Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shaker Goes Swimming

Sorry folks, it has been crazy busy. I promise to be a better poster!

We were out in the RV at a 4 day show having a blast. While traveling in the RV we have a non-spill able water bowl for the dogs. It looks a bit like a donut and the water goes where the donut hole would ordinarily be.

The first day out, Shaker stands all 4 paws on the outer edge of it and slips into the bowl. He literally looked like a hog tied butterball with all 4 paws in this little portion of the dish. So Cindy says, "oh my, I'll bring a feed bowl tomorrow so he has something big enough to fit into!"

Well our little Shaker had the time of his life, and I told him he won a one way ticket to the bathtub. But I am very happy to report that we are home again with 3 very happy dogs--Russ (aka Rosario), Music (aka Couch Potato) and Shaker (aka Butterball).

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Acorn Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

It's official the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. Check out Grandpa Fred and his two grandsons Russ and Shaker.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

News from the Nuthouse

Dear Mom,

Fred here. You sent us to camp at the Gibson Ranch and they initially seemed like reasonable people. We took walks, played in the yard and helped Grandson Russ play a goofy game called "football." They fed us some pretty good grub, and they have cats. I really dig the cats and have really been working my Grandson on some herding moves. It's way more fun to herd cats when their are two or even 3 of us--sometimes I can get Moose to help.

But recently, these seemingly normal people have gone loony. Let me emphasis this Mom--they have gone absolutely around the bend. They did something called putting an offer on a house and somebody somewhere accepted it and that's when the crazy behavior started. They started packing and putting their things in a truck and took it to someplace they call storage. I tell you what Mom it is the weirdest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Then they moved us all from the perfectly lovely river cottage back to someplace they call Bettendorf. The house is a lot bigger and they tell me there is a creek near by, but how would we ever know because we get short walks and then back in the house to entertain ourselves. Hey speaking of entertaining ourselves didn't I hear you say there were suppossed to be planned activities at this camp? If so, please make sure you get a refund because they have failed to provide any activities except last night when they quit early to play with us. Anyway to our credit, we are pretty good at creating games to pass the time. Here's just a few...

Moose plays climb the boxes. Russ' mom caught him and laughed herself senseless. Russ and Shaker enjoy chewing on opposite ends of a bone, and chasing each other around the dining room table. Oh that's another one that makes these weird folks laugh. Me, my game of choice involves the cats. I had one pinned in a closet and used Russ for back up today. He is pretty good at this stuff if I can just keep him focused. And if I don't pick the cats up in my mouth, the head counselor at the Gibson Ranch, Kim doesn't get too upset. In fact she laughs at what she says is my cat obsession. Mom what is an obsession?

Well I am keeping my eyes and ears peeled for any other unusual behavior and will write more if I see anything. I have posted a couple of pictures to show you what is happening around is of Russ and Shaker frapping, one of Shaker mopping for football--he is as crazy for the game as Russ, and a couple of me--one watching the nut house and the other waiting in the computer que.
Love ya Mom please write with advice soon,

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Tradition Continues

Okay we are crazy busy getting two houses ready to go on the market. Oh I should mention that we have an accepted offer on a 5 bedroom 5 bath home on 3.5 acres of land. We couldn't be happier for ourselves and the dogs, but the work between now and move in is nuts. So the poor dogs are getting crated during most of the day and they are none to happy about it. They do not think much of quick walks and night time snuggles only.

So tonight we quit working at 6:00 in order to have some daylight for quality outside play. We all played a rousing game of football and I am happy to report that Shaker sticks with the pack. Again I couldn't be happier.

After playtime we came in for a nice dinner, and then clean up. Well turns out Shaker baby loves the dishwasher as much as Russ does. Russ let Shaker have all the good stuff! I told him he was a good big brother. I was totally shocked that Grandpa Fred was not in the dishwasher mix. I guess someone forgot to send him the memo.
As I reviewed the picture, I should also mention that a huge Cardi frap occurred just after dinner and Shaker got totally slimed!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hey for those of you interested in how my sweet little Music is doing at Camp Cindy you just have to check out this post. Turns out it isn't just the Gibson's that can turn a dog into a prima donna...

