Friday, March 26, 2010

Dreamy's Job

Hello Mother, Hello Father...Today was the best day yet!

The Camp Counselor said, "We have been couped up in this house too long. We need to spend a day outside!" She built a big hot fire in the pit, so she would stay warm and let us play outside ALL DAY!

We ran our courses, played hide 'n seek, chased Rainbow (she likes it really), gathered sticks, fetched, tossed a football and Frisbee. It was just great.

We are all very tired and need to sleep, but we wanted to report that Dreamy found her job. She is the cold water rinse girl.

Love always,
Dreamy and Duchess

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Duchess' Job

Hello Mother Hello is I Duchess.

The head counselor said no more free loading, we had to find jobs. Well I noticed that the 20something who resides in the basement doesn't always answer the head counselor when she calls for him. So I have made it my job to get his attention. So far I am having mixed results, but I am working on it. Now I told Dreamy to step on it and find a job other than the one she thinks is her job--making the counselors go "awwww, isn't she cute when she wants her belly rubbed?" Yesh that is not a real job!

Love always,


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Camp Day 3

Hello Mother, Hello Father....Today was great!

We started the morning with a good run on the obstacle course. We are both much faster and have figured out the turns.

After breakfast things got a little weird. The head counselor said we were going to be broken into teams--Giraffes and Zebras. We were on the Zebra team and we got to go back outside again for another 30 mins, and the Giraffes (aka 'da boys) had to wait until later. (But I think in the end 'da boys got more time outside, tomorrow we are going to watch the clock!)

When we came back in the head counselor said we had to entertain ourselves while she and a co-counselor named Lisa cleaned the house. She said there were only a few rules--no blood and no eating electronics. Dumb rules who wants to have blood and eat electronics, but okay we were game. First we tried to get Ella to throw the ball for fetch but she wouldn't do it. Then Rainbow hogged all the toys and Dreamy got mad at her. Turns out it isn't a good idea to get mad at Rainbow because Music gets super weird about it. The head counselor said that Rainbow was her only child, but seriously what does that matter.

We all went out to play again and it was really warm and fun. Ella got so dirty that the head counselor said that she was too dirty for a picture. Hahahahahaha Ella didn't get her picture taken today.

After our 3rd play period, we learned about sun bathing in the living room. It was great, until the Giraffes (plus Ella, Rainbow and Music) got into a big fight outside. The head counselor threw a pink bucket off the deck at them. Co-counselor Lisa was on the scene and used it to break up the fight. Boy were we glad to be in the sun room!

We slept until dinner, we were so exhausted. We figured out how to be allowed loose in the bedroom. Every time we are told to kennel up, Dreamy rolls over and asks for belly rubs. The stupid counselors think it is really cute and they say, okay Corgi kids you don't have to go in the crates, but we aren't allowed to pee on the floor. Simple enough!

Well goodnight. We hope tomorrow is a much fun!

Love always, Dreamy and Duchess

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Camp Day 2

Hello Mother, Hello Father...It is day 2 of our camp experience.

It rained. It was muddy. We only got to play outside for 30 mins. It sucked.

Then the head counselor only took a picture of Ella. That really sucked.

There better be good eats tonight.

Love always, Dreamy and Duchess

Monday, March 15, 2010


Hello mother.Hello Father. Here we are at Camp River Bend.

Our first day was Olympics Day.

Dreamy won the prize for mud diving. Boy is she dirty. (We aren't quite sure why they put a white fence around the mud hole because it would me much easier to get to without the fence. Duchess has to fold it down so it would be easier to get the the mud. )

Duchess worked out on the balance beam.

We ran track and obstacle courses. Weee haaaaa that was good fun. We especially enjoyed the water obstacle course. Did we mention that Dreamy is really dirty?

Music won the shot put retrieval game, but Duchess won the discus retrieval.

They feed the same slop you do. I thought you said Camp would have good eats. Oops I forgot they tried to poison us with green beans. We ate them but only so the Head Cook wouldn't feel bad.

Oh Dreamy made friends with Music and Ella. Duchess made friends with the Head Counselor.

We are tired so good night. We'll write more later.

Love always, Duchess and Dreamy

Monday, March 8, 2010

So What I Answered It

Hey folks, it is me Rambo.

Mom is making a big ole fuss about this cell phone thing. What's the big deal? It rang. I answered it. I guess I am like my Dad...I don't get it.

Peace out,


Friday, March 5, 2010

Rainbow and Daddy Share A Bone

Russ picked up his favorite bone to have a good chew when Rainbow decided that her Daddy's bone looked pretty good. Well once again Russ proved what a tolerant Daddy he is and not only shared the bone but ultimately gave it to her.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rambo and the Dog Door

Rainbow took a long time to warm up to the dog door. Until about a month ago she would stand next to it and wait for her human companion to open it for her. But once she decided that her little self could do it--stand back!

For a couple weeks she was satisfied to be the first one through as the Cardi troupe made their way to the great outside. But now she bulls her way through and spins around so she is directly facing the swinging door. As soon as one of the other dogs pushes at it, she snipes at their noses. Now none of my Cardis are much for that behavior so they retreat and whine.

Picture it, 17 lb Rambo is keeping Shaker (41lbs), Ruff Ruff (36lbs), Music (25lbs), and Ella (25lbs) completely trapped inside the house by sniping and head butting them if they try to make their way outside.

Now I am trying to convince them that if they just ignore her she will grow bored of the game, but oh no this cast of clowns engage her every time. Sigh!