Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Russ Here

Russ here.

Mom's gone skiing, and I'm stuck in the darn crate. I'm mad and Aunt Cindy is going to pay for Mom's crimes this weekend.

Russ out!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Present for Shaker

Music allowed Shaker to sleep on her bed for 10 mins. Clearly a mercy Christmas gift--she must have forgotten to go shopping.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mommy's little helpers

Russ is nuts for Christmas. Last year he unwrapped untold packages and got himself so wadded up with ribbon and tape he needed a bath. And apparently it runs in the Foggy Bottom line because Shaker has all the same tendencies. So this year I thought, I'll include them more so I know what they are doing!

Staying in that vein, I invited them to join me in my marathon gift wrapping session. Ever try to wrap a present with 2 crazy for Christmas Cardis? Takes patience my friends it takes patience!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Coat for Music

Music gets cold. Her paws are quite delicate so we have some paw "toughener" coming, but she also shivers when she is outside for even short periods of time. I suppose that it doesn't help that the boys jump on her and roll her like a big snow ball, but any way I thought she might appreciate a nice snuggly coat to where outside. WRONG!

I put the snowman coat on her and shooed her out with the boys and she stood just outside the door staring at me. No staring is not a strong enough word, she was drilling her dark gaze through my soul. The message was clear...Mom your a dork and Cardigans like me DO NOT wear stupid snowman coats.

So being the type that I am, I thought "oh she just needs a minute without me watching to get used to it." WRONG! I walked away for a minute and then came back to find her in exactly the same place with exactly the same look.

I opened the door. She came in. I took the coat off. I opened the door again. She went out and found the boys, but not without turning to glance at me with I swear an evil grin of "I won!"

Monday, December 22, 2008

Who Gets the Primo Bed?

We don't have the new handmade crates set up yet, but am hoping to get that done over the Christmas break. I just couldn't bring myself to put the wire ones up in the bedroom again when the pretty ones were sitting in the corner. (I have to say I wasn't 100% in favor of the wooden crates from Wooden Creek (http://www.woodencreek.com/) but now that I have actually seen them--oh my I am in love!) Any who, this is not my topic today...

Since their are no crates in the bedroom, I drug their living room beds into the bedroom, so that when we are sitting by the fire at night they don't have to sleep on the hardwood. The pretty black one was supposed to be Russ' but as you can see in the post--Music told him "paws off pretty boy--it's mine!" Shaker doesn't much like sleeping alone, so he wiggles his girth onto a memory foam one with Russ. We have two of the memory foam ones (Sam's Club great deal), but he wants to sleep with someone. His preference would be to sleep with Music but she tells him "bug off big puppy, I sleep alone!"

So my pretty little Music may look small and wispy but she doesn't take any guff from the boys, and she certainly is not going to cede the best bed!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shaker Update

We were chatting today about what kind of people our Cardis would be if they were human. Russ would probably be a pretty boy model with a prima dona personality, Music would be in all liklihood be a stay at home mom with a no nonsense attitude about raising children, and Shaker, well Shaker would be...

A where's the kegger frat boy who played linebacker--you know the one who lines up directly against the opposing teams tight end! Yep that would be my Shaker Baby--strong and big but not so fast!

Oh for those of you out there keeping track of the baby's weight--37.5 lbs and just 6 months old.

By Request

I shall deviate one more time from my usual posts to respond to Laura of Coopercreek. Here's my favorite Christmas photo. My son was 3 and it was our second Christmas. Oh what wonderful memories and boy 'o boy was he a cutie. This picture still steals my heart!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Christmas Photo Miracle

The traveler came home and I said, "we have to get the Christmas card picture." There was a reluctant reply of "okay." So I put the Cardi Christmas collars on--Shaker quickly adapted to his, Russ is always up for anything showy, and Music said she would wear the darn thing if I promised that she didn't have to wear it ever again.

I conceded to Music's demands, and gathered my crew in front of the Christmas tree. I got them all to sit and said stay and then backed up into the chair. Then I heard "Kim your in the light"...dang everybody got up. Okay repeat the sits and stay---every one stayed and I showed a treat and the traveler clicked. Believe it or not this was the first picture taken.

It will ultimately be our Christmas card picture and it is officially my second favorite Christmas card picture of all time. (It is voted second only to the picture taken of our son when he was 3 and we put him on the back of a pumpkin wagon. He thought it was a hoot and was bent over laughing at the moment the picture was taken. Hands down that one is my favorite, but this one is a close second!)

Soap Box Rant

Warning! This is not my typical post. It's a soapbox rant, but I think an important one.

Shaker and I started our second puppy class today. Yes, it's embarrassing but Shaker Baby needs to repeat puppy class. Not because he can't perform all the necessary stations but because he is a butt head with other dogs.

