Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Babies at One Week

Brindle Girl

Tri Girl

Big Black and White

Comma Marked

Wide Blaze Girl

The babies are one week old today. They are all growing like weeds. They had their dew claws removed today and are all bandaged up!

Naughty Girl

I should start by saying that it is a darn good thing that Ella is cute. That girl is going to drive me to distraction.

This morning I hear the distinct sound of plastic crunching. My feet hit the floor immediately and I see that somehow she got my razor. I bellow drop it and she complied. Then I notice that the head is missing. Holy Crap! I start looking for pieces and find nothing nada not a thing. Now I am thinking how could she have swallowed the head in that amount of time but hey odder things have happened. I checked her mouth and find no scrapes or cuts--good sign, but I still can't find the head.

So I made a couple of calls to get a second opinion but I am thinking I have to get an x-ray to make sure the little turd didn't swallow it. So off to the clinic I go...

And $113.00 later I am assured that my naughty naughty Ella hasn't swallowed the razor.

Final memo: Bathroom door is permanently closed to Corgis!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy Girl

Turns out that when Ella isn't remodeling dog doors, she is hiring out as an interior designer. Her latest mood is apparently green tones.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Creative Dog Door Designs by Cardis

My three clowns are starting a new business, and they asked for a free plug on the blog. They are now in the dog door business and specialize in two types.

Type 1: Basic but functional pop out

Type 2: The ever popular swinging variety.

The Chief Architect and Worker Bee:

Now where did I put my handy man's number?

More Puppy Pics

The puppies are growing like weeds. Oh my goodness this is way to much fun for words! Hehehehe...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Puppies Day Two

Looks like we might have four black and whites, a brindle and a tri color.....
Mama Kathy

Well It's Official

Russ is a daddy! Music is a mommy! Six (6) beautiful beautiful beautiful girls. (But at least one has suggested I might be a bit biased.....)

Everyone is thriving!!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The boys play in the yard

Russ decided that he needed to get some quality time into the water feature before Kim and Chris start working on it.
And Shaker, well, he was a bit winded, but is thinking about his net move.....
Mama Kathy, over and out.


Rain Day with a house full of Cardis. I swear the these 3 clowns in my house are poking at each other like 3 couped up siblings! I think the dialogue sounds something like this...

Russ: Mom, Ella is looking at me funny.

Ella: Mom, Russ is an idiot.

Shaker: Mom, their picking on me/

Mom: Shut up all of you!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ella Goes to Camp

Hi it's me Ella Bella,

Mom swept me up and dumped me in the torture chamber that she calls the Booster Bath. She said I had to get all cleaned up and get my whites white again. Then she got the snake out that spews water and I swear she scrubbed me raw.

Then she put me up on the work table and turned on the octopus that blows air and is LOUD! She said that she had to blow me dry and flat. Now why on earth would I have to be dried out flat. I worried about her squishing me but all she did was brush and blow this air stuff at me. Totally weird if you ask me.

Then she tried to grind the end of my toes off with the awful machine that whines. She kept saying things like stop squirming and if you would hold still I wouldn't have to hold your paw so tightly, but seriously folks she was trying to take the end of my toes off!

When it was all done, she got out a back pack and put all kinds of stuff in it--food, toys, bowls, collars, leashes, papers. I thought wow usually we just put this junk in the Double Shot, but whatever Mom can be pretty weird at times.

Then she and Mom Kathy put me in the 'burb crate and I thought Wooooo Whoooo we are going to class but we ended up at the farm where I was born. I recognized it right away and made myself at home.

Turns out I am going to go camping with Kerri and Connie. I wonder how I can embarrass them? I wonder if Kerri knows about my puppy gooo routine. If not that is always a good one, but if she does I'll have to come up with something new.

I had a good first night and got to play with some of my brothers and sisters. Mom was worried about me but turns out I didn't even know she was gone. I was having way too much fun.

Well see ya after camp,
Ella Bella

Monday, August 3, 2009

Angels Among Us

Well we are home safe and sound. New tire, rim was salvageable, electrical cord however is still walking wounded.

So here is the rest of the story... I was driving merrily down the road singing my heart out to an oldies station, when I noticed a big white pick up truck flagging me down. Now I was driving the Double Shot (42ft of bus plus the Malibu in tow) on a two lane road without any shoulder. My first was where am I going to get this monster off the road but this young couple were quite insistent that I pull over immediately. So I edged two wheels off the road and the white truck pulled behind me.

A very nice young woman...Kimberly Taylor...came around the window side and said I had blown a tire and something was burning. "Oh my goodness...that's not good", I said as I jumped out of the coach. I got to the back and found her husband Branden assessing the damage. He said he heard the tire go, and got me to stop as quickly as he could. I thanked him profusely!

My next thought was okay time to call Coach net and get somebody out here to change the tire and hope that the other one holds together until I get to the next town. But alas, I didn't have any cell service and neither did the lovely young couple.

That's when Branden said he could change the tire. Wow how nice is that! So while we had traffic essentially blocked in one lane he was went to town on the tire which was still hot and smoking.

It was while he was changing the tire I noticed his license plate--wounded veteran. I asked if he was the veteran to which his reply was yes ma'am. I thanked him for his service and his sacrifice.

He finished in a jiffy, I tried to hand him some money but he adamantly refused. Then we both drove off.

So yes, after a few weeks of having my faith in people badly shaken, I was blessed with meeting two angels along the road. So thanks to both of you--my faith is restored in the wonderful nature of humankind.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

When are Russ and Ella coming home?

Music is pregnant, so we split up our efforts, Kim going to dog shows, Kathy staying home with Music and Shaker.

Shaker is a bit morose without his playmates.
They must have rode over something on highway 61, blew two tires on one side on the Malibu. Arrival home will be delayed by a day.