Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Football by Russ

Russ here.

My best boy Nick taught me this great new game yesterday called football. I was a newbie yesterday so I made some mistakes. But today I figured a bunch of stuff out.

1. I learned that if you wait a little ways away from your boy he kicks it faster. (Watch at
2.I also learned boys don't like being jumped on in the their fronts! All of a sudden he screamed like a girl when I did that...I don't think I will do that again.

3. I learned I like having a water station in the side yard. I can drop in for a drink any old time.

4. I learned I could rest in the shade and run out when my boy gets ready to kick it. (Watch at

5. I learned if you bite the ball it goes flat. (Watch at
6. I learned when the ball goes flat my boy doesn't think much of it.

7. I learned that when my boy brings a new ball out he is very serious about not biting it.

8. I learned that humans actually think that the dog should bring the ball back not wait for them to come to you. I don't get that so we are going to continue to play by my rules.

9. I learned if you look really sweet and cute that my boy will play longer.

10. I learned that my boy doesn't like me to slobber on the ball. I don't get that either but my slobber on the ball slowed down the game, so I try not to do it.

11. And most important...I learned I really love this game we call football.

Russ out.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Russ and I were headed out for our afternoon walk but as soon as Russ spotted my son playing football believe you me there wasn't going to be a walk. Who knew that Russ was crazy for football. Well his version of football...

The games goes like this--my son kicks the football as far as he can, Russ runs after it as fast as his legs will carry him, and as soon as he gets to the football he turns around and comes back for my son and begs for him to kick the ball again. Russ jumps up, barks and generally tries to get Nick to hurry up, but what he didn't seem to grasp was he was slowing the game down because 'ya can't kick a ball when the Cardi is in front! (Watch the fun and

They went back and forth like this for at least a half and hour. Nick was getting tired and needed a water break and trust me folks Russ was just getting warmed up.

We finally convinced Russ that we would play this wonderful game at another time but we all had been running back and forth across the field and we needed water. (Memo to self: bring water bottles when you are playing with the Cardi) But the walk across the back yard, Russ keeps begging for more so Nick obliges but he kept kicking it toward the house.

When Russ realizes that we are up to the house he puts on his best beg yet. We could just hear him saying, "Nick I will be your best friend if you just kick it one more time." He got one more kick out of the boy before he put the ball away. It was a good day to be a Cardigan!

Another day and another big laugh with my buddy Russ!

Mom is Clueless

Russ here.

I hate to have to say this but my Mom is completely clueless.

I tried to tell her all morning that there was danger a foot, but did she listen? NO! Our very way of life was threatened by this moving menace, but did she care? NO!

I made her get up and go to the door to witness the threat, but did she recognize the imminent peril? NO! She just kept going about her usual business--washing clothes, washing dishes, picking up. (That's another post--why does she feel it is so important to use all that water--dirt smells good.)

Finally I got her to go outside to get a front row view of the threat. Can you believe it? All she said was, "For goodness sake Russ it's a lawnmower and it isn't even close." Close? What does she mean it isn't close--it is across the street, up the hill and on the other side of the tree line. Now that is way to close for comfort.

Well she is totally clueless, and it is a good thing I am on the job to keep her safe.

Russ out.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Peroxide Chaser

Earlier today I mentioned it was a quiet day and it was until about 6:00pm today.

Russ stole one of Nick's helpers purses and took a package of cigarettes out. He chewed up 2 cigarettes. We have no idea how much of the tobacco he actually ingested so he got a peroxide chaser. He was not at all happy about puking the contents of his stomach but we definitely know that he will not feel the effects of nicotine.

Well so much for quiet and yes, he is definitely still a puppy! Check out his best "I don't get it looks" that he gave me this evening!

From the Archives

It has been a quiet day for us. The weather has turned to cold, snow, hail and rain so while Russ was being a funny guy outside it was not possible to film him rolling in goodness knows what horrible thing he found on the path. Seriously folks Russ can find anything dead and rotting a mile away and be rolling in it before I can bellow "Leave It". Anyway I turned to my archives for material....

