Monday, June 30, 2008

A New Canadian Champion

Well we have been wandering North for fun but we also found time to fit in a 6 Canadian dog shows. Russ performed like the Champion he is and completed his Canadian Championship in 5 shows. So now my little puppy is an American AKC Champion and a Canadian Champion.

He took best of breed in each show and had a lovely group 2 placement behind a gorgeous Pembroke!

Well enough bragging--pictures to follow once we get home! (This picture will have to do for now. It was taken on a blanket my son bought as a Canadian souvenir.)

Friday, June 27, 2008

This is Where I Should Ride

Russ here.

We are still on vacation, and boy is it ever fun. But I want to ride in front of Mom's driving chair. She just keeps saying, "No Russ." I don't get it!

Russ out.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hey Those are My Hot Dogs

Poor Nick decided he wanted to cook some hot dogs over the open fire. The only hot dogs I had on hand were ones I use for training and baiting the Cardigans. That is to say the 100% white meat turkey hot dogs.

So he braves the turkey dogs, but later a request came in for cheese dogs--I digress. He puts the hot dogs on his expandable stick and proceeds to cook. Well the Russ and Music were having none of it. Their opinion was, "Hey those are my hot dogs." They sat at rapt attention on the top of the RV stairs while Nick cooked and ate. Nick ended up feeling like a real heel. Poor Nick!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On Vacation

We packed up the RV, loaded the dogs and humans and headed North.

Russ and Music are really digging their vacation on the sunny but cool shores of Lake Superior. They have rolled in fish guts, and taken more than a few strolls on the beautiful stony beaches.

Of course, it wouldn't be a vacation or a day without a few Cardi Capers so let's see... Russ stole some bacon, made a valiant attempt to bust open the garbage and Music brought enough sand to bed to build her very own sand castle.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Russ here.

Mom had the baby yesterday and he likes my toys as much as I like his toys. His toys sing and make great noises. As a side note--about those noises I have learned that Mom doesn't think much of me playing the one that sings "I've Been Working on the Railroad" in the early morning hours. Okay back to my point, we are always playing with each others toys.

So today Josh picked up my favorite tug toy, so I thought he wanted to play tug of war. But he didn't, he just yelled for Mom to make me give up the tug toy. I didn't get it so I decided I was going keep playing tug until one of us won. The baby keep yelling and I didn't get it so Mom took the tug toy away. Yesh! Can you believe it--she took the toy away!

Russ out.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Corgi Frap

Life is good.

The water has receded to "major flood" stage or at my house we call it out of the front yard. Russ had some good exercise yesterday and he preformed like a rock star at our focus and heeling class last night. And I am happy to report neither tried to take me for a walk this morning, and Music only took 10 minutes to find her spot. Life if good!

We came back from our morning business session and Music is a Cardi on a tear. She wants to frap and frap hard. She jumps on Russ who is needless to say surprised by the whole affair but doesn't miss a beat before joining in the fun. They romped and played and good time was had by all.

The picture was taken a couple of days ago because all the shots from today were too blurry! They are currently passed out in their respective favorite spots--Music the bed with her head on my pillow and Russ Russ on the futon. Life is good!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Water + Extra Work = Crazy Dog

It is 9:22 am and it has already been a full day of Cardi Corgi Capers.

The past few days have been crazy with extra work from the flood and then high water so it has been difficult to really exercise my young Cardis. It has been building, and I knew it was coming so I shouldn't be surprised that Russ has become a crazy dog.

Here's a taste of the morning so far....

We slogged our way out for a morning business session and Russ is acting like he has ADHD. First he would dart out to the end of his leash chasing a duck, then smell something wonderful in the grass, then oh oh a piece of drift wood that just had to be picked up and carried. Mean while, I am thinking he is going to pull my shoulder out of the socket. So I am valiantly trying to get him to focus--making him sit, look at me, and then release to walk--boom out he goes to the end of his leash like a bullet.

Music of course was being delightful except it takes her 30 mins to find just the right spot for business--sigh.

We came back in the house and instead of the accepted routine of sit and wait while I take leashes off, Russ flies in the house like a demented Cardi chasing one of the cats and pulls me down. So picture it folks, Russ is at the end of his leash looking at me like "I don't get it", I splayed out like a bad yard sale and Music is still standing on the porch with the door shut between us. Yesh!