So we arrived at puppy class at 8:45am this morning and I discovered that it was a 4 month old German Shepherd, a very young Australian Shepherd, and the demo dog is a Sheltie. I am thinking this is going to be fun--all herding dogs.

So we went through class and Shaker is getting much better with watch me and leave it when it comes to dogs. ( I can throw treats on the floor and he will leave them until he is released but this is much harder for him with other dogs.) Anyway we get to the end of the class, and the trainer asks if there are any questions. The German Shepherd woman, asks about potty training.

The trainer talks about picking a spot for the dog, crating the dog when she can't watch it...you know the normal potty training stuff. (Here comes the rant!) Then the Shepherd owner says, "I've tried all that and she still won't go outside, and we are ready to drop her off at the pound, because she is ruining my beautiful floors."

So each of us give some more helpful hints e.g. make sure the crate is only big enough for her to stand up in and turn around, take her out more often--(she is only taking a 4 month old puppy out 4 times a day), use and attractor... She was also offered a free potty training seminar which I truly hope she takes it. But folks here's the rub for me...

If she didn't have the time to commit or the stick to it to have a puppy, then she shouldn't have the puppy. Next who bred this dog that would allow it to go to the humane society instead of taking it back?

It just fries my cookies that someone would be so incredibly irresponsible with another life!

Trust me at 8:00 am on Saturday morning I would much rather be drinking coffee and looking out at the river than taking Shaker to a puppy class, but it is the most important thing I could be doing for him right now to help him over his "other dog anxiety." So please don't get a cute puppy for Christmas just because their cute, or for a child who needs to learn responsibility, or any other reason other than you are ready to take on a puppy who will have a variety of need that are your responsibility to meet. Like house training, vet visits, teething incidents, socializing, and sooooooo much more!

I promise my next post will be a caper! Kim

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Toys

I think my Cardi kids are trying to butter up Santa. When I came home from errands, I found that they had deposited their favorite toys under the tree.

Music loves the teddy bear. Russ is particularly taken with the budda green toy. Shaker wanted the ball out of the wubba, so he left red package behind. Shaker Baby also loves the blue teething toy. Thanks goes out to Aunt Cindy because two out of four of the most prized toys recently came from her!

In the toy department, I love anything that Shaker chews on that isn't my furniture, ornaments or pieces of the village!

HA! We didn't do it!

Russ here.

Grandma overflowed the 1/2 bath toilet and didn't realize it right away, so we had "water" everywhere. Mom had to wade in to shut off the water, except the shut off valve didn't work. Mom said a word, I am not allowed to repeat. She had to take the lid off the toilet and pull the valve up to stop the water.

Then she plunged, and started cleaning up. Mom was using a whole bunch of rags when my boy Nick yelled, "Mom we have 'water' pouring into the downstairs pantry." Mom said another word I am not allowed to repeat. She finished up in the half bath with a mop and disinfectant and headed for the basement.

She got that all cleaned up, mopped and announced she had used every rag in the house and was going to shower. Then Mom had a cup of coffee and looked at us 3 sweet, innocent, well-behaved Cardi Corgis and said, "it's a miracle you three juvenile delinquents weren't the source of today's caper."

HA! We didn't do it!

Russ out.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Forbidden Closet

My closet is carpeted. My corgis aren't allowed on carpet, so imagine that, all they want to do is get in he closet!

Today I went into the closet for warm clothes and hopped in the shower. When I came out of the shower, I heard Russ bark. But clearly the bark did not come from the bedroom. Hmmm I think, where is that darn dog? Then I immediately realize that he must be in the closet. Dog gone it I head to the closet and Russ comes flying out, and then I realize that Shaker is MIA too.

So I poke my head around the corner and there is Shaker Baby with his head up to his shoulders in my obedience bag. You know the one with all the treats!

So I am trying to figure out how they both ended up in the closet, and here's what I think the naughty little boys did...

I went in the closet and went right and I must have left the door ajar, so they snuck in and went left around the center clothing island and waited until I left before they made their move on the obedience bag. Clever little dickens aren't they?

Now here's the rub, Russ is always the one to tattle, so when Shaker was getting of the goodies than his fair share--Russ started barking. Shaker was none too happy about getting ratted out!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Music's Report

It's Music, and since I didn't post last week because of the dog show, I thought I would report early this week.

Baby it's cold outside!

It started snowing about noon around here, and Mom was all "isn't it beautiful." Yeah it's beautiful if your toilet is inside, but mine is outside! Mom shooed us out and wham zam mam' it got COLD! I did my business really quick and asked to be let in but even fast my feet got cold, so I was dancing around trying to get them warm by the fireplace.

I asked Mom very nicely if I could please go potty inside, but she said "No, Music, you have to go outside." Can you imagine? How cruel can she be?