And found a video I took about a month ago of Russ and the baby. Russ is being the perfect gentle dog watching the baby play with his choo choo. But look to the background and a Spot Bot will be found--no doubt having just finished a mission and finding itself part of a stop loss program. And take a good look at the dining room chair that has been deployed as a baby gate--the legs have been Corgied!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shoe Hunt

I thought once I put away my winter mules that Russ would stop being so interested in my shoes. Wrong! The shoe show continues daily.

He steals one of my shoes everyday and leaves the other one-- usually by the front door. So it unfolds something like this--I go to slip my shoes on but only one is visible. Then I go on the great shoe hunt. I always ask Russ where he has put it, but he always gives me the "even if I remembered where I left it, I wouldn't tell you."

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Airing Out

After a hard day of rolling in smelly stuff, Russ decided he needed to air out.

A Dog's Life

Russ here.

My humans are nuts.

Mom left first thing this morning to do something she called babysitting. I didn't think much of it so I widdled twice on the carpet. My other Mom wasn't too happy but, well, I had to let everyone know I was mad. (To prove my point, after Mom got home I didn't widdle on the carpet anymore.)

Then she got home and said Russ let's go to the river and see what is happening. My crazy people jumped on the floating dock to do something they called securing it better. I thought they were nuts, and worse yet, they left me in my crate. They said I get under foot when they are trying to work. I don't get it and I was mad.

The new neighbor brought her miniature dachshund over. This little bit of a thing thought she was tough and growled at me when I was just being friendly. I didn't get it but Mom said it would take some time to become friends. Then Mom took me into the side yard for a romp. I love to romp in the side yard. I found a dead rotting great smelling fish and started to roll in it. Boy oh boy, Mom about came unglued. She said, "leave it" about 4 times, and then picked me up and said "Russ you are just gross". I didn't get it, I thought it was really great.

Then Mom said let's go see the river down stream a bit. They said we were going on the bike path so I could go along too. We came across some people who were catching really big fish. Mom said, "No Russ you can't go see the fish." I didn't get it all. I wanted to roll around in them for a minute, but Mom said the people wanted to eat the fish. I didn't want to eat the fish just roll in them.

We walked a little bit further to see the workers building somthing. What they didn't tell me was the crazy humans with big machines were building something called an earthen dam to keep the flood waters back. Those stupid machines were load and obnoxious. I didn't get it and told Mom we needed to leave RIGHT NOW! I pulled her all the way back to the truck. She kept stopping and telling me "no pull" heel. Heel smeel I wanted to get back to the truck and away from the crazy humans. (When I didn't hear the machines anymore I decided to walk like Mom wanted me to.)

Well Russ out. I write again when my people go over the deep end again.

Friday, April 25, 2008


What does a Cardi look like during a storm? Relaxed but alert!


Have I mentioned that Russ is a pretty opinionated Cardi? He has opinions about just about everything--music, movies, Spot Bots, noise in general and definitely about lawn mowers.

Spring rain brings growing grass, so we are mowing at least twice a week. This is annoying at best for Russ and probably more accurately totally infuriating. So today while I am out again slogging through tall wet grass, the rest of the family is listening to a Cardi Corgi Chorus. When he wasn't barking out the front door, he was telling anyone who would listen that they should make me stop that stupid machine. Apparently the lawn mower ranks right down there with the Spot Bot!

Well take a look at what the family was enduring while I was blissfully mowing.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Best in Show

While we were at the National Specialty, it was recommended that we watch Best in Show. So as soon as I got home we put it in the Netflix queue. Well last night, we popped it in the DVD player, and Russ came a running. I could just hear him, "oh oh a flick about me".

He plopped down in front of the TV and was glued. At one point, he got thirsty and ran for a quick drink. But just as he was slurping from the fountain, he heard the black and yellow squeaky bee and came running back. Again I could just hear him, "oh oh they are calling me."

