Friday, May 28, 2010

Snorkeling and Other Fun Stuff

Summer has officially arrived even if the calendar doesn't say so. The heat indexes rose to points not well tolerated by the Cardi Clowns, so we broke out the pools and added ice to the water.

Now on the pool front, nothing should stand between Shaker Baby and his pool except this year he has grown so much that the dog pool really doesn't fit. He slides his happy self in but can't lie down as his back side hangs over the top. This silly sight prompted a trip to Wal -Mart for a real kid size wading pool. (I just know that emptying it every night is going to be a back breaker! So much for the "smaller herding dog!")

Now this snorkeling business was most unintended. I added ice to the water so it be be just a wee bit colder for them. Well I guess they have clear ideas about where ice should be found and it is not IN water. Rainbow was the first to figure out the ice situation and for the entire first bowl she dove in, got the ice and then distributed it to her friends. But by the time the second bowl arrived she was tired of sharing and every one had to fend for themselves.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trash TV

Hey guys!

How goes it? It is me Rainbow. Mom went to the chiropractor early this afternoon. She put me in the room with Dreamy. Bahahahahaha, man is my Mom silly. Dreamy knows how to turn on the TV, so she turned on soap operas. If my mom knew that I was watching trash TV she would have a fit. She doesn't let us Cardis watch anything except PBS and Discovery until we are at least a year. Wow I hope she puts me in the room with Dreamy again.

Please don't tell on me,


Monday, May 10, 2010

On the Road

I probably should have posted this a couple of weeks ago, but well....

We will return home today. The clowns we have with us are READY to be home and running in their fence. The leashed walks were fun for a while but they are seriously ready for some free play. The romping in our RV has become more raucus every day. Of note is Rainbow's new favorite place--the dinette table. She hops her happy self up on the table and surveys her kingdon. The darn girl can actually ride up there! (pictures forthcoming)

We had loads of fun at Nationals, and crazy amount of fun with family in South Carolina.

I have heard that the dogs that stayed behind have done everything from get on my desk via the desk chair (interesting as it is on wheels...wish there had been a video running on that one) to eating some paint rollers. Guess they were a bit bored during the day.

Well as Corgi Capers go, we haven't had to many for the record books but stay tuned, as I am sure there will be many as soon as everyone is back in their element. These clowns are exceptionally good at pay backs!