Anyway, I went once in the living room and tried to blame Shaker Baby--he still has an accident or two 'ya know. But Mom was with Shaker and Russ when it happened so she said, "Music I know it's cold but you have to go outside." Yesh how stupid is all that...Baby it's cold outside.

Well think of me shivering and freezing while Mom is all warm and toasty inside!


I saw this on one of my favorite blogs--Many Muddy Paws and thought it sounded like fun.

Here's the scoop...You check your Photo Archives (or wherever you store your images) then select the 6th file folder, open it & post the 6th picture contained there, with the story behind it.

Here's mine... Russ was about 6 months old, and he loved to sleep next to my computer. Trouble was when he woke up he also like to eat keyboards. This was my second computer since his arrival 3 months earlier!

I tag...
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Shaker Baby

Shaker Baby went toxic on me this weekend. I pulled him from the show on Saturday because he was trying to eat every dog at the convention center. So clearly intervention was needed. We drew a hard line in the sand with him on Saturday afternoon after he tried to kill his brother Frank. Even Russ had a belly full and beat the snot out of him. Russ didn't allow him out from under the bed for nearly 30 mins. By the time he was allowed out he had made the decision not to be such a butt head, and then the fun began.

Shaker, Frank and Russ had a glorious frap session that included under bed play and crate romping. It was good to see them have fun together.

We're Jealous

The traveler just posted and the dogs and I are jealous. Check out a couple of pictures from China. http://pool14.wordpress.com/

Next time we're going!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Music's A New Woman

Music has been less than enthusiastic about her show career. She has been clear about her desire to have a soft comfy chair, a warm bed and my pillow and she is a happy girl, but this weekend was different!

We rode up to the show site in my Avalanche. Now despite the fact that we resembled the Beverly Hillbillies--two dogs to a crate, stuff piled to the ceiling, my son crammed in the back with the crates, and the truck bed stuffed to the gills, Music found a new friend and was apparently inspired by him. His name is Frank, and is a litter mate of Shaker's. They rode in a crate together and Music fell in love.

In the hotel room they snuggled in the chair, at the show site they enjoyed each others company in the crate, and in the shuttle to the show site Music only wanted to be by Frank. Indeed we discovered her desire to be only with Frank when I tried to walk her and Shaker onto the shuttle. She all but turned herself inside out trying to get away from the evil puppy Shaker to get near the angel puppy Frank.

So this is the back drop to the conformation ring... First we were sitting ring side waiting to go in and she was begging for food. I could have fallen over backwards, she has never begged for food at a show. In fact she has spurned food. Then we walked in for her class, and she moved out faster than she has ever moved out for me with her tail wagging in the correct carriage. I couldn't believe my eyes, but boy 'O boy was I going with it. (Now if I can only discover the trick to unlock her ears!)

So here's what I know for sure--we are traveling with Frank more often! See ya soon Frankie boy!

My Turn for Humble Pie

Remember I announced earlier that I had signed Russ up for Rally Novice A--first leg? Well let's just say I cut my loses before I ever entered the Rally ring.

We showed early on Saturday, and Russ was a little, no let's be honest, he was a lot wound up. (Of course it didn't help that Shaker went postal, but that's another blog post and Russ is very in tune with those around him.) Any way, after he showed in the conformation ring, I put him in his crate to relax and cool his jets at bit.

Then I took him out and put on his obedience collar and leash. Unfortunately, I must confess that I was not quite of sound mind and body this weekend and I forgot obedience clothes, so there I was trying to get him to focus on me while I am wearing a silver pants suit and silk scarf. Yeah I know it is hard to take any one serious when they are dressed like that.... But I was going to try.

We went to a "quiet" corner to try a couple of exercises, but trust me there were no quiet corners and the obedience ring was right next to the conformation rings, and a freight elevator. I tried to play to his strength and attempted one of his strongest moves a call front and finish left-- and honest to goodness, he looked at me like I was from mars. Okay, I said, "how about some fast heeling", he loves that and yep he did it like a pro until I halted and said sit. His response was clear, "Sit, I don't sit or down for that matter." So I put him away again and tried the same thing twice more. Each time got a wee bit better, but he still wouldn't sit or down on command, and I pulled him.

The message was quite clear to me that I must work with him in high distraction areas. So I think we will go off to a park next, and then a go at PetsMart.

I'll keep you up to date so that I stay honest!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Note from Santa

Russ is getting coal for Christmas!


All Tired Out

It's Russ here.

Wow I had a rough day. First Shaker tried to kill us with exhaust, and then Mom took me to a "trick" class that lasted 2 hours. Two hours seriously what was she thinking I was so tired that I could hardly hold my head up.