That boy loves the show ring and apparently doesn't care whether it's live or memorex. He was a little disappointed that the herding dogs didn't get any real attention!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Great Corgi Escape

I am outside slogging my way through mowing the grass and over the lawn mower I hear bark bark bark. Now mind you I am in no mood for barking dogs as the ground is so saturated that I can't get the lawn tractor out or I would bury it. So I am literally slogging my way behind a walk behind. Now it is not my first choice to mow in these conditions, but I am the last suburbanite to mow and if I didn't get to it I would have to hire a cutter and bail the stuff. Paint my mood ugly! So I decide I would give it a couple of more minutes to stop before I ride my broom into the house.

Okay here's the picture, I have mud up to my earlobes and the last thing I want to do is go in the house. So I decide to go to the front yard and throw my best menacing face at Sara. If she quiets so will Russ. But what do my wondering eyes see but not just Sara at the front door but Russ too! Now I say to myself, how on earth did he get out of his crate?

So I trudged up the steps, take off my muddy sneakers and socks, and go in as far as the entry way reach for the dog towel. Now drying off with the dog towel is definitely a treat I want to repeat often--NOT. My mind is still trying to wrap an explanation around how the Corgi got out of the crate when I finally make my way to the family room.

Initial signs told me it was an outside job--apparently Sara had unzipped it just enough that Russ could wiggle his nose through the opening and split the zipper. Yesh! I reworked the zipper, stuffed the errant Corgi back in and found a clip to hold the two zippers together. Then I gave my very best, don't do that again look to Sara who promptly knew it was no time to mess with me and went upstairs to bed.

I finished the lawn and Russ was still in his crate. He was hopping mad about having to be crated for 3 hours, but trust me he'll live!

He seems to have recovered as he and Nick are romping through the house like demented children and dogs! Oh they make me laugh!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Russ has had an amazing couple of days--following the rules, accepting the boundaries and generally being a very mature dog. I was starting to think that I wouldn't have much to talk about. Then we went outside. The way I figure it, I have another 8 months worth of material.

Russ started the evening by digging in my mulch and finished by eating the shrub.

But then we came in for dinner, and the baby decided dog food was for dessert. He reached into Russ' food bowl and Russ once again proved himself to be a Canine Good Citizen. He didn't react in any way and just kept eating his kibble. Although when we retrieved the baby (after the picture) he gave a grateful glance!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Russ and Fiona

While we were at Nationals, we had the pleasure of camping with a young couple and their cute little puppy, Fiona. To put it mildly, Russ enjoyed the company of this little cutie.

They romped, played and even found a little "love nest" in the camper. Their "love nest" was under the pull out couch and they would go under it to snuggle, sleep and play. When they would come out they would inevitably come bring the sheets and blankets with them. So okay folks it just a little funny when your 9 month old puppy comes dragging sheets out with his playmate!

One night, Fi Fi was out with her Mom, and Russ was positively moping. He wouldn't eat or play. He just laid near their "love nest" and waited for her return. As soon as she came up the stairs, he was his old happy self again.

I knew he was really hooked when he snitched her out. The screen door was left open just a tiny bit and Fi Fi was out in a flash. Russ barked like a demon and I spotted Fi's tail making its way around the camper next door. A quick Fi's loose and her Mom was on the chase. Fi Fi was caught and Russ was way too happy to have her back in the camper.

Well he can't wait to see her at the next show in May!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Canine Good Citizenship

Okay folks, I have been sweating this one, but the little guy did it. He passed his Canine Good Citizenship test! Hip Hip Hooray!

When we turned in the initial paperwork he muled just walking up to the desk so my thought was well well well this should be interesting. But after a little play time while we were waiting, he waltzed into the ring like a cool cucumber. In order to get into the ring he walked past several dogs, so the evaluator took that as his reaction to other dogs.

He heeled, turned, stopped and heeled again. He fussed a little about the down command but responded within reason. Then came the stay portion. He was already down so the evaluator said try a down stay and if he doesn't stay put use your sit command. Of course he popped up like a jack rabbit from the down, but stayed beautifully in the sit/stay. He did a beautiful recall too.

Okay, the funny part, a baby let out a blood curdling scream that even startled the evaluator. Russ didn't even flinch. The evaluator complimented him on his composure. She had been dropping her clipboard and paperwork as a distraction, but she said he reacted well to the screaming child. I don't know for sure what Russ would have done with the dropped clipboard, but a baby crying now that is something that he is more than used to.

