Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekend Fun

Hi it's me Russ.

Mom is busy doing what Mom does--running the vacuum cleaner and mopping--so she doesn't have time to post.  (BTW--I don't get why she is so attached to that stupid vacuum cleaner.)

Anyway, Friday evening came and bus loads of Cardis came to my house.  It was just great.  We all ran around the house and played and played.  Mom said it looked like a sea of Cardis.  Weeeee Haaa it was great!

Saturday we went to a show, but lots of people have posted about that so I'll stick to the evening. We all came home and it was sleeting, so the humans decided to let us all play in the back yard. It was great.  I picked up a hoof and lead a great came of "catch me if you can!"  I lead the puppies all through the mud and water.  (Of course I didn't get dirty or wet)  Ella got voted the dirtiest puppy and she (and Krissy) got baths.  Weeeeee Haaaa it was great!

Then the humans had dinner while we Cardis played and played and played.  I was so tired I forgot to go to bed and slept in my crate.  I NEVER sleep in a crate, but I did Saturday night.

Weeeeee Haaaaaa it was great!

Russ out!

P.S. Mom wants to know who left the apples hanging on the coat rack?  She says thanks!

P.S.S Mom was so busy laughing this weekend she forgot to take pictures.  Yesh can you believe it so I posted a picture she took of us in the back yard.  Just imagine it with about 15 more Cardis and you'll get the drift.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shaker Water Baby

Shaker loves water.  He found the water feature--complete with leave and not officially filled with water yet--and convinced Ella to join him.

Fence Fun!!!

Oh my goodness, I couldn't be happier.  Outdoor Concepts built me the most amazing fence.  These guys were awesome, and the dogs love their fence.   

Here's a couple of pictures...Shaker went into the  water feature, turns out Music leads the frap party, Ella can move, and Ruff Ruff...well Ruff Ruff is Ruff Ruff...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The View From Above

The first section is almost done...  10ft sections (one section is hiding) and the gate will be 7' at the bottom.  

I am dreaming of tired exhausted Cardigans...

Look What's Going In Today

Yeah it's my fence!  Just in time for the crowd and dogs to arrive on Friday.  Here's the start...I'll post more as the day progresses.  Whooooooo Hoooooo  my dogs can romp and play with abandon.

P.S. When all is said and done it will have woven wire on the inside so little (and big) Cardi heads and butts can't run out!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rosario Strikes

This should fall under the category of "you haven't lived until"...

I wasn't even going to tell this story but now a few days post it seems like such a classic.

I had a handy man here doing odds and ends. Great handy man who is a dog person to boot--he has 5 of his own.  So he and his assistant are in and out of the house several times for tools, supplies and the like.  Meanwhile I am busy with laundry and mopping.  

After about an hour I realize that the dogs have been awfully quiet. so I decide to see what the little darlings are up too.  I came through the foyer only to discover my undergarments laying on the entrance rug.  No dogs present just the calling card.  Now mind you the guys had to step over them several times, so as I am thinking about this my blood starts to boil.  And I knew exactly who had done it.

I bellow--ROSARIO!  He comes around the corner and gives me his very best--"What? Me? Never!" look.  Of course at this point I couldn't help but laugh at the little bugger!

Yep you haven't lived until...

Russ Here

Russ here.  

Mom doesn't feel well so we are all hanging out with her on the bed.  She doesn't even feel well enough to take our picture, so we dug out an old one of us on the bed.  It's before Ella, but picture her right smack dab next to Mom.  Today she has been sleeping with her head on Mom's neck.  I told Ella that she wasn't top dog and it was my job to take care of Mom, but she won't listen.  And if I make her move she whines and barks.  I don't want her to bark because it wakes Mom up.

Russ out.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ella's Bowl


Ella finished her lunch and proceeded to pick the bowl up and prance off with it.  The darn bowl is half her size so it was quite a sight to see her waltzing across the kitchen with it.  Shaker does this all the time but not in the away direction.  He is bringing his bowl to me because he is sure that I am starving him to death.  