And then she takes me out to the truck, and goes back inside to get Shaker Baby. Then she realized that she locked her keys in the truck. There I was freezing in the truck while she found someone with a cell phone, 'cause hers was in the truck and called On Star. Well, the traveler aka Kathy, had changed the pin number and it wasn't looking good for the home team and my freezing toes. Mom begged the On Star lady to find another question to ask her and Mom answered right. She sent a hit to the truck and pop the doors unlocked. Good thing too because Mom was ready to use a tire iron to break the front passenger window. Mom was pretty freaked out about me being in the cold for 25 mins.

We went home with the heat on full so I got all warmed up. When we got home, Shaker Baby wanted to play. I mean seriously the stupid puppy wanted to play. I told him I was way too tired.

Russ out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Family Rule

All keys go in the key basket--no exceptions. You see Shaker tried to kill us today. You might ask how?

I came in the house took off my vest and hung it on a chair. Now usually I hang it in the closet and drop my keys in the basket but today was different, because we were going out to a "trick class."

So I unloaded a couple of things, and noticed that Shaker had soggied up my coat pocket. I told him no and put the coat up, and then happily went about my business. About 15 mins later I had the travel crate in my hands and I headed for the truck. As I went down the hall, I heard something in the garage and thought Grandma Rose was coming home, but when I opened the door I saw my truck was running. YES, my truck was running with the garage bay doors down. HOLY CRAP I exclaimed and brought all 3 doors up at once.

And then I went inside to retrieve my keys out of my vest pocket. Yeppers, Shaker had activated the auto start on the truck while he was scamming treats out of my coat pocket. So new family rule--Keys go in the basket. No exceptions!!!!

My Christmas Gift Came

I got a call from the neighbor last night who said a package had been misdelivered. She said it was addressed to the China Traveler and it was super heavy and would I send Nick to come and get it. Well Nick and Grandma were watching Indiana Jones in blu-ray so there was no way that was happening. So I put on my parka and boots and weighed the options of taking the truck or walking and decided since it was heavy I would take the truck.

I picked up the package and looked at the return label--well I had too 'ya know to make sure it wasn't anything that I had ordered--oops that doesn't work it was addressed to the traveler. Okay so I was curious. The return label said "pak n go". Whooooo Hooooo I got my agility stuff.

So this box with all its wonderful contents is sitting in my truck and the curiosity is killing me, but I won't open it. I won't open it. And apparently this is going to be my mantra for some days to come. How long 'til Christmas?

We've Been Tagged

Okay we've been tagged so here's our favorite things at the Gibson Ranch...

Mine--Family and friends sitting around my table eating, drinking and telling stories

Russ--long walks on a cold winter day

Shaker Baby--the forbidden Christmas Village

Music--snuggling with Mom at night

Nick--Grandma's apple pie

Grandma Rose--Peace of Christmas eve with family

The Gibson Gang tags Joy at Tracking Trekker, and Kathy at Pool 14 (aka the traveler)

I Don't Get It

It Russ here.

I don't get it! Mom is all whizzed up on this Christmas stuff. She gets to play and move things around, but when I try to move some stuff to make it look pretty, she says, NOOOOOO!

I Don't Get It!

Russ out!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Well the other half of the Gibson Ranch is in China for a couple of weeks on business and it occurred to me that the nicely decorated house may be a complete shambles before the traveler returns from exotic places. So in that vein, the here's a few pictures for her of some perennial favorite scenes around here.

Of course it seems only fair that I should confess/update everyone on the relatively minor Christmas carnage that has occurred.

1) Christmas Santa toast from a romp session that set the end table flying with 5, yes count them 5 Santas on it, and remarkably only one bit the dust

2) One ornamental birch bark tree for the village. By the time I discovered Shaker chewing on it, well lets just say that even spray paint wouldn't have helped

3) One hand painted Santa ornament. It was a cute one but frankly I am just thrilled that it wasn't one of the family favorites.

4) One glass ball was pulled out of its holder, but easily repaired with my handy dandy superglue singles. (Hey now this is a winner...super glue now comes in single use containers!)

5) A near casualty was the straw horse--all he lost was his saddle. So now he is a bare back rocking horse.

and 6) I almost forgot, Music pulled a strand of lights off the bottom of the tree. I honest to God would not have believed it true if I hadn't caught her in the act. Yes, even perfect princess Music has a little devil in her.

So this evening in the name of a quiet evening, we are hanging out in the bedroom tonight!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Yep there goes the little devil...heading right for the tree!

Now how could I think that this cute puppy is going to tear down tree?

The tree is nearly decorated, only a few ornaments and garland remain to be strung, oh and of course the angel needs to head to the top of the tree, but alas I lost my best helpers to the thrill a blu-ray movie--Raiders of the Lost Ark. So I am sitting looking at the beautiful tree and wishing and hoping that it stays in tact.