He walked through the crowd with grace, and then came the supervised separation. I handed the leash over and walked out of the room. I didn't have a watch so waited to be called back into the room. At about the right amount of time, they called for Kim so I went back in. Guess what--wrong Kim. So we had to do it again--but he was a trooper and did absolutely beautifully.

So now he has a CH before his name and a CGC after his name. I couldn't be prouder of my little puppy. Stayed tuned as we will announce soon our next obedience plans.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A New Champion

First a note of background information: In order to become an AKC Champion a dog must win 15 points, and the number of points for each show is determined by the number of dogs of the same breed that are entered and show up for the show. In those 15 points the dog must also win 2 majors (a show with 3 or more points) from 2 different judges.)

Russ attended 5 dog shows. His second showing day he won a 4 point major and a Best of Breed. His second show he won a 4 point major. His third show he won a 4 point major. (Are you sensing a theme?) His fourth show he won a 4 point major and a Best of Breed. So I couldn't be happier to announce that in 5 short shows he won four majors from four different judges. Russ is an AKC Champion dog!

But folks, he may be a champion but he isn't completely house broke!

PS Here's a You Tube link to the big event

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time to Show

Russ hates being groomed but he loves to show. He thinks he smells and looks just fine, thank you very much, without a bath, blow dry and nail trimming. In his heart of hearts, he just doesn't get why he has to be groomed before each show.

He knows when we're getting ready to leave and he keeps a careful eye on what is packed. He has also developed a good sense about the bath thing, and when it is time he waits for me to pick him up and carry him to the tub. Trust me there is no way he will walk to a bath. (This from the dog that will roll and jump in anything water related outside, but oh, of course, silly me, that water is dirty!)

So I've uploaded a couple of pictures from the blow dry experience. But here's the thing, as soon as I turned off the blow dryer, the boy strikes a pose. Yep, he puffs himself up and demands that you give him proper attention, and by all means take that picture. (His natural pose is the one where his feet are back a ways from the table edge, and the only thing I did was tease his head up a bit).

Not wanting him to think that it was okay to stand back from the table edge I stacked him for the second picture. Yep that's my buddy, who normally would rather be rolling in something incredibly disgusting, romping in a mud puddle, giving me his opinion about, well let's face it, just about everything or sleeping upside down on some comfy piece of furniture, but give him a platform and he is all business.

We'll be gone for a little more than a week, but I'll be sure to collect all of his funny stories to report on when we get home!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Russ likes to be just like his Grandpa Fred. He recently heard that Grandpa Fred is also know as Farmer Fred, so today Russ tried his hand a farming. Now Russ is suburban Cardi so real farming has to wait until he visits Grandpa but for now he has taken up weeding.

In my mind this is a great development. Every spring I, like every suburban dweller, fight the likes of dandelions, crab grass, and various sprouts in my gardens and lawn. Today Russ took on the weeds in the shade garden with a vengeance. He pulled up at least a dozen voluntary sprouts from a Hawthorne tree we had removed a couple of years ago. That Hawthorne tree was and continues to be the bane of my gardening existence what with its stupid thorns poking holes in my lawn tractor tires and cutting my hands, so I was cheering my energetic farmer on.

Now let's hope I can teach him about the difference between weeds and daffodils.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Baby Gates

Okay I have been threatening for some time that we were going to deploy baby gates to keep Russ from a couple of rooms until he was better trained. We resisted because Sara is old and likes to look out the big window in the front room. But today, Russ engaged in the straw that broke the camel's back.

I took him outside for a business opportunity, which, he partook of, but then 15 minutes later he left me a present. That was it...Sara would have to learn to cope or I will let her in the room alone. I left one of those, don't come home without them messages for my beloved and about 3 hours later, 3 shiny new baby gates arrived at our home.

I put them up after dinner while Russ was playing with Sara, so it took him a while to find them. But when he did, he let everyone know what he thought about the gates, and then he ran back and forth between them trying to find a way into the forbidden rooms. (Watch the fun and games at ( & & )

For those of you keeping score at home--that's one more for me albeit late in the game.

