewing is designed to just make a big mess.

Yesterday I committed the most horrible of sins--I took Music with me to PetsMart and left Russ at home in his kennel. Okay I know it wasn't the smartest thing to do, but Music really needs social time, and well let's face it folks it isn't going to happen when I have Mr. Personality along.

Upon arrival home, I immediately released him from captivity and took him outside for a quick play session. He didn't seem unhappy with me, but again I should remember he is a firm believer in "revenge is a plate best served cold."

Just before dinner while everyone was busy setting the table, tossing salad, and other last minute stuff, he went shopping in my birthday gift bag. Friends had given me a beautiful glass asparagus serving platter and he nabbed it. The box from whence it came got chewed up in the living room and I still can't find the platter!

Just another day and another laugh with my buddy Russ!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Day in the Life...

My sweet little niece, Izzy spent the night after my son's graduation party. The night before I just plain ran out of steam about midnight and left one plate of marinated red peppers and artichokes on the counter, but rinsed or washed everything else. Okay fast forward to Sunday morning.

At 6:10, Russ woke up and announced he had to go outside right now! So I did my usual stumble to the door, and then back to bed. It was just a couple few minutes later that Kathy said through laughter, "the cats knocked the anti-pasta tray off the counter, and Music slide through it chasing a cat." Then she says, "please clean it up." Before I even have a chance to groan my niece says, "Sara will clean it up."

I got up and scooped up the red peppers and artichokes, found some paper towels and wiped up the bulk of the olive oil and spices. Then semi-mopped the floor. Then I tackled the oil drenched dog's under belly. All I could think was--it had to be at that moment in time that she decided to be a normal Cardi! When that was all done, I glanced at the clock 6:33. Groan.

By 10:00, I had ironed everything in sight for the big graduation ceremony, hushed Sara and Russ more times than I care to count and did a couple of loads of laundry. The white load I dumped on the bed and immediately got distracted. When I returned to fold it, I found Music burrowed into the middle of it. It was at that moment, I wished that I had been more through with the earlier dog washing! Sigh.

Russ was having his usual day of cat hunting and shoe thieving....

Just another day and another laugh with my buddies.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Russ and the Wii

Russ here!

Wow, my humans are really nuts.

They spent the last few days getting ready for something they called a graduation party for my best boy Nick. The made food that smelled great but wouldn't let me have anything. Yesh I didn't get that.

Then they decorated but wouldn't let me play with any of it. I thought that was really stupid.

Then came the day of the party. Can you believe it...I got out once to join the party and Mom said "that's it Russ you are going in a crate." I just ran out the door between someone's legs and did a few laps through the people. Mom did not think it was very funny and said in her best Mom voice, "Russ Stop." I know when she uses that voice I had better listen.

The next day my crazy humans spent undoing everything they did the day before. I definitely didn't get that. But Mom said, "Russ you have been a good boy so let's go outside for some play time." Thank goodness, I thought I would go nuts.

Then today, my best boy Nick got to play this thing called Wii in the front room. Now do they know I am a herding dog or have they completely lost their memories? My job is to respond to movement, bring it under control and wait for direction--Right? So why would they have my best boy playing this thing where I can see it. Mom took some video and I think she posted it on You Tube, so you can see how I tried to maintain some sense of order in the living room. But did they get it--NO! I just don't get it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Captivity Grandma Style

I have family arriving from the four corners of the US for my son's graduation. My mother arrived early to lend a helping hand. So yesterday, I ran into town to pick up a couple of things and left all the dogs and cats with my mother.

As soon as I walked back in the door, I noticed that Russ had his leash on and it was attached to a chair leg. He is giving me the most pitiful look you have ever seen, as I ask "Russ Russ why are you attached to the chair?"

From the kitchen, I hear, "I told him twice to quit messing with the cats and he didn't so I tethered him to the chair." I laughed, let him go where upon he was really honked at the cats and promptly herded them onto the dining room table.

I told him to write a memo to self, when Mom is gone--don't mess with Grandma!

Just another day and anther laugh with my buddy Russ.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wiped Out

This is the last in my Foggy Bottom visit series.

