Friday, December 23, 2011

They call me...Mellow Yellow

I ordered a mess of thundershirts between the doodle with separation anxiety and Ruffles thinking he should have complete access to Ella, I thought I was going to loose my mind! 

Well the thundershirt turned Ruff Ruff into Mr. Mellow.  We actually started calling it is his sleepy shirt.  Shaker wanted to know if it make him look slimmer?  And as far as the doodle...well today is better than yesterday!

So for good measure I ordered another one for Rambo...hopefully it will work on her the way it did on her father!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spa Day

Spa day, sma day!  Hey dudes, it's me Shaker Baby again.  Mom calls it  spa day...bath, blow out and nail trim, but we here at Riverbend call it "torture chamber day".  I mean seriously, what makes her think it is great to be stuffed in a tub, soaked down, lathered up, soaked again and then have that darn noisey blower turned on?  And then she grinds our toes off!  Yesh!

But hey one good thing happened, a little "Wookie" (aka 5lb Yorkie) got revenge for all of us.  Mom came up sputtering about that darn Yorkie being harder to trim than all the Corgis.  Then we saw the evidence!   The Wookie had exacted great revenge by scratching the begisis out of Mom's arms while she was holding him during his nail trim.  Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa....say we the corgis!!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holy Rabbits!

We have a little ritual here at Riverbend...the humans eat dinner, clean up, feed the dogs, turn on the yard lights, make some noise to scare off coyotes and bobcats, then head out to the dog yard for romp and business session.  Works well, runs smoothly...that is until tonight!

I opened the door to the yard, and immediately saw what was going to make my life difficult...a rabbit inside the fence and loose cardigans!  Russ spots it first and takes off after the little bugger.  The rabbit runs and smokes itself on the fence.  Russ is close but the bunny regroups and heads across the yard.  (Meanwhile to know avail I am bellowing..."RUSS LEAVE IT!")  Once again the cotton tail smokes itself on the fence.  Apparently the green wire is invisible to rabbits too.  Ruffles and Music are now teaming to bring the game home.  CRAP!  All I can envision is blood, fur and wrangling the carcass out of someones mouth...probably Ruff Ruff.

Mr. Rabbie makes one more run at the fence and gets to his shoulders and is STUCK!  I elevated my crap comment to #$%^!  I made a run for the fence in an attempt to beat the dogs and protect...well let's face it, me from having to clean up a huge mess.  Of course, Ruff made it first but just then Rabbie made it through the fence link!

Stupid Rabbit...I bet he won't be visiting Riverbend again any time soon.  I guess it turns out we aren't that hospitable to rabbits!

Friday, December 9, 2011


I have been a very bad blogger, but I am going to make an effort to do a much better job!

Any who, the first snow of the year visited Le Claire last night and the cardis were nuts for it this morning.  Unfortunately, none of the morning pictures turned out.  Quite possibly that was a blessing, as most of them involved me pleading with them to come in and they respectfully declined my pleas!

So as I was reviewing the series of bad snow pictures, I found these spring ones of Ruffles and his beloved but deflated soccer ball.  Cheers!