A Day in My Life

Russ here.

It has been awhile since I gave you my thoughts so I decided to tell you about today.

I woke up at 6:30 am and was ready for play time. Can you believe that my Mom said it was way to early to be social and pleasant? I don't get it! Oh well, in an effort to show her I could be pleasant, I went back to sleep for an hour.

We went outside at 7:30 a.m. The grass is wet and soggy and their are pools everywhere. I like to roll in them. Mom said remember it is not warm enough to stay outside and dry off. Yuck she used the towel on me. I don't get it.

She said I didn't do all my business even though we were outside for 20 mins. So she put me in my crate. I was really mad! I could hear her in the kitchen doing dishes and talking to Grandma. Grandma said, I was a "drama king." I don't get it.

Mom took me outside again. I did my thing and then I got to roam free in the house. I played with Sara. My sister Sara is a funny dog. When we play she stands in one place and nudges me while I do laps around the house. Mom says Sara is very old and that's how she plays. I don't get it.

Mom had errands to run so she put me in the stupid crate again. I moaned and whined until I figured out everyone was gone. Mom came home and as soon as I heard her footsteps I started again. Grandma said that someone on the outside would think I was abused. Mom said, "yes they would". I need to be louder maybe the neighbors will here me. Mom said not a chance the wall are very sound proof. Dang!

Mom and I ran to the cottage to load some stuff in the RV. Mom took me out of my car crate and then noticed that the side yard was a lake. Oh was that ever fun. And better yet, she didn't have a towel. You should see her coat. It has great pawgraphs all over it. She didn't think it was all that great. I don't get it.

When we got home, I got an e-mail from Aunt Cindy. It was a picture of Grandpa Fred sleeping. He sleeps just like I do--upside down with feet waving to the ceiling. It is very comfy. (If you want to see Grandpa Fred, just click on Mom's blog roll that reads Foggy Bottom) Grandpa Fred also likes water and rolling is sweet smelling stuff--like fish, manure and dead animals. I love the smell of that stuff. Mom says it is just gross. I don't get it. I can't wait to play with Grandpa Fred. Mom says it will be okay because he surely couldn't teach me anything that I haven't already tried at least twice. We'll just see about that.

I am getting very very sleepy, so I'll sign out for now. Russ out.

P.S. Today's picture was taken when I was a little baby Cardi. We were camping in the Ozarks and I was hanging out with my funny sister Sara. I like to climb up on blankets so that I am as tall as Sara. Mom says Sara is a big girl. I want everyone to know I am a bigger boy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quiet Rainy Day

It's raining again and Russ has figured out the connection between staying outside in down pours and needed to be toweled off. Yes indeed, he hates to be toweled off.

First thing this morning, cold wet rain was coming down in buckets. Russ goes out side to enjoy the puddles and lake that is forming in our back yard. Oh, he had a grand time, but when he had to sit/stay while I toweled him off--not such a grand time.

Our vet came over to check on Sara girl's progress, so he spent some time kenneled. But as soon as she left we went outside. Again, raining cats and dogs, so he made a beeline for the backyard and our now fully developed lake. After he made his first roll, I reminded him of the towel. He splashed a bit more but got out and took care of the essentials.

Two hours later, we went outside and he got the gleam in his eye that said "backyard" lake. I said okay but remember you have to be toweled off. He did his business in the front yard.

The late afternoon outside trip, either he is as over the rain as I am or he decided he hates being toweled off enough to avoid the now growing lake in the back yard.

I told him that as soon as the weather warms, he can play outside in the water until his heart is content and we will wait in the warm sunshine for him to dry enough to come in the house. I promised him a wading pool. Today that sounded as much like a fairytale to Russ as it does to me. We both wonder if it will ever be warm again!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Canine Good Citizenship

Maybe the lesson for today is: I should never take Russ to obedience class after he pees on steam cleaning hoses.

Our trainer offered to do a run through with Russ in preparation for his Canine Good Citizenship test next week. Well at the risk of exaggerating--if we took it today we would have gotten the lowest score possible.