After the Foggy Bottom crew left, I released Sara from captivity. Within in minutes Russ was sacked out snuggled up next to Sar Bear and Sara was giving me all kinds of dirty looks for not being allowed to play with the Cardi pack of characters.

Well let's just say, Russ slept well and was very well rested when he arrived at the show site the next day. It was pouring down rain that fine Sunday morning so not much exercise happened and with all that good sleep, Russ was a pistol. I think he pulled something in Aunty Cindy's hand as she had to hang on so tight it's a wonder she had any skin left.

Just another day and another laugh with my buddy Russ

Friday, May 16, 2008

He Fits

Russ discovered that he fits under the bed today. So now the cats can be tormented from not only the sides of the bed but under it as well.

He was cutting back and forth to keep the cat under the bed when he apparently had this brain child that he would fit. Once under all we heard was bark bark bark and I went to the bedroom to quiet him and low and behold he wasn't anywhere to be found. Personally I couldn't imagine that he was under the bed, but the sound told a different tale!

Enjoy the pictures.

Just another day and another laugh with my buddy Russ.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Russ and Moose

In keeping with the romp theme of the day, check out Russ and Moose's romp on the futon. It appears that Music just wants the pesky boys to go away!

Russ and Eddie

As you might have guessed from earlier posts about Moose, the Foggy Bottom (Russ' breeder)crew came for a visit. Russ was beyond thrilled to have some rough housing playmates. Russ pestered Eddie (blue dog) and I do mean pestered until he finally relented and pinned him to the ground. I love the picture of Moose supervising the pinning!

Just another day and another laugh with my buddy Russ!

P.S. Congratulations to Meredith and Eddie--Eddie finished his AKC Championship earlier that day and he is Meredith's first Champion dog!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Musical Selections

Russ has had a busy day.

My son is a huge country music fan. Most recently through inter library loan he procured a number of cd's that he thought were safely on his end table next to his stereo. Wrong!

First thing this morning, Russ brought out a Blake Shelton cd. I made him drop it and put it on the buffet. A short time later he brought out Toby Keith. I went back to the bedroom to see the source of the cd's. I put them up higher and thought the situation was solved. Wrong.

He apparently figured out how to climb up on the book shelf because he just came prancing out with an Uncle Kracker!

Hmmm....Blake Shelton, Toby Keith and Uncle Kracker, I think the dog has eclectic taste at best!

It was a big day of laughs with my buddy Russ!

PS He was a rock star at rally novice class tonight!


It has been quite a day. First Russ and Music were playing and somehow Music ended up in the cat litter. Russ isn't talking. Then she rolled in the wet grass, so I spent a good part of the morning combing concrete out of her fur.

Russ was pretty wound up so we went on a 3 mile walk. He chased some geese into the river, and fortunately I had a good hold on him or he would have followed them in.

Then we are almost home and Music was wrapped up in her leash. I bent over to help her and Russ noticed a fella hitting golf balls. I was focused on Music and missed the golfer so when Russ bolted for the balls, he broke my hold and was loose. He charged the poor fella who was needless to say startled by the whole affair and dropped his club. Russ thought it was a great game and picked up the club and headed for the golf ball. So here is my buddy Russ prancing around the yard with a golf club!

Mind you we are talking seconds here for this scene to play out. I recover and bellow drop it--gratefully he does and stop--gratefully he does that too. I apologize to this unsuspecting golfer and retrieve my Cardi.

Mr. Golfer was a good sport but I think he'll be watching for us from now on.

Just another day and another laugh with my buddy Russ.

Caption Contest

And the Winner is from our California entry.....He's better behaved now that we have him stuffed and mounted!

Okay folks its a caption contest. Give me your best caption.

Background information: It's Uncle Moose on a outdoor end table during snack time.

I'll start-- Here Comes da Judge

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hey that's my toy

Russ' Uncle Moose naturally gravitated to Russ' favorite toy. It took Russ a couple of minutes to notice that the "toy" was in Uncle Moose's mouth, but once he did it was pretty clear he wanted the toy back. At the point that Russ became serious about taking his toy away from Moose, Moose jumped off the futon, over the top of Russ and into the chair--I swear in a single bound.

