Thursday, October 30, 2008

He Still Thinks He Fits

This was and still remains Russ' favorite dog bed, but what he doesn't seem to realize is that he has GROWN! Oh he'll sleep on the other beds but this tired old fuzzy thing is still his favorite!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Comfort Seeking Creature She Is

I threw the dog bed on the couch while I swept and Music immediately jumped up and parked herself on it.

Doesn't she look comfy?

Hy Vee

Dear Aunt Sherilyn,

It's Russ here. I got this card in the mail thanking me for my business at Hy Vee. Mom bought some antibiotics for me at the Hy Vee pharmacy. You see Shaker Baby bit me in the neck and it got infected. Mom laughed herself senseless when the card came in the mail. She said I should write to you telling what a wonderful job the Hy Vee does keeping its customers happy.



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Feeding Time Tales

Stubby our kitty was finishing up the little bit of kibble left by Music when Skitch our other kitty jumped up on the counter. Skitch is not the most coordinated cat on the planet and let's just say he didn't stick the counter landing. His front foot caught the edge of the bowl and sent it catapulting in the air. It landed on the bowl of food Russ was working on and sent kibble flying all over the kitchen.

With all this commotion Music beat a hasty retreat, Russ was stunned that his orderly kibble was scattered and Shaker, well he responded with "cool kibble on the floor is fair game!"

Feeding Time at the Zoo

So I finally found a food that Russ likes and I created a monster at the same time.

The food he really really likes is Natural Balance Duck and Sweet Potato (small bites), and I can guarantee that he will eat everything in his bowl. Yeah right? Well yes and no. Because you see he has turned into a food tyrant. He grabbed a page from his Grandpa Fred's playbook and feeding time looks something like this at the Gibson Ranch...

Three bowls, scoops of food hit the bowls, and some broth to add allure and then bowl 1 goes to Russ, bowl 2 to Shaker Baby and bowl 3 to Music. Then the fun begins as Russ sends his tyrant look he learned from Grandpa Fred out to his fellow Cardigans. Music sits by her bowl and doesn't touch a drop while Shaker being new to the game gobbles his up. Shaker again new to the game will inevitably make a move on Russ' bowl and this gets him pinned to the ground for his efforts. After Russ finishes his bowl and Shaker is properly cowed, Russ moseys over to Music's bowl and takes a couple of nibbles. Then and only then does he pronounce that is it acceptable for her to eat her food.

I have tried all manner of things to get her to eat while the boys are eating but no go--even in a separate room she will not eat until Russ' says "OK". Yesh what have I wrought!

Monday, October 27, 2008

There's Evil Out There

It's Music.

Well we moved into this big house with lots and lots of room to play and run. But with lots of room to play comes responsibility--lots of responsibility.

The other night I was resting on the couch when I heard a strange noise--maybe a raccoon. Mom said it was the wind but what does she know anyway? I beckoned for the boys but they were too busy romping to hear the problem so I had to check it out for myself.

Mom laughed at me because I didn't leave the couch to check out the evil noise. But really now why on earth would I leave the couch unless it is absolutely necessary? Turns out I was right--a couple of barks from the couch and the evil disappeared!

See you in the woods!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is it Real or Memorex?

Nick was going through some of his old toys and deciding what to keep and what to move on when he came upon a stuffed cat. When he was little it was a cherished stuffed cat and as soon as I saw it I started waxing on about memories of him with the cat. So he gave it to the dogs. (Okay I got the point--shut up with the stories about what a cute little boy he was!)

Anyway, the dogs love this cat. The other night they were trying to disembowel it and twice without even thinking I yelled for the dogs to quit picking on the cat. Okay embarrassing to admit that I did not at first glance recognize it is stuffed. But seriously folks it really looks like a real cat.

Well you decide for yourselves.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Red Bone Coon Hound Visit

Our friend adopted a rescue Red Bone Coon Hound from Tennesee and her name is Bailey Jane. Now I suppose some of you might be wondering how a hound dog from Tennesee makes its way to the heartland. Well if you are lucky enough to be rescued by the Coon Hound rescue the new owners are required to keep the dog inside. Turns out not too many people want a Hound that has to live inside. Lucky for us because Bailey Jane is just about the sweetest dog you ever want to meet. Unless you are Shaker Baby.