Cute Alert

Shaker is a riot! He is very willing to try just about anything once and twice if he thought it was a blast. His latest thing is to crawl through the railing that divides our family room from the kitchen and climb on to Russ' crate. It is beyond funny when he does it and Russ is crated. The last time it happened, as soon as Russ got out of his crate he literally rolled Shaker. Russ got his nose under Shaker's belly and flipped him and the darn puppy tumbled at least 3 times. It looked like Russ was using him for a bowling ball.

Shaker has figured out that if it gets a laugh once it is definitely worth doing twice, so believe you me we are careful about what we laugh at, but this crate thing is just too cute and funny.

Well it won't be long before Shaker aka Butterball and Houdini won't fit through the rungs, so for now we yuck it up every time he does it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mom's on my list

I am so mad at Mom, I decided to call my attorney again. She left Moose, Shaker and I crated for almost the whole day. She let Grandpa Fred roam free because he is a kiss up and doesn't do anything naughty.

Mom was working outside in the garage all day packing and moving stuff to storage because we are hopefully buying a new house on 3.5 acres. But when Moose took a dump in the dining room and Shaker pulled all of Grandma Rose's sewing on to the floor, she said "that's it I am too busy for this and you're all going into crates."
It really fries my paws because I didn't do anything--nothing--nada and she stuffed me in a stupid crate. She said it was preventative medicine. I think it is bunk! Just wait she'll get hers when she least expects it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Michael Phelps Mania

So here we are trying to watch Michael Phelps win his 8th gold medal. We haven't been this excited about the Olympic swimming since Mark Spitz. I guess I just dated myself but anyway we are super excited to watch history in the making when Moose jumps up to watch the Olympics.

So we yell "down in front" and he completely ignores us, so my neighbor moves in for the "counseling session." It went something like, "now Moose we all are excited and want to watch not just you." He finally acquiesces and plunks down to watch Michael make history.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hi I'm Shaker

Hi I'm the new puppy Shaker. Mom says my name should be Houdini, but seriously she doesn't get it. I figured out really fast that Russ is the pretty boy and I am the super smart one. Yeah yeah Mom says that Russ is really smart too and has amazing herding instinct, but just hear about what I can do.

We went to someplace called a show site today--whatever. Anyway it was really fun being there but Mom said I had to ride in something called a crate. She made some ridiculous noise about me not being reliable. I don't like the crate and I wanted to ride where the action was happening. So all the way up to the show I studied the crate situation and determined that I could put my paw between the zippers and open up the crate.

On the way home, that's exactly what I did I opened the zipper. Then I jumped out of the crate and went to see Mom. She said I was a clever puppy but, dang it all anyway, she put me back in the crate and zipped it up so I couldn't reach the zippers. Well I only had one choice left.

I had to chew my way out of the crate. I did not set out to destroy the crate but really now she left me no choice at all. I pulled the seam apart between the zipper and the canvas then I jumped down and joined my Mom.

Mom said, "oh you are a clever puppy," but she didn't have any wire crates in the RV so I got to ride loose. That's one for me and none for Mom.

I am a clever puppy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cardis and Cats

Whew has it been a busy couple of days but I think we have finally landed. The dogs are healthy again and Russ is eating a little bit. I knew we were in the clear when the dogs started stalking the cats again.

Moose camps out in the kitchen waiting for a cat to come over the gate, and the chase is on. Yesterday I let the dogs lap the cat twice around the house and then stepped into the oncoming freight train of dogs. Moose was in the lead and the second he sees me he slams on the brakes but not soon enough. I got slammed into and it felt like a bowling ball hitting my shins. I laughed so hard my ribs hurt!

The picture was taken a few days ago when the 3 Cardis had Stinky in their sights. I wish I could get that kind of attention in the obedience ring!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tug of War

Russ and Shaker love to play tug of war with well just about anything but on this occasion it was a big ball make of fleece. Russ has learned that he has to let Shaker win at least half the time or Shaker says, "this is not fun--I'm out of here." Then Russ has to be all engaging to get Shaker to come back out and play.

Oh My Is All I Can Say

Let's just say if it weren't for Pepto and the neighbor 20 something, I may not have made it through the day with my sanity. But I should start from the beginning...

6:30 am, we awoke to Shaker who had messed his crate and rolled in it. So Kathy bathed the puppy while I cleaned the crate and started a load of laundry. Repeat this at 8:30 am only this time I bathed the puppy while my neighbor cleaned the crate and started laundry. We spent the next couple of hours running him outside. I called our vet thinking he was having a reaction to the deworming medicine he received yesterday.