But seriously who am I kidding, in the length of time that it has taken me to write the above 3 sentences, Dr. Demento and his side kick Butty (aka Russ and Shaker) have made 3 attempts on the tree and 2 for the Santa collection.

My quiet evening of reading has been seriously interrupted by the following mantras--"Russell leave it", "Bad Dog", "Shaker Drop It", and of course the evening wouldn't be complete without me hissing at them for being juvenile delinquents.

So I close with the hope that I can successfully keep these two clever but naughty puppies from dismantling the tree.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Music's Report

Well it Friday and time for my report. Oh it's Music.

It's been a busy week. Mom has been decorating the house for Christmas. Russ and that pest puppy Shaker Baby have been stealing things from the Christmas Village, and Mom yells "drop it" and "leave it" alot. Today they seemed to finally accept that they weren't allowed to touch the village.

Me I found a really soft snowman that I thought I would like in my crate, but Mom said, "not you too Music and took it away." Well darn, but I am allowed to hang out in the chair next to it so it isn't all bad.

Oh I almost forgot, the pest--no I mean Shaker Baby is always trying to take toys away from me when I am playing. Well I had quite enough the other day and I took him DOWN! Hopefully he learned his lesson.

Well until next week it's Music signing out.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Then and Now

This photo was taken in August at the beginning of our move.


This one was taken just a few days ago...hmmm he has grown unbelievably fast!

I weighed Shaker today and he checks in at a whopping 33 lbs. So I thought then and now photos were only appropriate.

I'm Hiding

Hey it's me Shaker Baby. I'm hiding. Aren't I good at it!


We have a beautiful fire place in our new home. First thing Kathy said was we need to have glass doors put on it and I recoiled and gasped--NO! I told her it was too pretty to ulgy up with glass doors, so she dropped the subject.

Since that early conversation we have had a number of blazing fires. Now inevitably there are a couple of half burnt pieces of wood left in the fire place in the morning. Ordinarily this would just be used as firestarters for the next event. Right? Wrong!

Shaker feels it is important to liberate and attempt to eat the charcoal remains. I catch him, take them away, remind him that the fire place is off limits, and the like with each time he steals a piece. I'm thinking that I winning the game and that he is learning to leave the fire place alone. Wrong again. Yesterday he pooped charcoal!

So I put a baby gate in front of the fireplace and conceded to Kathy that we needed glass doors.

For those of you keeping score--that's 2 for Shaker and 0 for me. I gave up counting with Russ--he wins! Good thing I have Princess Perfect Music.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Herding Instinct? Check

Saturday before the first snow fall, we were scurrying around trying to finish up the last of the outside chores. (Memo to self--start earlier next year) So I am busily trying to get the deck mopped before tarping all the outside furniture. I don't know what we were thinking but we let the Cardi Kids out to be with us.

Now we all know Russ is a pain when I am trying to use a broom, mop, well anything with a pole that moves, and up until now Shaker Baby has just come along for the ride. He barks and carries on but had not put all the pieces together...well that was until Saturday.

Russ always goes for whatever is at the end of the pole--diving, biting, and generally making it difficult to move about the task at hand. Something turned on in Shaker Baby's head on Saturday and he was determined to get me to move where he wanted me to move. Being the stubborn Mom that I am I just went about my merry mopping business. That's when Shaker jumped up and grabbed the seat of my jeans. I yelped and bellowed NO!

But alas now he knew that he had me and by grabbing me by the seat he could get me to jump and turn in the direction of his choice. Well I wasn't going to have any of that so I flipped him on his back where upon he went all puppy goo on me. Yesh! He won a one way ticket into the house.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Shaker Baby's First Snow

It snowed 3" in wonderful Iowa on Sunday. We awoke to the breath taking sight of trees glistening with freshly fallen snow. Of course the boys were eager to go outside and play. (Please note that was boys and did not include Music who felt the snow was best enjoyed from the comfort of the bed!)

Anyway we let the boys out to romp in the snow and Shaker was a hoot. He immediately figured out that if he buried his nose a bit and came up quickly that he could make snow balls. He would push the snow balls to make them bigger. He would then push the snow balls off the porch. Each time he launched a ball he would hop with glee.

I figured that 30 minutes in the cold was plenty and tried to call the two Cardi kids in, and I was met with a "no thank-you." So I let them play a little longer and tried again. This time Russ came in but Shaker gave me the Cardi finger and bounded to the other end of the deck. At this point I am thinking, "that darn dog is going to make me put clothes on and come and get him." But HA! I remembered I had a doggie cookie in my pocket. So I yelled, "Shaker Find Front" and yep, it worked like a charm, he came galloping from a far to plant a beautiful straight sit right in front of me. I gave him his cookie and shooed him in the house.