Our friend brought Bailey Jane in and Music and Russ immediately remember their old friend and the play began. It was a few minutes before we realized Shaker was not around so we went to find him. He was in the bedroom hiding from the big bad dog (aka Sweet Bailey Jane).

So we worked with Shaker a bit to see if he would warm up to Bailey but he wasn't haven't any of it. We knew Bailey would not hurt Shaker so we decided to let things run their course. As the evening wore on everyone settled down to nap and all was well until Bailey got up. Shaker took one look at that big dog and jumped on Music. Poor Music.

Now Music is thinking "okay I've rested let's play some more", while Shaker is thinking "should I jump off the couch and escape?" We rescued Shaker from the precipace and saved ourselves the expense of putting his shoulders back together and brave heart spent the rest of the evening on my lap on the other couch.

Bery Bery Starbing

Hi it's me Shaker Baby and I need your help.

Mom is Starbing me to death. All I have to eat is some dry kibble and the leavings on the plates from the dishwasher. I keep telling her that I am a growing dog and need more food but she says Shaker Baby you are getting plenty. If anyone could sneak me a hamburger or two I would be your friend forever!

Hey Mom also says that because we are now country dogs we are all going to get vaccinated for something called Lyme. She says the deer carry it and we need protection, so our vet Laney is coming out to the house tomorrow and she will weigh me again. So to prove Mom wrong and show her I am not getting enough food, I am asking everyone to guess my latest weight.

Mom says I am almost as long and tall as Russ and am already bigger than Music, but I don't think she is right. I think I am wasting away!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Torture Chamber

Russ here.

Mom got this big package from a truck the other day and she was really excited so I got excited too. She said look Russ it is our new Booster Bath. Bath did she say bath? It didn't look like a bath tub so I decided to stick around what was happening.

She took all the parts out and put it together and then went to get a hose. She connected the "thing" up to the the washing machine, and tested "the thing" she called the "fan" wand and said "great it works perfect."

Then she did the unthinkable she picked me up and put me in it and gave me a bath. Trust me I thought it was a dirty rotten trick to get me all worked up about something fun and then dump me in the tub and give a bath.

I have officially decided that the Booster Bath is a Torture Chamber!

Russ out.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Color Blind Dogs?

My favorite colors are deep rich hunter green and creamy butter yellow. Lucky for me our new home is painted and decorated in these tone themes including the bathroom, so all of our stuff just fits right in.

So I have set about nesting and settling the house. First things first, I put the kitchen together and then the master bathroom. I was so delighted when the plush bath rug was perfect. Well perfect until the dogs started peeing on it. For 3 days straight I washed that darn rug on XXX sanitary cycle until I wised up and stopped putting it back down.

I announced that we would step out onto bath towels until I could get puppies trained. Okay here's where the question of color blind comes up because for a week now if there is a green towel on the floor, Shaker is going to pee on it. If I put a yellow one down he doesn't touch it. In fact he doesn't even mess with the lighter shades of green I have to compliment the dark tones.

So for now I have to wonder whether the little devil is really color blind? And I also wonder who is training whom because I know not to put a dark green towel down on the floor. YESH!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Shaker Baby and I started obedience class 2 weeks ago and so far he has lived up to all my hopes and expectations. He is a clever little fellow and learns very quickly. So one might ask why did I title this post competition?

Well because it is actually about Russ. Let me give you some background information. Russ and I were lock stepping our way through a series of obedience classes in preparation for starting to compete at least at the Rally level for starters. Well Russ gets it but he is not consistent and can decide at any moment to take a frolic and detour, so it is a bit challenging. So let's get back to the competition thing.

Last Saturday morning, Shaker and I headed out to puppy beginner class and had a great time. I'm pretty sure Russ was thinking it was a one shot deal until we left again this Saturday morning. When we got home Russ was pretty put out and became very attentive to me. And everytime I start to work with Shaker, Russ is Johnny on the spot ready to work and do whatever I would like from him. I have had the best heels, sits, downs and long stays that I have ever had with him in the past few days.

Meanwhile, Shaker is getting some really consistent sits, leave its, and downs are coming along nicely. So imagine that the boys are much more attentive when they are in competition.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Who Left Me with the Puppies

Kim accepted a gig consulting with a homeless youth shelter team, so because I was home with a bum leg she left me the juvenile delinquents. Oh sorry I meant the dogs.

So a window into my day seems appropriate. They got up and proceeded to pee, poop and bark. So I washed and rinsed and then they peed, pooped and barked some more. I just kept repeating the sequence until it was time for my conference call.