Then Moose, Fred and Russ started the same stuff. Oh my goodness, my neighbor and I were running in and out with dogs like crazy women. Of course, we didn't make it out with them all the time so the Spot Bot was getting a work out. So much of a work out that the motor burned out. I called the vet again to say it wasn't the deworming meds.

So in the middle of all this chaos, I had to go to Target for equipment and Pepto! I return from the store and my poor neighbor is looking a little wiped out herself. She had run herself ragged grabbing dogs and running outside. And while I was gone, 2 more spots arrived. The neighbor said she had no idea which one it was but described the event as a sniper attack. One minute nothing and the next second a pile of doo!

Okay armed with Pepto and instructions about how much for who from our vet, we administer the yucky pink stuff to Moose, Fred and Shaker. Now in the middle of all of this we tried to give Russ some too, but he decided that he would rather take my face off than have pink goo run down his throat. Now mind you, I am not a newbie in the medicine giving arena. We had a cat once that could have doubled as an a lioness with cubs when it came time to give him a pill. The vet techs where we boarded him would draw straws to see who the unlucky soul who pulled Hawkeye duty. Okay I digress but you get the picture. I tried every trick in the book including brute force to get the stuff in him and it was not going to happen. Fantastic!

Once medicated and the running of the Spot Bot was over everyone settled down for a long afternoon nap. And so far--knock on wood--we have had no more events!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Great Escape

It was a lovely cool late afternoon, so my mother-in-law helped my son open the windows and turn off the air. So I walk into the house and notice Russ, Moose and Fred all hanging out by the bay window.

Now I thought it was a bit odd, but well they are Cardigans. All of a sudden I see Moose take a flying leap out of the window, followed immediately by Russ and Fred. Honestly, I couldn't believe my eyes--3 leaping Cardigans. These 3 clowns not only leap out the window but over the shrubs to their landing spot on the front lawn. I think holy crap they went right through the screen, and they have to be injured. Its about a 3-4 foot drop!

I marched outside and these characters are standing there looking at me like "what?" Obviously they are fine so I did my happy puppy dance and they all 3 came gleefully back and I lead the parade back in the house. That's when I notice that my mother-in-law had opened the bottom half of the window that isn't screened.

We finished the evening with a lesson on how to open the bay side windows to the screen, and Moose is grounded!

I'm calling my attorney

Russ here.

Sorry about this post being so late, but Mom stepped on her computer last night and broke the screen. I am typing from a brand new one--third computer since I arrived last September. When I was a youngster I liked to eat keyboards. But not why I write...

Mom brought home a new puppy Shaker. Cute little guy and I like him a lot. I like teaching him how to play with my toys. And they are my toys I only share with Shaker when I am in the right mood!

But he has this really annoying habit of getting up super duper early in the morning and waking every body up. I mean really there I am trying to catch some beauty sleep and he is bark bark bark time to get up happy. This morning I just looked at him like "you have to be kidding me." I am so going to have my attorney draw up a contract about sleep hours! It darn well will have some whereas and wherefores that Mr. Shaker is going to have to learn to abide by.

Russ out

Monday, August 11, 2008

Grandpa Fred

Poor Grandpa Fred now is here at the Gibson Ranch with two, yes count them two, of his grandsons. He wouldn't want anyone to know but I came around the corner and found him on the couch with Shaker. (I am not sure how Shaker got on the couch because no one is talking.)

But as much as he pretends to be grumpy with the kids, I found him pretty relaxed this afternoon.

As the Day Progresses

All the kids--human and Cardi--are sleeping so I thought I would take a minute to bring you all up to speed on the day between 7:15 and now...

Trust me there has been no nap for these middle aged bones, but in its place a great deal of activity. First I had the Russ, Moose and Shaker show. Shaker found a little brown stuffed dog toy just the perfect size for him, but Russ and Moose had other ideas. First Moose had it, then Russ got it from him meanwhile poor little Shaker is trying to catch up. Shaker eventually retreated to his "safe haven" under the futon.

Of course, the whole time I am engaged in a non stop verbal montage of "Baby pet the puppy nicely", "no baby, don't pull his ears", and of course "here sweety let me show you how to pet the puppy."