He danced on his toes trying to get other dogs to play with him when he was supposed to be calmly waiting for me to shake hands with the owner. He popped up like a jack rabbit as soon as I turned to walk away for his sit/stay. The 20ft stay well lets say inches weren't possible. When I told him to sit he turned his head and pretended I wasn't in the building. The down command, I might as well have been speaking in Greek. I could go on but let's face it--the above says it all.

He is sitting next to me while I type looking all innocent, so I probably should say that he heeled nicely through the crowd and let hordes of small children pet him.

Just another day and another laugh with my buddy Russ.

P.S. I think the demented look in today's picture says it all.

Steam Cleaner

Russ here.

Mom had some guy with a big loud truck here that sprayed perfumey smelling stuff all over our carpet. Then this guy brings in a big long snakey looking thing and turns on something even louder. Well I had enough, so I picked up his long snakey thing and started pulling it toward the door. Mom said, "No Russ".

So I lifted my leg and peed on his snakey looking thing! Mom put me on a leash, said she was sorry to the guy with the loud truck, cleaned up the snakey looking thing and was grumbling about my embarrassing behavior. I don't get it!

Russ out.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hard Work Harassing the Housekeeper

This is how I found Russ after he finished harassing the housekeeper.

Cardi Out Smarts Maid

First--my housekeeper titled this post.

Tues is house cleaning day and it is always good for a laugh or two, but today takes the prize. As I have noted earlier, Russ hates vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, and Spot Bots. So today, when my house keeper plugged in the vacuum cleaner, Russ came zinging around the corner, grabbed the cord and took off. Imagine her surprise when the vacuum cleaner didn't work, but she immediately recognized the culprit. ROSARIO was the only word spoken.

Later in the morning, Russ and I went out for a business session. Now Russ has a weather resistant coat, so staying outside for long periods of time in the pouring rain is no problem for him. (Please note I do not have a weather resistant coat, but does he care? No!) Any way while we were outside, the housekeeper thinking she could out smart Russ scrubbed underneath the kitchen table. So when we came in Russ did his usual demented wet dog run through the house including the kitchen. My housekeeper announces with glee that she out smarted Russ by cleaning under the table first. Russ immediately comes flying into the kitchen and slides side ways under the kitchen table! Wet streaks galore. ROSARIO was the only word spoken.

Just another day and another laugh with my buddy Russ.

PS The pictures are a classic example of his weather resistant coat--he is soaked and you can't tell!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Rain must bring out some really great smells. Last night after dinner, Russ, Sara and I went out for a quick business session because it was raining cats and dogs. Sara immediately hunkers down and takes care of stuff, but Russ is busy screwing around.

Russ is romping, flitting hither, thither and yon sniffing the night air. But if that didn't beat all, he starts rolling around in the wet grass with his legs waving to the evening stars. Meanwhile Sara and I are getting soaked. So I try to cajole him into focusing on matters at hand. The goof ball starts running Cardi laps around us with obviously no intention of applying himself.

Sara has had it and makes it clear that her old girl hips are not digging this scene and asks to go inside. So after getting Sara in the house, I focus on Russ. A few more Cardi laps, and rolls in the wet grass and he finally decides to focus. Thanks goodness, except by then my boots were filled with water and my hair was silky from the rain water rinse.

Just another day and another laugh with my buddy Russ.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Community Property

Every one has that one pair of shoes that 'ya just love wearing. They probably aren't the prettiest ones in the closet but they darn sure are the most comfortable. Well this is definitely the case with my Merrill mules. I love these shoes. They are warm and fuzzy and just the thought of them makes my feet happy. Unfortunately, they are Russ' favorite too.

I've tried everything--hiding them, burying them under other shoes in shoe bin, putting them up (read Corgi Height), and, of course, tried and true training methods. But he is drawn to these shoes like they have a Star Trek tracker beam pulling him in. All sense is thrown to the wind and he must have those shoes.