She took it to her bed and proceeded to bounce it around, chew it some, and bounce it some more.  We let it go on for awhile but it was quite a noisy game so Shaker took it away from her. Good boy Shaker.

Well on a happy note, guess we won't have any trouble getting her to pick up metal dumb bells.

Help Help I Can't Get Down

Now Miss Ella may look all sweet and innocent but she is a corker who is usually at the center of any mayhem.  'Da Boys and Music try to keep her out of trouble but well it's not that easy.  

This morning Music stopped her from chewing the cupboards and 'Da Boys stopped her from ripping up more magazines.  But when she went up the stairs they collectively drew the line.  Nope not a one was willing to step foot on the stairs to get her down.  

So here's the scene--3 Cardis at the bottom of the stairs and one whining puppy 3/4 up the stairs.  Yep she got her little self up but couldn't figure out how to get down.  Silly puppy!

Now on a side note--you know what happens when you get smug about training a dog?  A puppy enters the house who couldn't care less about your silly rules.  The first Cardis 3 wouldn't touch a step to save themselves, but Miss Ella she thinks that is the silliest rule know to dogs.  So I am going to have to up my game to keep her off the stairs!  Yesh!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Virginia or Bust

Hi it's me Ella.

I met this new friend named Amy and she lives in D.C. She is fun and likes to pet me.  I bet I could get her to feed my some really great cookies.  I heard that someplace in Virginia is near D.C. so I stole a map and started studying it.  I think I found her.  I ripped the important section--Arlington and Alexandria--out.  Now do you think my Mom would take me there?

Time to play,

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's My Toy

Hi it's me Shaker Baby.

I got a new toy from the nice trainer at PetsMart last night when I finished my puppy class.  I worked hard for that toy and I am not going to share it with anybody.  Not Ella. Not Russ. Not Music.

It's my sheep and I'll pelt it. Thank you very much.


We Did It

It could be said that the 3rd times the charm. Shaker passed his final exam from puppy class last night without reacting.  Whoooooo Hooooooo!!!!!!

The only thing I worried about was the "find fronts."  Not because I didn't think he could do them, because he has rocket recall and gorgeous fronts, but because the baby Golden Retriever was being handled by a child last night.  Now it wouldn't be a problem (the kid thing) but she had never been around Shaker and she kept letting the lead out for the Golden to "play" with Shaker.  Trust me having a baby Golden Retriever jump in Shaker's face is not Shaker's idea of playtime.  

Gratefully the instructor asked if I wanted to do the recall to front outside of the ring. Ordinarily, this would be riskier than in the ring, but not last night.  Shaker did a beautiful down stay, and recall to front in 3 times!  Good Boy Shaker Baby!

Then it was time for our trick.  The trick we worked on was, "How do you meet people?" and then he offers his left paw.  (Yeah I tried to get him to offer his right paw but decided to leave that for another day.) He did it beautifully.  Oh what a good boy.

Then to ice the cake it was time for pictures.  Shaker allowed the mortar board and gave me a beautiful watch for pretty pictures.  Then it was time for the Golden.  What a hoot!  The Golden was not having the whole hat thing much less stay or watch.  This comedy show went on for about 5 mins., and my Shaker Baby just laid at my feet watching.  I was so proud of him I about burst!  Good Boy Shaker Baby!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I didn't do it

Hi it's me Ella.

I didn't chew the vacuum cleaner hose or tear up that magazine Mom was reading. Nope I didn't do it. I think it was Shaker. Yep it was Shaker for sure.

See ya,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's me Ella

Hi it's me Ella,

You know what my big brother Shaker did? He peed on my nose. Yes he did. He peed on my nose.

Mom just told me I had to tell the rest of the story. Well I kind of, sort of, put my nose under him when he was busy. But he still peed on my nose.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.

See ya,

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh She's Quite The Puppy

First I think this picture sums up Miss Ella quite well--sassy and opinionated. She is giving me a run for my money!