Who says that dogs can't be jealous! Thanks to the Foggy Bottom Crew for a lot of laughs. Stay tuned there's more Foggy Bottom visits to be posted.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Uncle Moose Comes to Dinner

Russ again.

I have several posts about my Uncle Moose, but Mom was laughing so hard at the dinner pictures I am going with Uncle Moose comes to dinner first.

Mom made some meat, potatoes, and veg thing on the grill. She loves that grill and I love the way things smell when they come off but she doesn't let me have much of the good stuff. Anyway, Uncle Moose thought it smelled pretty good too and jumped up to the table. I think he thought someone would make him a plate. Unfortunately for him his Mom said, "Moose off". Boy, was he bent.

I did learn that Cardis can jump up on chairs though. Ha! Mom said, "Cardis can't," but now I know they can so maybe I can figure out how to get some of that good stuff off the grill.

Russ out

Grandpa Fred Visits

Russ here.

Grandpa Fred came to visit me this weekend. (So did Uncle Moose and Eddie but I'll write about those characters later.) Wow is my Grandpa Fred fun.

First thing Grandpa Fred showed me was a Cardi can jump from the floor to the bed. I didn't know this because Mom said Cardis can't jump that high. Boy was she wrong!

Ya know what else? Grandpa Fred likes to hunt cats as much as I do. But he has better technique than I do. He taught me how to double team cats. He took one side of the bed and he showed me how to take the opposite side so we could pin them down and make them go where we wanted. Grandpa got the head part, boy is he ever smart, and I got the back side. Grandpa is really smart because my cats only have claws in the back and I got a bloody nose. Only Mom cared about the bloody nose because of the show the next day. I didn't care because I was hunting cats with Grandpa.

Speaking of shows, when we had some down time, Grandpa Fred told me ways to make dog shows super duper fun. He said to pretend that you are a "bee on a string" and make the humans really work. He said pull, zip, zing, bark and generally make a big 'ol pest of yourself, because humans are crazy funny when they have to work hard. He also told me to jump off the table, but I decided to save that trick for later.

Well I can't wait to play with Grandpa Fred again. Maybe next time we can play in his barn. He says he has a great barn.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Margie

Russ here.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom Margie. She is a great Mom and took such wonderful care of me until I went to live with my new family. Thanks again and Happy Mother's Day. (You can see a picture of my Mom Margie on the Foggy Bottom web page on my blog roll)

Russ out.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Russ teaches Music

Russ sleeps on his back, feet waving to the ceiling. He says it is the most comfortable way to sleep. Apparently Music has taken a few notes because she started sleeping the same way.

Now in Russ' opinion he wishes that she would learn how to play romp and tumble. He has been giving her his best moves for "come on play with me" but alas she isn't interested yet. I can't even begin to tell you how many times he has flashed me his "I don't get it look" in the past few days.

He is currently chasing cats and counting the minutes until his boy gets home to play football. He is also super excited that his grandpa Fred is coming for a visit tomorrow. He can't wait to learn a few tricks out of Grandpa's bag. Stay tuned this out to be pretty good!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Russ and Stinky

Russ enjoys our cats. Our young cats--Skitch and Stubby don't put up with much they will stare him down and he backs off. Now Stinky that's a whole different story.

Stinky cat--that's not always been her name but let's just say she developed into it--will bate him until he's in the game. She will strategically place herself so that she can get a good swat in when he prances by and the game is on.

Well watch for yourself. (At the very end of the video, Stinky beats the stuffing out of Russ'--good thing no claws or Russ' nose would be hamburger!)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rally Novice Class Rosario Style

Last night he passed his advanced class at Pets Mart with flying colors. Tonight we started Rally Novice and Russ didn't show up but Rosario did!

Okay the instructor was running us through pacing, left turns, halt sits, halt downs, etc. All things I know Russ knows how to do, but apparently Rosario missed the lessons! First he decided he really didn't feel like walking on a lead much less heeling. Halt and sit--forget about it. Halt and down--surely you jest.

Well Rosario is going to boot camp!

Afternoon Walk

Well this is as good a time as any to tell you about a little female Cardi we have staying with us for a while. Her name is Music and she is a very shy little girl, so we are trying to find some things that really make her happy.

