Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pupdate Week 6

The puppies are 6 weeks old, and it truly is hard to believe how much they have grown and changed.

Editor's Note: 1) The marking based name of each girl is between the profile shot and head shot. 2) Sorry about the eye reflections--all the puppies have black eyes.

Comma Marked Girl

Full Blaze Girl

Brindle Girl

Does she look like her daddy or what?

Lighter Tri Girl

Tri- Girl

White eared girl


Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh my Goodness...

While I was picking up supplies for the weekend, Kathy decided to be "helpful" and take the dogs "outside fence." So here's how it goes...

On Wednesday's before show weekends I bathe, blow out and trim nails. Then Thurs they have to stay clean except for feet. Easy enough right? Turns out no. Kathy forgot to read the keep the dogs clean memo and let Ella play in the backyard pool. What's worse or should I say funny--is she took video of the event, and it is just after Ella jumps in the pool that she realizes the depth of her errant behavior.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who's My Dirty Girl?

Lisa and I were standing in the backyard watching the Cardis three have a wonderful time. As we watched them play I commented that they looked clean enough for the weekend.

Then about 3 minutes later I didn't see Ella. Oh trust me that is never a good sign. So I called for her. Can you hear me calling Ella Bella where are you? Then I see her cute Cardi head pop up through the yew bush that adorns the water feature. Crap! I can only guess that she has been rolling in mud because I only see her big 'ole ears and eyes.

I called her out from the bushes and saw that my guess was absolutely correct. She was covered in mud. Well there goes my grand plan to skip the bath this week!

P.S. The first picture was snapped just as Ella ran up to the camera. I thought it was way too cute!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pupdate Week 5

It is so hard to believe that the puppies are already 5 weeks old. They are very mobile, and feisty! Their little puppy teeth are coming in and well let's just say they are ready willing and able to use them! (Now I know they don't look so feisty here but this picture was taken after all the individual shots.

Each of the puppies was baited with cheese. Turns out they really like cheese!

Comma Marked Girl

Brindle Girl

White Eared Girl

Lighter Tri Girl

Tri Girl

Full Blaze Girl

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Laurel and Hardy Do A Dog Show

Okay picture it....Alec leaves to show the Tibetan Mastiff and leaves Bekka and I to groom ourselves and 5, yes I said 5 dogs, and get to the show ring by 12:30p. No problem right? Wrong!

First thing out of the gate Alec calls and says parking is a nightmare and we need to get there early! Crap! We went to DEF CON 5!

Bekka grabs the first dog, while I did my hair and clothes. First dog goes off without a hitch. We are grooving right? Wrong! Second dog has a big ole dippity do in her hair. Great! We fuss a bit and fix it to OK levels. Then I go to fix her face...where's the chalk stick? Crap it is in the chalk bucket, so I pull it out and blow it off. Apparently I didn't blow it off well enough, as I go white chalk dust all over her black face. Just great! Third dog no problems.

Then I set to grooming the last two while Bekka gets dressed. By the time I finish them I have enough crap on my hands and no towels anywhere. Crap! Cindy always brings the smutch towels. Yuck--no time to waste so I wipe my hands in the grass. YUCK!

So as soon as Bekka is dressed I went into bark orders mode. Poor Bekka she is running loading crates, water bottles, finding keys...well just generally throwing things in. Then I roll up the awning and water pours down on my shirt. CRAP!!!

We load dogs and ourselves and pull out. As we are leaving the campground, Bekka says "what does gate ajar mean?" Crap! The Malibu hatch is loose. I jumped out closed the gate so poor baby doesn't bounce out of the Malibu.

We made it to the show site with 2 boys and 3 girls--one of those girls is flagging everything in sight. Oh the walk to the show ring was just wonderful. Dogs weaving in front of us, pooping, peeing, and generally trying everything in the book to knock us down.

We finally make it to the ring with time to spare! YEAH!!!

Well the ring results were quite entertaining--let's see Ella gave me the paw, but took reserve. Krissy decided to eat grass instead of showing. Now on the positive side she gave the judge a good laugh. Now little Dovey gave the best show of all--she took WB, then went on to take BOW for the 4 point major cross over! Yeah for DOVEY!!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who's Ear?

I couldn't help but giggle when I saw this big 'ole Corgi ear popping out of the crate. So here's a test for all you readers out in internet land. Who belongs to this Corgi ear?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ella and Me

My dear friend Lisa has been kidding me that I need to write a book about my (mis) adventures with Ella. She says everyone would forget about Marley...

So the latest caper begins at Lisa's house as Ella is in season and Ruff Ruff decided that if Ella is in season then he can't eat. Apparently while Lisa was out for a bit she chewed our green rocking chair, knocked over a lamp and broke the bulb. (No blood shed just carnage!)

So let's add up the tally in just the last month--

One cherry cupboard corner
One hand tooled banister spiral
One crown molding trim piece
3 Redwood deck boards
2 Screen doors

On the cheaper side of the equation--

untold shoe laces
both pull tights off my Merrill sandals--good thing I have no pride and am perfectly willing to wear them as is..
4 zippers out of the dog beds (yes I am making the dogs still use them--they just don't hold their stuffing the way they should)

Well I should add some of her other misadventures

one leg off an Ethan Allen entry chair
untold Entry Rugs (I gave up and we no longer adorn the entry with a rug. I wonder how that is going to work for us come winter?)
another Redwood deck board
2 screens (yes my handy man repaired them and you guessed it--ate threw them again)
shoes--lost count a long time ago.

hmmmmm I know that I am missing something.....

Now the Ella camp swears that my handy man is smearing steak juice on things. And trust me that is Ella's story and she is sticking to it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pupdate Week 4

Oh my goodness what a day. Music had a rough night and day complete with a gazillion tests but she has bounced back and is doing well again! (Check out her lovely pink vet tape!)

Now on to the pupdate. They are growing and growing . They are certainly more active than a week ago.

Full Blaze girl

Tri Girl

Lighter Tri Girl

White eared girl

Brindle Girl

Comma Marked Girl ( I have to confess this one is my favorite. I just love her head in the making, her markings, and and and ...) And oh did she put up a fight about a stack picture so....she sits!

After pictures they were all tired out...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Face Fighting Already

So apparently the Music x Ruff Ruff puppies are starting their Cardi Caper adventures already.

I am reasonably sure I heard one tell the other one to "get out of my face." To which the other one said, "make me." Well turns out she could!

Pupdate Week 3

The puppies will be 3 weeks tomorrow. They are growing like weeds.

Comma Marked Girl

Full Blaze Girl

White Eared Girl

Black and White Girl with bright brindle tips (possible tri)

Tri Girl

The little brindle girl.