Apparently Kathy decided the only way she was getting coffee was at McDonald's so we are "enjoying" a cup of sludge and I hear crunch. My immediate response was, "Russ what are you chewing?" Turns out it was Kathy's sunglasses. They were rescued just in the nick of time--only a couple of Cardi teeth prints and slobber.

Then Russ decides that my river sneakers need liberating and chewing... sigh. I am so going to exercise that dog today if it only involves runnng up and down the street between mud puddles!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can You Spell --Guilty?

Music's favorite hang out spot besides clean laundry and the bed is behind our bamboo magazine rack. I probably should tell you a bit about her temperament. She is a sweet docile doesn't have a mischievous bone in her body kind of little girl. Well that was her story until today.

I heard this odd sound coming from the living room--a sound I have never heard. So I head toward this odd noise to find Music doing her best imitation of a canine paper shredder. She was making mincemeat out of the Wall Street Journal! The instant she realized I was standing over her, she stopped, laid down over the evidence and assumed the "Oh I am busted" pose in the picture. I laughed until I thought my sides would burst.

Just another day and another laugh with my Cardigan buddies.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Muddy Roll

Cross your fingers, but I think our river has crested. There is water water everywhere, so walking dogs is a challenge but it is possible to find a dry path to green grass. However, everything is soggy and well frankly a little muddy. Okay now you have the backdrop.

Russ can smell mud, levitate to it, and be rolling before I can blink. So here is how our walks go--Russ leave it, Russ get out of the mud, walk a little, and then repeat the sequence. To make matters worse as soon as we get back to the cottage, he has taken to rolling his yucky self all over the carpet! Yep, in Russ' mind floods are the best!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sentry Duty

Russ again. Mom is too busy with the flood stuff to blog, so she asked me.

Last night Mom really wanted a fire so she built one in the fire pit after it got too dark to work. She said, "Russ, you and Music are on sentry duty because we are going to sit outside for a while." I was Cardi on a mission, but Music on the other hand...she decided to go to bed.

I sat in the bay window at full attention and Music jumped on the bed. Then she completely passed out, upside down snoring while I was on duty. Can you believe her--sleeping on the job?If Mom knew she would fire her. Any ideas on how I can rat her out?

Russ out!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm on You Tube

Russ here.

Well it's flooding at my Mississippi home so my humans are beyond busy trying to do stuff so they left Music and I to our own devices. I was surfing the net and discovered I'm on You Tube.

I was really enjoying watching videos of me. So Mom is calling me Hollywood now. I don't know what that means but she asked me if I wanted sunglasses.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Okay we are nuts, we went to see the puppies and the only available path across the Cedar River was through Cedar Rapids. It was quite an adventure getting there but even more so getting home.

Russ and Music joined us for the trip. Music made herself at home and in fact jumped up on the couch and acted like she was there for an extended visit. Of course it wouldn't be a true Cardi visit if one didn't embarrass me. But believe it or not it wasn't Russ. Music decided to relieve herself in front of Moose's crate. Yesh, ya just can't take 'em anywhere!

Russ seemed to enjoy his visit with Grandpa Fred, but unfortunately it started raining before Grandpa could show him how to use the wading pool.

But I digress...the visit was all about the puppies. Oh my goodness were they ever cutey pies! They were so precious with their little pink feet and their little cute noses starting to turn black. Well one of the little boys will be Russ' and Music's newest sibling!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cole Haan Shoes--Corgied!

Hey all you kids out in Internet land--Are you thinking about a puppy? You know those cute furry creatures that can do no wrong. Yep I know all about the little buggers--I have two with one on the way. Might I suggest you review my blog for all the items that have officially been Corgied before giving into that impulse and bringing that cute furry creature into your home.

You might be wondering what has my dander up this morning? Well my Russ Russ aka Ruff Ruff will be 11 months in just a few short days, and I caught him chewing my best pair of Cole Haan summer shoes this morning. Oh it just couldn't be my ancient pair of sneakers or even the new pair of cheap land's end slides--Oh No it had to be the Cole Haan shoes!