Saturday after the fun match--which is a whole other story that involved me walking backwards but gratefully not falling--Aunt Cindy taped Miss Ella's ears. I got a call at the show that Miss Ella had tried to get the tape off by using the lounge chair's reclining lever and got glued to the chair. Shaker Baby went to get Kathy to remove the puppy from this delicate position. Good Boy Shaker. The joke was it was our own version of "Timmy's in the well" only "Ella is stuck to the chair".

Today she was chewing on the entry table leg. We were smart enough to stop buying wood and went to metal. But apparently not smart enough to not get the curly cues on the legs. Yep, Ella got her nose stuck in the curly cue. I tell you what I heard her crying--which she never does--and ran as fast as my legs could take me to find her nose stuck in my table leg. Holy crap Bat Man now how am I going to get her out of this predicament with her nose in tact--butter, oil....think quick girl. Nope all it took was a little push from the other side.

Maybe she won't try to chew my table legs anymore and she definitely hasn't tried to get her tape off either.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ruff Ruff


All cleaned up and ready to go to work tomorrow. Everyday I look at him and I am so grateful that Cindy trusted him with me. My little shy pet puppy who has become my beautiful seriously intense heart dog. Goodness I know it wouldn't be possible for me to love him more than I do.

Thanks again Cindy for a great ride!

Ella's first bath

Ella had her first bath. She did really well with the bath portion of today's events but the dryer--well not so much. I did the whole--sniff, check it out, turn it on across the room, bring it closer, but let's just say when the air made contact with her she told us all were to get off the ride!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am King Shaker

Hi it's me Shaker Baby.

I am King Shaker now. King of all dirty clothes. Ella is my humble servant. She will bring me bones and more dirty clothes to add to my empire.

See you from the mountain,


You know what my Mom said when she saw my post? She said, "ya right--dream on big boy!" Can you believe me a King of dirty clothes getting no respect!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Efficient Recall

All my dogs come when called. Yes for those of you who know Music even she comes when called now--bloody miracle if you ask me. Russ and Shaker both have rocket recalls, and even the bitty baby Ella comes when called as long as she is totally distracted by something like a hoof. But she is a baby and all good things come with time.

But sometimes I want them all to come at the same time and let's face it calling Russ, Shaker, Music, Ella is a mouthful, so I got to thinking about a recall that would bring all 4 at the same time. Turns out it isn't that hard at all.... Well watch the video!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bowling for Big Dogs

Hey it's me Ella again.

I forgot to tell you about my favorite game. I like to call it Bowling for Big Dogs. You see I am little so I can hide in all kinds of places. Then when the big dogs least expect it I pop out and run full out for them. I can take them out at the knees every time. Those big dogs sink like rocks when I play Bowling for Big Dogs!

Time to play.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm A Big Dog

Hi it is Ella. 

My mom keeps saying "Ella settle" or "Ella you're a baby--you can't do that"!  But I think I am a big dog.  My favorite friend is Shaker.  He is a good play buddy, and Mom says it's good because he is gentle.  Mom doesn't like it so much when I play with Russ because we get really really loud.  I think it is great but Mom says it hurts her ears.  Now Music is my friend when I want to take a nap other wise she is crabby when I try to play with her.  Oh well she let's me snuggle when I am tired.

Time to play.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Dog Ruff Ruff

I was pressed for time today so I decided to walk Russ in our neighborhood. Yes our neighborhood with its darn invisible fences.  I would never walk the puppy or Shaker in our "quiet little protected neighborhood," but well Russ is older and not quite as impressionable as the babies.

So we set out the front door, and immediately came upon 2 labs who, of course, charged their "fence".  Russ whined a little and I said "leave it." He marched right on by.  Good Dog!

Next house--a boxer and a lab came charging right through the fence.  I bent down and put my arm across Russ shoulder, and said mine.  The Boxer retreated, as the owner came outside.  She apologized.  My reply, "I accept your apology but it isn't the first time that it has happened. Please keep your dogs inside unless you can supervise them."  Ruff Ruff never even winced.

About 1/4 of a mile later, we reach the house with the Aussie and a Golden.  These dogs are seriously nasty dogs--barking and growling.  I said "leave it" and we marched on.  Good Dog!