Shaker is like clock work with his every two hour potty break. So the way I figured that I had about 30 minutes before he needed to go out again, and the baby was sleeping so it was the perfect time to take the 3 boys outside. All goes well, until I went through the kitchen with a load of laundry and step bare footed in a pile of doggy doo! Sigh. Of course it couldn't just be on the tile, but also on the towel we keep under the water bowl. Sigh.

Russ and Shaker are forming a good bond and I hear them playing in the living room while I am cleaning up the doo. Upon closer inspection they are playing tug of war with my son's phone charger. I didn't have time to take a picture of it but caught one later of them playing tug with a lead.

It is about this time that Moose takes refuge in a crate and Fred squirrels himself under a table out of the line of fire.

Then I see Shaker pulling with all of his might on one of the buckles of a boat coat (aka life jacket). Now you might ask, "why would this be a problem?" Well I have about a dozen neoprene ski vests stacked on a rocking chair. Just as I am running for the dog or jackets the whole pile comes down on him. I am sure he is crushed, so am unearthing him as fast as I can when he comes wiggling out of the pile. He's fine but I might not be right for a while!

The First Night

We take the whole gang out at 11pm, hoping that we can make it to 5am with maybe one up in the middle of the night. Who was I kidding?

Shaker slept for a couple of hours, and asked to go out at about 1:30am, then again at 3:45, 5:11, and 6:30. The 5:11 am wake up call occurred when he launched himself off the bed. I awoke to a thud and pitter patter of puppy feet heading toward the kitchen. Oh my! The 6:30 wake up call occurred from the confines of his crate at the foot of the bed!

At this point I am so tired I can hardly hold my head off the pillow. I stashed Shaker back in his crate, and crawled back into bed begging for just a little sleep.

At 7:15, I sense impending doom and open my eyes to see Moose launching himself onto the bed except the crate is squarely in the middle of his path. Sure enough Moose lands on the crate, skids and at the last second does a direction correction so he doesn't skid off the edge and lands on the bed. Imagine that the puppy was awake again. No need to suppress the laugh now.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baby Shaker Meet the Fountain

So today is bring puppy home day. While we are standing around chatting, Cindy mentions that Shaker likes to sleep with his head on water bowl. I comment that this should be interesting because we have a fountain. I don't think another thing about it until...

I notice that the Shaker baby and Russ have wondered into the kitchen. I followed but not closely enough. He stuck his head under the fountain and got soaked!

Friday, August 8, 2008

More Tales From Camp

Russ and Moose are having the best time. They frap with Grandpa Fred's permission,of course, like wild dogs. They rage and tear through the house with abandon. They move so fast that I have not been able to get good pictures, but the shot above is what happens immediately following a frap session! Tongues hanging to their knees is pretty common around here. Can't wait until we add the new puppy on Sunday. The best I can hope for is controlled chaos!

Therapy Dog Earn Strips

It's just way too funny, every time my son walks into the house Grandpa Fred barks at him. Nick has this routine with Fred--he walks in, Fred barks, and he tells him he can't hear him, and live goes on. So they have this understanding, and it is as predictable as time moving on.

Now Moose on the other hand, just loves Nick. There routine is Nick lies on the floor and Moose loves him up. It is just way too cute. In fact, Russ is a bit jealous that Moose is taking over his best boy. This could get interesting!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dog Finally Eats!

Background: Russ has essentially been on a hunger strike since Music went into season. I have tried Satin Balls, Natural Balance, scrambled eggs with cream, high quality canned dog food, broth...well you get the picture.

So today out of desperation, I gave him some canned cat food with a little bit of Satin Ball mixed in and he ate it! Yeah I did a happy dance. So tonight we tried again and all he would eat was cat food. Okay, Cindy said just feed him anything he will eat.

Taking her words to heart, we grilled New York Strips and T-Bones for dinner. We had a ton of left over meat that would ordinarily show up tomorrow at breakfast, but tonight we decided to share with Russ. Turns out he likes Angus beef strip steaks and T-bones.

Well that is all in keeping with Kathy's theory that we can turn any animal into a prima donna in 4 easy lessons. (At least he is finally eating...)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Corgi Frap Interrupted

Russ and Moose are having a grand frap in the living room. They are romping, chewing on each other, the spit is flying and a general good time is had by all. One of Russ' favorite things to do during a frap is to take off and do Cardi laps. He runs as fast as he can up, over, around and through anything and everything in sight. Moose thinks this looks like great fun and follows after Russ. Except Moose is well he's a moose, so stuff starts flying--baby toys up ended, and the fan is air borne. So I am watching this trying to decide whether to laugh or bellow STOP, when Fred comes charging into the living room.