Just for the record, while I have dogs I will never indulge in another pair. Hmmmm guess that means I slid my happy feet into the last pair!

Just another day and another laugh with my buddy Russ.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Football Games

Russ' favorite game continues to be Football!

He fancies himself quite receiver. (Shhh we haven't told him that you actually have to catch the football) He flattens himself out so that he gets a quick launch when the ball is released. Then he shoots out like a bullet out a gun to chase that ball!

So I filled the swimming pool so that he could take a dip when he got hot running after the ball. Well Russ decided that the swimming pool was the world's largest drinking bowl. He has yet to take a dip! Imagine my surprise.

I'll post some video a little later in the day, but for now check out the picture of him waiting not so patiently to go play some football! Okay here's the latest video ( )

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Corgi Aid

Stand by and consider your self warned that the following is a brief diversion from my normal Cardi Corgi Capers.

Not everyone who welcomes a Corgi into their home is as wild about their nuttiness as I am. In fact, some chose not to continue their relationship, so many Corgis (Pembrokes and Cardigans) end up in rescue situations. Corgi Aid is an organization that helps fund vet expenses for Corgis that are rescued. Personally, I think it is a fantastic organization and would like to promote their current fund raiser.

It is an online auction found at Lots of great fun stuff. So go have a look and bid and give until you're heart is happy.

Stay tuned more Cardi Corgi Capers coming--the wading pool is being procured today!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Take That...

First, I would like to announce that Music is officially a permanent addition to our happy pack. We are very pleased to welcome this sweet couch potato.

Now before Russ leads a full fledged revolt, I must publicly admit my mistakes and profess my intentions for the future!

First my mistake. I took Music to another dog show this weekend and left Russ a home with the rest of our base crew. You would think I would have learned my lesson when he was put out with me when I took him and just didn't put him in the show ring. But apparently, I am a little slow on the uptake because leaving him behind--well put out doesn't even come in the zip code of his agitation.

When I got home yesterday, he was initially very happy to see me--tail wagging and asking for pets. I picked him up and told him how special he was to me. Then he remembered that I left him at base camp while I went to play. He proceeded to jump up and grab my shorts and shirt then tried to eat my shoes. This business went on for quite some time. But today, he decided that I was only allowed to pay attention to him. Every time I reached out to pet Music, Mr. Russ came flying and would throw his body in between us.

So I was not surprised when I received a document from his lawyer. Anything that starts with Whereas my idiot owner, is going nowhere good. So to keep peace in the family, I have pledged to never leave him at home unless it is his choice to do so. He insisted that I put the signed document in the safe immediately.

Just another day and another laugh with my buddy Russ.

Welcome to the World

Russ' mom Margie gave birth via emergency C-section at OMG ridiculous thirty Saturday morning. Mama and 9 precious puppies (8 boys and 1little girl) are doing fine. Please have a look at these cute little puppies on the Foggy Bottom website. ( )

Personally I am just thrilled to have so many boys in the litter but I am pretty sure that everyone else would have preferred some more girls. I have decided that I am best suited to be the "keeper of the boys." But as I watch my wonder puppy Russ sleeping peacefully at my feet, I have to wonder how thrilled he will be when we welcome the next puppy into our home in a few months?

My bet is we are in for all kinds of Cardi Capers. Oh my then there is potty training, and Christmas wrapping paper again. It makes me smile just thinking about the cycle!

Welcome to the World little babies. May the world be your oyster and the show ring be one of your playgrounds!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Things I don't Get

Russ here.

It's been a while since I have been able to wrestle the computer away from my Mom so I have a lot to say.

First, the river I live on has calmed down but Mom still says "No Russ." She said she is going to buy me a wading pool, but has she gotten to it yet? No! I don't get it. Where are her priorities?

Second, it has been raining a lot so there are great mud puddles, but Mom says, "No Russ." Can you even believe it?

Third, she took another Cardigan to a dog show, and didn't let me show. I was so mad that I stole a whole bag of dog treats. Mom caught me though and said--you guessed it--"No Russ."

Fourth, we are taking this Rally class together and it's all work, work, work. I am a guy who likes to have a little fun--so if Mom loses her focus I take advantage. Mom has really learned to stay focused.