So here's how the scene usually plays itself out. I put my mules somewhere I think is safe, of course it is not. When it is time for me to find my shoes, I first look where I left them and naturally they are not there. Then I begin my great shoe hunt, and where ever I find them I can guarantee that he has pulled the insole out. Some times I catch a break and find the insole and shoe together. (Now that's a banner day) And the scene always ends the same--Russ looking at me like "I don't get it" their communal property, right?

Just another day and another laugh with my buddy Russ.

P.S. In fairness to Russ I should add that he doesn't chew them. He just liberates them from their hiding place and removes the insole so that it is easier to roll in!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Things I Don't Get

Russ here.

Here's my top 10 list of things I don't get.

10. I don't get why Mom won't let me chew the rocking chair

9. I don't get why I can't stand in the dishwasher

8. I don't get why I can't have hot dogs when ever I want

7. I don't get why I have to be in my crate when Sara roams free

6. I don't get why Mom loves that stupid Spot Bot

5. I don't get cats

4. I don't get why I can't swim in the creek

3. I don't get closed bathroom doors

2. I don't get why Mom doesn't like the smell of dead rotting fish (Yummy!)

and my number one...

1. I don't get why Uncle Rus won't wear bell bottoms

Friday, April 4, 2008


Russ here.

My best boy Nick took me outside this morning while Mom was getting ready. As we went out the door, Mom said "makes sure he takes care of all his business or put him in his crate when you come back in." So I did enough business to make it look good but I held some back.

As soon as no one was looking I widdled in the dining room. Mom thought she was safe so she wasn't watching where she was going and stepped right in it. HA! That's two more for me.

Dang I hear the Spot Bot! I just don't get why she loves that stupid machine so much--maybe I should figure out how to widdle on it too.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Boot Camp

We weren't even in the door Sunday night when I knew Russ was going to give me a run for my money. He puffed himself up and announced his arrival. Since then he decided that he was going to do things his way, and (stealing a quote here) my requests would be fulfilled later.

At obedience class, he decided that show dogs don't sit or lie down, and at home he developed a widdle at will policy. So I introduced him to boot camp, just call me Col. Kim, as the widdle at will policy has got to go!

So here's how it goes, we go outside frequently and if he does his business, he is free to roam the house. If he doesn't he's crated until we go out again. Well this morning was a test of wills. He wasn't going to do anything outside and I wasn't going to let him out of his crate until he did. Whoooooo weeee was he mad--he barked, sighed, groaned, growled and of course tried flashing his big doe brown eyes at me, but I held firm. He finally went at 11:30am this morning on the grass.

For those of you keeping score at home--that's one for Mom!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Russ is very opinionated and noise sensitive. What a combination!

So here's the back drop. I was tenderizing some chicken to be used for bait at an upcoming show when Russ came zinging into kitchen giving me what for. I tried to convince him that all the noise was for him, but he wasn't having any of it.

Check out the video, (, but what isn't caught on video is his final assault on my chicken tenderizing. He made a run for me, grabbed my pants and tried to drag me across the room, but I stood my ground. Well my pant leg didn't survive the stand off!

Just another day, and another laugh with my buddy Russ.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cat Food

Russ and I spent the evening at advanced obedience class and experienced seriously mixed results, but that is not what I intend to write about, maybe another day. What happened when we got home far out weighed any Corgi Caper at obedience class.

We came home and it was time for doggie dinner and kitty treat. So here's my routine when I am home alone. I mix up the doggie kibble, set it out and then get the cat's treat ready. Then if I can't sneak past Russ with the cat kibble, I make him sit and stay while the cats and I head for the half bath. Okay that is how it supposed to's what really happened.

Russ made a run for the kitty chow, and I made him sit and told him to stay. He complied--well for a time. Just as I bent over to put the cat food on the bathroom floor, without any warning, he bolted between my legs. I didn't even hear him coming. I swear we could contract him out for stealth work. So he bolts between my legs, smashes into the cat food, he smokes both cats and I land in a heap next to the toilet! I am telling you it was like a bad bowling scene--wet cat food flying, cats hissing, dog still trying to eat the cat food, and me hoping I didn't break anything. Did I mention that Tuesday is or should I say was cleaning day?

Sorry folks no pictures or video, for that matter, of the bowling for cat food scene.