As we approached the St. Bernard's I knew they would be outside, so I warned Russ to "leave it."  He turned his head and never even flinched as we walked by these barking growling dogs. Good Dog!

I am so grateful for my wonderful dog, but I am equally sure that each of these dogs could be good dogs too.  Except for the confusing signals that those *&^% invisible fences give off.  The dogs aren't sure where their space ends thus the charging of the fence only to get zapped.  The other issue is they know they can't leave the "enclosure" but anyone else can enter without reprisal.  How horribly confusing for those dogs!  I hold each of their owners responsible for creating Bad Dogs!  And don't even get me started on leaving those dogs out all day to fend for themselves.

Great Day

I loaded Ella, my own version of a drama queen, and Shaker into my new dog mobile and headed out for some socializing.  Our first stop was River Pup and Ella was wonderful. She played with Olive the Frenchie and awwwed the store owner.  I didn't take Shaker in because he isn't ready for loose dogs.

Then on to PetsMart.  Shaker went straight for the fish, as per our agreement.  We met up with an employee I hadn't seen in a long time, and she mistook my big puppy for Ruff Ruff.  I chuckled and told her it was my new puppy Shaker.  He loved him up and then we went on a walk.  He still is freaked out by new dogs, so I was careful to keep the right distance.  But as fate would have it a little poodle something came around the corner--way to close for Shaker's comfort.   We moved away and I gave him an ear and cheek rub, and he calmed almost immediately.  I the past he would have kept barking and growling.  Good dog!

Then I brought Ella in and tried the leash thing again.  Progress always must be measured in small steps.  If I had food right in front of her nose she would walk with the lead on, but oh my aching back from the bending over.  So I ended up on my knees scooting backwards with the treat in hand.  Yep it was quite a sight.  Ella also  met 2 more dogs and at least 4 more people. She loved the Havanese Poodle designer dog. (Don't get me started on designer dogs!)

I returned home with 2 tired puppies and leashed up Ruff Ruff for a good long walk at the river. We clocked 3 miles and we were both happy campers.

Oh it was a great day!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quick Study

Since we last left off with Shaker's complaining about the new puppy it seems Shaker, being the smart boy that he is, has turned things to his advantage.

So the scene goes something like this--Ella starts beating the snot out of Shaker and he has figured out that if he doesn't do anything that I will come around the corner and notice the situations. And respond with "Oh poor poor Shaker." And "Ella you are being a pest you are going in a crate." Yep you guessed it, as soon as she starts mauling him he rolls over and waits for me to put her in a crate.

But the twists continue, as you see if he wants to get her in trouble he starts a noiseless (on his part) frap session and just when he hears my feet hit the ground he bellies up. Ah but this time Mom saw his game and said "you started it." I would have to say, his look of "jinx it's the Mom" was evident!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Canine Slide

I see that Shaker Baby was doing a bit of complaining about the newest baby. Well poor thing I have to say that he has a bit of a point.

You see last night I was watching them play and Ella--well she is a quick study--has figured out that 'da boys aren't allowed to play rough with her. So she has taken to using Shaker as her own personal trampoline and slide. She jumps on him, slides across and then takes a nibble just for good effect.

Yes clearly more separated play is in their futures!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Shaker Baby

Hi it's me Shaker Baby. And I have a bone to pick with my family and Aunt Cindy.

Why wasn't I asked before this puppy came to my house. I am the baby not that thing. She steals my food and toys. She jumps on me when I am sleeping. She bites my ears and tail.
I had a hoof this morning and she tried to take it, so I gave her a little "back off--puppy" growl. You know what Mom did--she took my hoof away and said I could only have them when I am in a crate. Yesh! No FAIR!

I try to teach her some manners, Mom says, "Be gentle--she's a baby." She beat the snot out of me earlier this evening, and it wasn't until I ran away from her and took out the camera that Mom finally stuffed her in a crate. And do you know what Mom said when she put her in the crate? She said, "Ella you need a rest." Ella needs a rest? I need a vacation!

I'm the baby. I'm the baby. Dog gone it--I'm the baby!