Fifth, Mom says we have a new puppy coming in 3 months and that I am going to have to be better at sharing her attention. Ha!

Sixth, Mom got new glasses because I Corgied the old ones. She has been really good about putting them in the case, but I am a patient puppy. Today I noticed that she left them on her book when she went to pick up the baby. I got 'em, but she caught me before I could corgi 'em good.

Oops here comes Mom and she doesn't think much of me drooling on her computer.

Russ out!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good Bye Sara

It is with a heavy heart that I write tonight. Our beloved old dog Sara crossed over the rainbow bridge yesterday. She lived a long and light hearted life. She brought much joy and laughter to our lives. Long before we welcomed our Russ puppy, Sara was giving us a run for our money. We often said that never a day passed that Sara didn't do something that cracked us up. Some of our favorite stories were told yesterday evening as we laughed through the tears of sorrow.

A few of our favorites—

One of her favorite past times was to go on the lamb, and one day about two weeks after I had major surgery she got out and ran down the bike path. I was moving as fast a girl could go under the circumstances asking everyone along the way—“Have you seen Sara?” (She was well known on the path) and each time they pointed toward the lagoon. When I got the Park Lagoon—there was the fool taking a swim!

Even as a young dog, she never went very far without having to lie down in the cool grass and roll on her back before mustering the energy to go forward.

She also enjoyed singing a rousing chorus of "Here kitty kitty" My son would start the singing and Sara would join in in full voice.

And of course I can never forget the day she made the preacher swear. We had an interim minister who had a dog about the same age as Sara so we went over for a play date. Sara found the only hole in the fence and it was a little hole and scooted through at the speed of light. Yep you guessed it the preacher let forth with an expletive. Then we set forth to find the darned old fool.

My father summed her life up best last evening. He said "she was a one of kind dog who was never afraid to be herself." I would say she taught us well to live life boldly and with glee our hearts. May she guide us all!

Well I close knowing that she is running and playing with her old friend Tippy (our border collie) in the land where pain and suffering are but distant memories.

Monday, June 2, 2008

When you don't show your show dog...

Okay I already noted that Russ was a bit of a handful when he didn't get to go to the show ring, but we are still suffering the consequences.

We got home late afternoon and accomplished the bare minimum of unpacking, grabbed a quick bite at the local Mexican restaurant, fed, pottied dogs and went to bed early.

So naturally Russ got up super duper early--5:00am. Okay I can live with that--we all went out for a quick walk and I thought, albeit stupidly, that we would all go back to bed for a bit. Wrong!

Russ would have nothing of it and tormented Kathy on the futon for the next hour. He jumped on the cat, pulled cans out of recycling, chewed the rug, loudly chewed his bones and to top it off he played with the baby's music maker. Kathy said she heard Old McDonald being played and wondered what fool had changed their cell phone ring. Then she realized it was Russ!

The carnage continued after I got up, but he took a different route. He found the show bag. I thought he would just drag it around the living room so I left him to his own devices until I realized he had actually unzipped the bag's compartments--taken out show leads, buckle collars, and had found the liver snacks.

When I took the bag away from him, I actually think he stuck his tongue out at me. Oh my I do believe I have learned a very valuable lesson!

Another day and another big laugh with my buddy Russ.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Dog Show Sans Russ

I showed Music for the first time time this weekend and it went very well. But trust me Russ did not think much of being left behind in the RV.

After Saturday's show, I went straight back to base camp so that I could spend some quality time with Russ. After he got through telling me off, we went to an open field to have some fun and games. He would play a while and then turn around, jump up and try to tear the shirt off my back. He finally got over it, but it was not without a lot of effort!

Early Sunday morning we broke camp and headed to the next show 60 miles away. We showed, broke camp again and headed home. As soon as the dogs were released from captivity Russ began a series of Cardi laps around the cottage. We decided he had been crated far too long. I tried playing some ball with him but again he is a little put out with me so that didn't last long.

And as I write he is playing a game of keep away with big dog Sara. Today's version involves a grooming brush and Russ is running circles around Sara. Sara stands in one place and tries to take the brush when Russ scoots far Russ is well ahead in points!

Just another day and another big laugh with my buddy Russ.