At this point I am feeling pretty smug, so I put him on the bed with the rest of the kids and crawled back into bed. He then proceeded to lay at the foot of the bed whining and pining to go back to the snow!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Poor Music

I seriously was not going to blog today but wouldn't you know it the puppy did the funniest thing this morning.

Here's the morning routine--Russ jumps off the bed and barks to go out, then Music jumps and Shaker Baby waits to be lifted off. This morning Kathy reached for him and he jumped. Yes he jumped off the bed. Now this would be bad except he softened his fall by landing smack on top of Music. He flattened her and of course she yelped, and then refused to go outside until she was sure the coast was clear.

Poor poor Music!

Let Us Give Thanks

One of my favorite quotes is especially appropriate today. "We are only alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." Thornton Wilder

Three of the countless treasures in my life are my cast of Cardigan Clowns--Russ, Music and Shaker. Each day is filled with laughs, and warm puppy kisses. Ah yes, a treasure to be sure!

From Russ, Shaker, Music and the whole Gibson Clan--May your blessings be many!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Look Forward

But first a look back...

My first post included a story about Russ and Christmas. You see he escaped the bed and stealthily entered the forbidden Christmas room, and opened at least a dozen gifts. I found the boy covered in ribbon, wrapping paper and tape. I laughed so hard my ribs hurt, and then I gave him a bath.

I thought this Christmas season would be easier because he of course would have matured, but then I got bit by the "potato chip syndrome" that is associated with Cardigans. It seems that it impossible to just have one, so along came sweet little Music and then another baby named Shaker. My first hint of things to come again happened this morning when I heard that strange rustling noise that can only be one thing--ribbons. Yep, Shaker and Russ had a green Christmas bow they found goodness knows where and were playing tug of war with it.

So apparently I am doomed, maybe I'll put an x-pen around the Christmas tree!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

DNA Samples

I have ordered DNA samples on all 3 Cardis, and not for reasons you might think!

We are hosting Thanksgiving, so I thought it prudent to vacuum up the dog hair and while I was at it run a mop. Well we all know what running a mop and vacuum cleaner does to my little Russ, so I lock dogs away from me while I am cleaning.

I finished in the living room and dining room, so I released them into those rooms while I did the kitchen. I am not 3 mop swipes into the kitchen when I hear, "One of the dogs wet in the living room, and walked through it." Yes not only did the little darling widdle on the freshly mopped floor but proceeded to walk through it and into the foyer.

After I remop the area, I'm collecting DNA samples and the guilty culprit is going to be voted off the island!


Shaker remembered that there were treats in my vest pocket, so he liberated the them.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Are You My Mother?

Music was at Camp Cindy's when I picked up Shaker Baby. So for the first few weeks with us Shaker B. was surrounded by boys--rough and tumble boys (aka Russ, Moose and Grandpa Fred). So when we picked up Music, he immediately latched on to her. Her response, "I thought we were leaving the puppies at Camp Cindy."

So there relationship is interesting at best. He approaches her submissively--head bent and submissive kissing, and if the mood is right she won't take his face off.

When she really has had enough of the puppy, she retreats to her crate in the bedroom. However, Shaker Baby has decided to follow her into the crate. Believe you me this really rips her hide. If she can't force him out of the crate, then she gets in another one. (I swear she wants some kind of a rope pull so she can close the door behind her.)

But on this day, I guess she decided that if you can't beat 'em join 'em.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where's the Stock?

Daily I add broth to the dogs food to entice them to eat all of their food. Well with the price of food only going up, I decided I would start making the stock.

So I threw some beef bones, carrots, celery and tons of garlic to a huge stock pot full of water, and started cooking it. About 7 hours later, I took it off the fire and skimmed out the veggies and beef bones. Then I set it out in the cold cold garage to bring the fat to the top.

The next morning, I skimmed the fat and used a couple of ladles full for Shaker's breakfast. (Shaker ate later than the rest because we have puppy class on Saturday morning.) Well I got distracted with something and when I went back to the kitchen to finish taking care of my prized stock I couldn't find it. So I asked my family if they had seen the stock. My mother-in-law gasped and said, "I threw it out and washed the pot." "Why?", I ask. Her reply, "I didn't know what it was." Gasp!

So I salvaged some more beef bones from a steak, and will give it another whirl on Monday. Sigh!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Great Corgi Escape

Okay let's start with boys and doors, it almost seems like a foreign concept for teenage males to actually shut a door. But while this is the start of the story, I came into it in the middle, so that is where I will begin.

We were working in the back yard vacuuming leaves, when out of the corner of my eye I see Russ heading right toward me. My first reaction was, "Hey Russ buddy come get some pets," and then my brain fires correctly. What on earth is Russ doing in the back yard and where are the rest of my Cardi kids. So I call out my usual, "Cardi Kids," and around the corner comes Shaker and Music. Great right? Well sort of, because Music apparently was leading a grand frap, and was a not too happy that Russ came and ratted her out.