I locked them out of the living room with our new gates. I was happily grooving on the conference call when Stinky Cat barfed up a hair ball, and not seconds later the male juvenile delinquents (aka Russ and Shaker) figured out how to charge the gate and they came prancing into the living room. Upon which time they proceeded to eat the barfed hair ball, and Russ peed on the palm tree. Then I heard this odd noise and excused my self from the call to find Russ and Shaker eating Kim's dust pan and Music watching the whole show.

The way I figure it I need to go back to work to get some peace and quiet, as my co-workers do not pee on the floor, barf in public or charge dog gates!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Walk

Today we embarked on our first walk from the new house. It is a exactly one mile around the loop but it actually is a pretty good work out because of the pretty steep hills.

So I leashed up Russ and Shaker and off we went. All went reasonably well, I didn't fall when Shaker made a 90 degree turn directly in front of me, and the dogs with invisible fences didn't bust through their lines.

I took these pictures after we got home, check out the tongues hanging out.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Camera Shy

We have been in the new house for just over a week and every one is settling in nicely--especially Music. She is loving the wooded area and has started joining in the fraps with the boys.

Several days running I have witnessed her running up and down the hallways and jumping on top of the frap pile. I tell you I have enjoyed watching the dogs have fun as much as settling into this beautiful home.

But it appears that Music does not want her cyber friends to see her in action. Every time I pick up the camera to video or still shot one of these frap sessions, she stops frapping. Yep she is done as soon as the camera comes out. I have many videos of Russ and Shaker having a wee of a time but Music is absent.

Oh well one of these days I'll catch her off guard!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Same Vacuum Cleaner Response

Well we may be in a new house but Russ still doesn't think much of the vacuum cleaner, and in fact has taught Shaker much about the evils of vacuum cleaners.

The new twist though is the hard wood floors, so he has this moon walk thing going on. He charges the vacuum cleaner and then scoots away from it like he is Michael Jackson in Cardigan clothes.

Well check the little bugger out for yourself...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Music's Box

We found Music sleeping in one of the moving boxes this afternoon. Of course, we thought it was too cute and took a picture, but it wasn't until a bit later that I figured out why she was sleeping in this box.

Turns out it was the box with all the dog toys and she was not about to let the boys in her life have access to the toys! I'll you all the same thing I keep telling Russ and Shaker--"never underestimate the girl!"

Friday, October 10, 2008

Giant Brindle Cardigan

An the winner of the Shaker weight contest is..... Sherilyn!

Once upon a time I went to the animal shelter to find a playmate for my beloved border collie Tippy. The kind and generous shelter workers said they had just the dog for me and lead me to a 2 yr old 40lb border collie mix named Sara. I played with her for a while and then introduced her to Tippy. All went well and I said "great I would love to add this dog to my forever family."

Well, 6 months later she was 90lbs and twice as tall. My full grown border collie mix was a puppy! The joke went that only I could go to the shelter and bring home Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Fast forward 14 yrs, and let me tell you about a trip to Camp Cindy. It was a gorgeous day when we went to pick up the cutest bundle of brindle fur you ever wanted to see (except of course for Russ). Yes indeed my Shaker baby is delightful, full of fun, quick to learn and generally a bundle of love.

And he is a giant puppy! Yes, at 4 months of age he checks in at 22.12lbs. He out weighs Music already and is quickly gaining on Russell. So folks I have done it again...gone and brought home Clifford. (But seriously isn't he a doll!)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shaker Weight Contest

My vet will be here later this afternoon to give Shaker the last of his puppy shots. So of course, we will be getting a weight on the giant Corgi, and I thought it might be fun to have a guessing game. His weight 2 weeks ago was 18.3lbs. He is lying in front of two cupboards that are 16" across a piece. That's a pretty good indicator of just how BIG this cute Cardi is. (I know I am biased but isn't he the cutest thing you have ever seen?)
So let' have it. What's your best guess?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trying to Run a Dust Mop

Okay we have all hard wood floors on the main living area of the new house. Guess who doesn't like dust mops? Oh my this is going to be quite an adjustment for the whole crew.

New Shower

We are all moved in to the new house, but certainly not settled. One of the really great features of the master suite is the shower. It's huge, but one might argue a little too big. You see, my two Cardi clowns (aka Russ and Shaker) have decided that shower time is frap time.