He lets out one long low growl and both Moose and Russ stop playing and roll over. Fred grumbles something else and they both lie down and go to sleep. Hmmmmm, me thinks Fred is top dog.

Day 1 Walk

Way back in the day--I baby sat my minister's water something dog, so I had a few early lessons in walking 3 dogs. The primary thing I remembered was to keep them out in front. So I said to myself, "Okay I can do this".

Before we set out, I did some sits and downs. Okay I have a modicum of control. Then the next question is how many bags does on take for 3 adult males? Hmmm--I take 5 for Music and Russ so 7 no maybe a few extras--9 bags. Yes 9 bags it is. We embark.

We aren't 25ft down the road, when Fred spots my neighbor. Now with Grandpa Fred and grandson Russ let's say the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. Fred like Russ has decided I need to be protected from all evil--real and imagined. So Fred starts barking at my neighbor, Russ looks at him like "I don't get it", but if Grandpa says he's evil he must be. Now I have two Cardis barking at the neighbor. (Mind you this all happens in just a split second.) I assure everyone that the neighbor is friend.

Then my neighbor wants to pet the dogs. Remember my rule of keep them out in front, well before I knew it they were behind me and all 3 come between my legs with Russ in the lead. (Dang that obedience instructor for insisting that I teach him to run between my legs) Then they split and run back behind me again. It is an absolute wonder that I didn't end up face planted on the pavement. I untangle myself, keeping a tight hold on Fred because he has officially spotted the river and we set out again. (Ooops need bag 1)

About another 100 ft down the road, we encounter a jogger. Oh goody, Russ and joggers. Russ sits on command, as do the other 2, and the jogger thinks they are so cute. Yep you guessed it she wants to pet them. Okay this time I am smarter and keep them out front. (Ooops need bag 2)

We walk a bit further, everything is going great and I spot the neighborhood domestic white geese. Fantastic--couldn't they be swimming just once when we walk by. Three herding dogs and 5 white geese. I tell them to leave it, and we pass, except Fred makes a break for it. Ha I told him--I have been handling your grandson and I know your wicked ways. (Oops need bag 3, 4, 5)

We forge on Moose found a dead fish to roll in. He smells wonderful right now (Ooops need bags 6 & 7) Then Fred finds a mud puddle--he looks great with muddy feet. (need bag 8 and I am beginning to wonder if I have enough)

We stop for a water break under a big shade tree, and start home. We avoid the fish and the mud puddle, but the demented Min Pin out. The dog is barking like a hyena and Moose decides--Game On! I bark--Moose Down. He drops like a bag of feed. (Thank you Cindy for working him!) Of course though Moose just has to lay a pile in the dog's yard--that's bag 9.

The geese were in Mississippi when we walked by again, so the boys finished up the P-mail and I thought I was going to make it home without needing another bag when Russ stops. Tomorrow I am taking 12 bags, 2 water bottles, 1 dish, some snacks and a back pack!

Sorry folks no pictures--maybe when folks get home from work I can entice someone to take a picture.

5 Star Grub

After figuring out that we needed to feed all the boys last night. The one glitch in the great Corgi Swap was we forgot to talk about feeding schedules. Anyway, Kathy, the dog chef, made up some grub for everyone.

Uncle Moose and Grandpa Garbage Gut Fred chowed down. Russ, of course, was trying to send them signals that if they just held out she would bring out the good stuff, but they were too busy gulping the grub to notice.

We were watching the news, and didn't immediately notice that the Foggy Bottom crew "went missing." Kathy got up and found them camped out in the kitchen hoping for more chow! We told them--"sorry guys, you have to wait for tomorrow."

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Great Corgi Swap

The Great Corgi Swap has occurred. Music has gone to Camp Cindy while she is in season, and Uncle Moose and Grandpa Fred have come to the Gibson Ranch for vacation and play.

First, I went to say see ya soon to Music who was all together too busy playing at Cindy's to be bothered with me, so off we went the 2 boys and I.