So here is the scene, Shaker is bounding toward Russ and me, when Music cuts him off and entices him with her best tail wag to follow her. Off goes my incredibly obedient puppy. I couldn't believe my eyes. Russ and I followed these clowns with me doing my best comedy act while calling "Beda Beda Beda--Cardi Kids."

Music is on a tear running all over the front yard and generally having a wee of a time with Shaker in hot pursuit. I once again call "Hey Cardi Kids" while dancing a silly dance and Shaker immediately started toward me. Good right? Not exactly, Music once again cut him off and whoosh off he goes with the vamp--opps I mean Music--again.

At this point, I looked at Russ and said, "Go bring those naughty dogs home." He flew out, cut Music off at the pass, nipped at her back legs and she headed straight for the garage. Of course as soon as Music headed for the house, Shaker was right behind. Russ got everyone into the garage where leashes were waiting and the Great Corgi Escape was over.

With everyone safely in the house, I was still vexed that Shaker didn't come back to me. Kathy assured me that I shouldn't take it personally because he was a teenager and was taken in by an older woman!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Good Training Day

'Ya know when you have one of those good training days? It's a real high and today was one of those days.

Russ really wanted to please me today, and believe you me getting him excited about doing obedience has been a lot of work. Let's face it, he loves showing in the conformation ring and he gets a lot of positive attention while doing it, so learning obedience commands...well let's just say I have had to be a real comedian to get him going and excited. But today he was really into and loving getting all the praise, pats and belly rubs he could get. I'm not suggesting that it will stick when we hit the ring, but on this day he was having a blast. And so was I.

Now let's turn to Shaker. From day one he has been eager to please and picks up things very quickly. Today I introduced "find heel," and he got it in less than 30 seconds. And was solid as a rock every time I took off and said, "find heel." I was so amazed I nearly cried. (Okay now we are just going to have to work on him not popping up like a jack-in-the-box with every down).

Yes indeed today was a good training day.

Music's Report

It's Music and today's report is about this great new game we clever Cardigans have created. Mom calls it Stick.

Here's how we play it. First one to the coveted Stick is in charge . Today it was me, but Russ took it from me very quickly. I have to work on my mouth skills. Maybe Mom will find something great for me to chew on so I can strengthen my muscles.

Anyway, then the Cardigan with the Stick runs away while the other give chase to take it away. Shaker Baby was really bugging me during the game today because he kept throwing his body in front of me, so I had to slam him and give him what for. Mom said, "Music stop trying to push that puppy off the deck", but I wasn't trying to push him off the deck I was just teaching him some manners.

Well Russ won today, but my chances of winning tomorrow are good. (Except when Russ' doesn't win he pouts--Yesh!)

Well until next week think about me trying to win the Stick,


Multiple Dogs on Flexis

Sara and Russ in the Ozark Mountains. Sara 10 yrs old and Russ 8 weeks old.

Solstice Kennels in Texas left a comment this morning that not only made me laugh but brought back a gruesome memory. Thanks on both counts to Solstice Kennels!

First the comment that nearly made me spew my morning coffee. "I've always said that multi dog walking is a sport and multi flexi walking should be an Olympic sport." So to the Olympic sport of multi flexi dog walking, I vote yes. And here's why this girl will never compete.

We must leave the world of Cardigans and walk back in time to my Border Collie days for this story. I had a wonderful well behaved border collie named Tippy, and I enjoyed her so much that about 7 yrs in to the experience I got another supposed Border Collie Mix named Sara. Sara turned out to not be a Border Mix, and ultimately was a 100lb brute that should never have carried the soft and lovely name of Sara, but I digress.

So here's how the gruesome tale unfolds--I am walking the lovely bike bath with my two dogs, oh I should add that I had shorts on, when dear dear Sara bolted right-- probably a rabbit--and came to the end of her flexi and about took my shoulder out, but I held on. I called her back to heel, and with the same bolt speed she came around to heel again. Great right? Not so much, I was holding the flexi in my left hand and she came around so fast I could get the flexi over my head quickly enough and the cord caught me right behind the knees. Now if you have ever been caught at warp speed by a retracting flexi cord, you know the outcome, but for the rest of you kind folks--the backs of my knees were laid wide open and raw!

I limped home, and tossed the flexis. So this my friends is why I will be a spectator should multi flexi dog walking ever becomes an Olympic sport!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Walking Again

Did ya happen to notice how big Shaker Baby is?

Poor Music got Macraméd.

Wow it has been quite a ride since deciding to move to the country. My poor puppies have had to create their own fun and exercise more days than not. When this whole journey started it was hot July and now we are pretty settled and it is cold November!

