Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great News!

Hello Mother, Hello Father!

We are having the best time at camp. Today was the absolute best. You see a very kind coyote left behind some squirrel parts. The Riverbend Cardis were very stupid and dropped them when the head counselor yelled "drop it!" We Winjammin Corgis are much smarter.

The head counselor did spoil a bit of the fun though when she pried our mouths open and stole the legs. Then she threw them over the fence where we couldn't get them, but Dreamy has a plan to pull the safety fencing off. We sure hope the head counselor can't find the staple gun to firmly reattach the fence. It is great fun to watch her hammer staples into the fence posts. We especially think it is funny when she misses and hits her hand.

Well we will write more later but we really must get back outside and roll in the smelly stuff left behind. Boy we sure hope she doesn't find a shovel and finish burying it!

Love and hugs,

Dreamy and Duchess

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shaker and Dreamy

Hello Mother, Hello Father,

It is I Dreamy or as they call me here at Camp--Stubborn Dreamers. (I am not sure why they call me that I just have things my own things to do!)

I have a new friend. His name is Shaker, Shaker Baby or Shaker Baker....I am not sure which one is his real name because he answers to all of them. Any way, he is a lot of fun. We run around the yard and sleep on the Head Counselors bed.

She is pretty cool about the bed thing unless we get on it with muddy paws. Yesterday she had to was all the covers because I pushed open the swinging door for us before we had our feet cleaned. Then Shaker and I rolled and danced on the bed. Weee Haaaa it was great fun!

Love Always,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

From Music


It is I Music, and I wish to enter a formal complaint. My Mom Kathy is away on business. So last night at bedtime, when Mom Kim put the Double D's to bed, they kicked up a fuss about being alone in the other bedroom. So my bleeding heart Mom Kim said, "oh poor things", and she let them in our bedroom.

Well if that wasn't bad enough, they then got into bed with us and that tailless thing took my pillow! Are you kidding me? There I was without a pillow, does she not know who I am? So Mom dug out another one from the closet. But it wasn't the same, I have worked hard to get my pillow just right. YESH!!!

They had better go back to their own room tonight or else!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pay Back

In the name of not taking myself too seriously, I will recount today's caper!

Shaker has been having some integration issues with the camp residents so we are taking it slow. So instead of all the Riverbend Cardigans having free reign of the house, we have been rotating who is out in the "front house" vs. out in the "back house & deck." (Don't worry, everyone has plenty of space, the deck alone is 100ft long and 10' wide!). Okay moving forward...

Shaker and his evil pals (Music and Rainbow) were in the back house when the Ag pick up guy arrived to get our tractor for spring service. The very nice fellow and I were taking the cab portion off the tractor when Shaker burst through the garage deck door. I turned and saw a very happy Cardigan holding a mouthful of ill gotten gain. Turns out it was 3 pair of panties and a bra!

He was very pleased with himself and I only wished that the garage floor would open up so I could fall through. The poor fellow from the Ag dealer ship is trying not to laugh, when I stepped outside of myself to see the absurdity of the situation. It was at this moment I just burst out laughing. Of course, Shaker then dropped his bounty and ran toward me!

I still swear that dog had a look of "stick me in the back...I'll show you!"