Today we three went on our first walk together. Now Russ likes to move when he is walking, and I mean move. He is not a dog that lets any grass grow under his paws. He has smells to sniff, trees to anoint, people to greet, and water fowl to put in the water.

Music on the other hand is a smell the roses kind of Cardi. So here's the scene, Russ out ahead and Music behind me. It had to look like a bad parade. Russ kept turning around wondering why we weren't going any faster, and Music was giving me a can't we slow down a little bit look. So I hold firm that we are going to compromise, and Russ gives me his best--"I don't get it look."

Finally Russ had enough and turned around to me and started giving me his opinion. While I can't translate the specifics, I am sure it went something like this--"I can't believe we have to walk so slow, this is stupid, make her move, come on Mom make her move, I don't get it."

I even made matters worse by insisting on stopping so that I could take his picture along the river bank. I took a bunch and believe it or not the one I posted is the best. Can't you just see the disgust in his eyes?

We'll try again tomorrow! Just another day and another laugh with my buddy Russ.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Advanced Training at Pets Mart

At 4 months of age, Russ entered his first beginner obedience class at PetsMart with Lisa. Through the ups and downs and do overs, Lisa has been a gem with whom to work. She always had the best interests of my buddy Russ and all the other dogs for that matter.

Tonight, at 9months of age, when he sat like an old pro as I turned and walked away from him for his long sit/stay, Lisa commented that there once was a time when she didn't think he was going to get it. At that moment in time, she was as proud of him as I was. He performed all of his tasks like a trouper. So a short 5 months later, he passed not only beginner, and intermediate but he also passed the advanced class.

Next stop Rally Novice! We start class tomorrow night. Stay tuned--let's see where the world takes us.

Where is that Camera when you need it

The last few days have been a little bit crazy. We moved back into our cottage on the river for the summer, and welcomed a super shy little adult female Cardi for a summer stay. Need I say anymore about the pace that was kept.

Yesterday, I was taking a brief break, checking e-mail, river levels, and such when Russ decided to put on this great show. He was upside down rolling on the carpet, tail between his legs chewing on the tip. I laughed so hard I nearly spewed my diet Pepsi.

And darn it anyway, the camera was just far enough away that when I got it, he realized he was going to be photographed in this compromising position. He popped up and acted like it never happened.

Just another day and another laugh with my buddy Russ.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hey folks, Russ' breeder just updated his page on her web page, and it is awesome. Take a peek at and then take a look at an awesome slide show of his Road to Championship

Okay I promise more funny stories soon but I just couldn't help myself.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Sump Pump Pool

Okay, Nick comes home and Russ starts begging to go outside and play. Of course, Nick says sure. They are horsing around with the football and Nick kicked it near where the sump pump kicks out. Well Russ thought that was just grand--not only could he get a drink of "water" but he could cool off with a little dip.

We discouraged this practice but he's a clever little Cardi and kept finding ways to become one with the sump pool. What we couldn't figure out was why he would rather drink that water rather that the filtered water we gave him at his water station. I tell you that dog should have gross as his middle name!

Another day and another laugh with my buddy Russ.

Chasing Butterflies

When I was finishing my degree, my euphemism for screwing around and not accomplishing anything was "Off Chasing Butterflies." Funny what comes home to roost.

Nick was busy with other things today so Russ had to settle for me and a softball in the yard. He really dug the softball and when I wasn't moving fast enough he would actually bring the ball to me! Who knew, a herding dog can fetch when the spirit moves. So I am throwing this softball all over the yard and he is a Cardi on a mission unless he saw a little white Cabbage Butterfly. It was just too much for him he would run off in circles flitting here and there chasing these little butterflies.

You might be thinking well there weren't that many distractions but remember we live on the edge of the woods, and have a bike path running through the side yard. Squirrels, deer, bikers, joggers, children--nothing made him lose his focus except these little white butterflies.

Well here's to chasing butterflies!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

More Football Stories

Russ added a new twist to his version of football today. After his mad dash to get the ball, he started pushing it around with his nose. He pushes it around until Nick is close enough that he has to assume his chase position. Watch his new twist at

Well after a hard day of wrangling babies, and playing football with his boy he is exhausted but waiting for his boy to come home from a job interview so they can play again.