Well fortunately my pups don't mind the cold November winds one little bit. We started back on our morning walks a couple of days ago, and let me tell you Russ, Music and Shaker couldn't be happier.

Russ literally bounces to the door in the morning. Yep all 4 feet off the ground-bounce bounce bounce all the way to the front door. Shaker believe it or not is a little more subdued but not by much. He gallops, yes indeed he gallops. Today he got going so fast that his front feet were so far under him he somersaulted. (I had to sit down I was laughing so hard!) Even Music has grown to love her walks, but she is too much of a lady to act so exuberant. She sashays to the door and politely waits for her leash.

Yes indeed life is good.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shaker's Collection

Hey it's me Shaker Baby.

Check out all the cool stuff I collected today!

See ya around the pool,

Shaker Baby


Russ here.

OOOOH WEEEEE is Mom ever mad at Shaker Baby and me. I just don't get it but I'll tell you the story and see what you think.

This morning we all got up and had a good romp outside and we all came in super excited and continued the frap. Even Music joined in.

Well I jumped up on the couch and grabbed Mom's knitting right off the table. When I jumped down with it, Shaker grabbed it and we were having a great tug of war when Mom yelled--yes she yelled--STOP!

I stopped right away but you know babies--Shaker Baby hasn't figured out that when Mom yells STOP she means STOP!

Well she fussed with her stupid knitting and made some noise about us being lucky dogs because she was able to pick up all the stitches. I don't get it instead of fussing with that yarn stuff why doesn't she sit on the floor and pet us all the time.

Well she says that she will be over it by the end of the day. I just don't get it.

Russ out.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shaker Baby Turns Into Devil Dog

Now how could this sleeping angel possibly be as naughty as the post describes?

Okay, Shaker and I have been going to puppy class for 5 weeks, and he has been doing quite well. He has reliable sits, reasonable downs and a beautiful front recall. I have been very pleased at the progress we are making, but today he went devil dog on me.

We walked into Petsmart like usual and my puppy goes psycho puppy on me--barking and growling at every dog in the store. Now from the beginning he has been a little reactive but nothing like today.

During class, a beautiful Chesapeake and his owners approached us and Shaker would have taken his face of if I hadn't been quick on the grab. Fortunately it was a very sweet dog and it gave us the opportunity to work with Shaker on appropriate behavior.

So we decide to take Shaker on more outings without the other two. And that my friends brings us to our visit to the River Pup dog shop. Russ is always a big hit there and loves his two friends Dixie the Bull Dog and Olive the Frenchie, so I thought good another non threatening environment for Shaker to visit with other dogs. WRONG!

Shaker took one look at Dixie and Olive and oh my goodness he went absolutely postal--growling, teeth snapping, and barking. Holy Smokes Bat Man I scoop up Shaker who then tried take a piece of my sweatshirt out with his teeth. Okay regroup--Olive and Dixie go back behind the counter while Shaker got a lay of the land. He did well watching them through the baby gate so Dixie the calm Bull Dog is released and Shaker starts again. This time I got between them and had Shaker focus on me and this was showing some success when another dog came into the store.

That was enough for me--we bid a hasty retreat with a promise to return again for another try.

Oh I almost forgot--it the middle of the first struggle this fellow walks up to me and says, "You need to have that dog neutered!" Once I got Shaker under control, I assured the fellow that first Shaker was too young to be neutered and second that was not the issue with reactive dogs. To which he responded, "they can be neutered at 4 months and that will solve the aggression." Knowing I am not going to get anywhere with this fellow, I just couldn't help myself, I told him I would wait for his book to come out before I passed judgment on his dog handling tips.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Mom aren't we cute?

We hear something!

'Naw it was nothing.

Maybe I have too much time on my hands today or maybe I really should be mopping another floor but my clan has just been too darn cute today.

Russ' Retort

Russ here!

I saw Music went all perfect pants on us so I have a few things to say.

First, she isn't all that perfect. You see last night she took Mom's knitting and unwound a ball of yarn in the living room. When Mom saw it she said, "Which one of you naughty Corgis did this?" Now I didn't say anything, but I know it was Music because Shaker and I were in the bathroom shredding a bathmat.

Oops, guess Mom will know who did that now but I don't care because Shaker and I are puppies and we never claimed to be perfect.

And while I am tattling, it's Shaker who moves the plates in the dishwasher when Mom turns her back.

Russ out!

Music's Report

Good Morning it's me Music. I have decided to write a weekly report about the state of affairs at the Ranch. Today's report is about our deck.

I enjoy sitting on the deck and enjoying the fresh air and lovely view. Now the reprobates that I live with never take the time to enjoy the finer things like the river view, pretty birds or the fresh pine air. I swear all they care about is running around like hooligans!

Well until next week think of me living with these degenerates.