A couple of memos to self about riding with the boys: 1) Grandpa rides in a crate and Russ' whine sounds just like Grandpa's; 2) Remove anything long and stringy because Moose will have it in his mouth--phone charger and leash. 3) Moose doesn't like Jimmy Buffet. (I was singing along to a bunch of great music when Jimmy Buffet's "Come Monday" came on--Moose cocked his head and let out a howl!)

Next, Russ sends a big sloppy wet kiss to Aunt Cindy for sending him some friends. His tail has been in constant propeller mode since we got home.

Russ now has someone namely Uncle Moose with whom to play "keep away." This was his favorite game with Sara, and Uncle Moose knew just how to play. The pictures are from the first game played with a bone. Please note the one where Uncle Moose is standing on his head--this was snapped just a split second before he did a sommersault. (I laughed until my ribs hurt!)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dog Gone Stupid!

Music is in season and Russ has gone stupid on me. My smart figure it out puppy has gone totally wacko. Let's chronicle a few of the highlights--

1) He won't eat. Not a thing--not Satin Balls, not treats, and certainly not dog food even with broth. (Vick's vapor rub is coming home tonight!)
2) Chasing and barking at the cats incessantly. I chased him away from the bed at least 15 x this morning. Usually he goes back once but quickly figures out I mean business about the no barking thing. Not today.
3) For weeks I have been working on controlling his herding drive. He has to sit and wait for me to release him when cars, joggers, bikes, etc. go by. We were really making progress well that is until today.
4) Music took his toy away from him 3 times. She has never gotten it from him once before but today he is just clueless.
5) I crated Music and he about broke the door down.
6) I crated him and he flung himself so hard at the door that he flipped the crate over.

I chose his best "woo is me picture" of the day...

The Baby Post

This post has been building for quite some time, but today it burst to the fore front.

So often herding dogs of any variety and children aren't a good mix. But I have found that with the right training on both sides--children and dog--it can not only work but be a really good mix.

On the Russ side, he had to learn that yes, he can herd the baby but not nip. So he uses his head and neck to move the baby. In fact, Russ is a big help keeping baby J out of places he isn't supposed to be in--especially the "no no closet!"

For baby J, he learned not to pull ears, pet nicely and not to feed the dog.

So equilibrium has fallen over the house when the baby and dogs must co-exist, and some really cute stuff happens too. I have found baby J trying to give Music a drink from his sippy cup, sharing of toys (although sometimes a tussle does happen over toys), and general snuggling on the couch.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cardi's are Pillow Thieves!

Well there was the earlier post about full pillow, but they have escalated their behavior to down right pillow thieving!

First thing this morning, I awoke and realized I was sleeping directly on the mattress. Russ was sleeping on my pillow. So knowing that this was a possibility, I stashed an extra pillow next to the bed. I pulled the pillow up and went back to sleep.

Then I heard a big boom--thunder as it turns out. I picked up my head and in that time--Russ and Music rearranged themselves to take over both pillows. I couldn't believe it--I got aced out of all the pillows!

Now from their perspective, they just don't get why I would be unhappy about losing my pillow(s). The picture we took last night certainly suggests that they are beyond innocent. But I know better!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Satin Balls

What do you get when you mix 10 lbs cheap hamburger (high fat %),1 large box Total cereal (about 12 cups cereal)1 large box uncooked oatmeal, (about 15 cups oats)10 raw eggs,1 15oz jar wheat germ,10 packages Knox unflavored gelatin,1 and 1/4 cup vegetable oil,1 and 1/4 cup unsulphered molasses and a pinch of salt? Why Satin Balls of course!

I'll bet you are wondering why on earth I would be elbow deep in 10lbs of cheap hamburger, oatmeal, raw eggs and the like. Well Russ' Aunt Cindy said it was a surefire way to put some weight on my skinny show dog. So I mixed up a batch--what a disgusting process, but all worth it if he puts some meat on his bones.

The first day he ate one just fine, but the second day he decided that he wasn't going to eat them. So here I am breaking apart the Satin Ball feeding little bits to him and teeny tiny bites to Music, so that the little brat will eat the stuff that is supposed to fatten him up. So not only did I have to experience the raw meat, Total cereal, molasses, and such once but I am reliving the experience 3 times a day!

Oh yeah I almost forgot, I have to pretend to be eating the darn thing off a plate before he takes it from me! I can't even begin to tell you how much I hope he puts weight on quickly. Who ever heard of a skinny Corgi?