Monday, December 27, 2010

Creature of Comfort

Rainbow drug her bed into the kitchen. Apparently she wasn't comfortable waiting for dinner on the hardwoods.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's A Cardi Christmas

Santa came with new soccer and footballs! And it was a Merry Merry Christmas!

P.S. Music and Duchess decided that they would only play if we brought the balls inside. Footballs, soccer balls, and corgis inside....NOT!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pitiful, Just Pitiful

Rainbow would have you believe that her bed is never in the right spot, that some one is always bugging her and that, in general, her life is tough. But seriously putting the dog beds up for 45 minutes while I mop...not that big of a hardship for a little dog.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Big Riverbend Thanks

Hey it is me Ruff Ruff! I know, I know it has been a long time since I posted but seriously Mom busted up her hand and she has been a computer hog. So now that I wrestled it away from her for 10 mins, I have to come up with a blog post. I thought about Ella's Christmas tree carnage, but I'll save that one for when Mom's blood pressure goes back to normal.

Sooooo I decided to send out a big Riverbend Cardi (and Duchess too) thanks to all the people who helped Mom get back to being Mom. And as a special thanks I am posting some shots of the Riverbend Cardis (and Duchess too) having fun again.

First, Mama U. You were a great caretaker. Thanks for listening to Duchess when Mom needed something, but more importantly thanks for making sure we had kibble and cottage cheese. You're the best!

Thanks to Aunt Sandy and Uncle Chris. You guys rock! You drove, split wood, cleaned, cooked, and most importantly you took us outside.

John Roth is owed a huge bill of thanks for keeping the Cardi yard neatly tended. I love that you didn't mow our toys like "ah hem" somebody we know. Not naming any names but Mom you have taken out a few.

Miss Lisa for well everything from mopping floors to feeding dogs and all points in between. Thanks be to you!

Kerri J at Genesis Physical Therapy. I have never met you but I understand that you are the miracle worker behind Mom's wrist and finger movememt. Because of you, I get to go outside and play ALOT again. I am also planning a full compliment of dog shows. You see Mom really screwed things up when she busted her wrist, I was fixing on finishing my Grand Championship this year. Well, I'll forgive her if she is ready to drive my bus come spring! Thanks to you Kerri J!

Dr. T Cobb a huge thanks for putting Mom back together. We have heard tell that you are the best and now we know for sure.

I'll close with something Mom would say...May God bless each of you and keep you safe, happy and joyful today and always.

Ruff Ruff Out!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gotta Love Cardis and Snow

Goodness I love it when he does that...
Ruffles does love his soccer ball. I wonder if Santa will bring him a new one?

Hmmmm...should I jump on Rainbow and Russ?

Ella is telling on Rainbow...

Shaker wants to know why Russ is a ball hog?

It has been snowing in Iowa and my clowns couldn't be happier. Well the pictures speak for themselves.
P.S. Thanks Santa I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new camera!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You say it's your Barkday!

December 15, 2008---Ella Bella Barkday. So today my girl is 2!

She stole my heart from hello, and it is a good thing too because her nickname during puppyhood was Marly II. If a day went by without a sentence starting with "Look what Ella did..." it was a banner day.

Well here's a shout out to her brother Kodi. Hope your Barkday is a great and you get some treats.

P.S. I post pictures later with my new camera. Santa came early and I am a happy happy girl.

Friday, December 10, 2010

River Life

I was watching the Shaker, Ruffles and Rainbow play in the snow this morning. Each has a role as they zig and zag about the yard. But today it occurred to me that they were each like the boats we watch throughout the river seasons--a barg, ski boat and jet boat respectively.

Shaker lumbers forward, it takes him a bit to get moving but stand back once he is forward motion. Ruffles it fast, makes tracks and can turn to recover something on a dime. Rainbow is quick as a lick, fits into small places and generally zips about with abandon. Yeppers, the three parallel the most common boats we watch on our Mighty Mississippi! And on that thought, yes I do yearn to sit behind the wheel of my boat and enjoy the river once again.

P.S. I am hoping Santa brings me a new camera so I can once again add pictures! Yes, I could use Kathy's camera, but let's face it there is nothing like the feel of your own camera, and beside every time I go to use it she bellows, "where is my camera?" kbg

Sunday, December 5, 2010

First snow 2010

From Kathy: The first snow came and I only let Russ and Shaker play outside. Dutchess was hardly interested and Music is just a "fun grinch," no one can play and have any fun. She just follows them around barking. I think it is her way of playing. Rainbow is grounded for a few days as she recovers from her spaying.I could not get the boys to come in.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas cometh

This blog started with a tale of Ruffles getting into the Christmas packages. On that day he not only successfully opened loads of gifts but he got himself so sticky he had to have a bath. So I guess it wouldn't be Christmas without tales of Cardis gone wild.

The village was put up a few days ago, and I promptly reminded the Riverbend Cardis and Duchess too to "Leave It"! Apparently Music was listening because the tractor was found hanging out of her mouth. Can you spell BUSTED! Music is now banned from the living room unless attended by a responsible adult.

This leads us to a kitchen Cardi Caper perpetrated by Ella. (Yes, please note that these two capers were completed by my good dogs! YESH!) Any who, I left Ella in the kitchen while I ran to the store. When I returned home I noticed her very pink foot and mouth. I immediately began scouring the kitchen for evidence--which was immediately found! The Cardigan wreath was missing one black and white cardi, one brindle cardi and a whole host of red cranberries. The wreath was beyond salvageable so it now lives in the landfill. And Ella is still pink. Did I mention we have a show this weekend? Now where did I leave that white lightening?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Paw It Forward

Okay folks, it has been a while but I just found out my Cardi clowns are the proud recipients of the Foggy Bottom Dirty Dozen puppy guessing game gift bundle. For some crazy cute puppy pictures, go to Cindy's blog Random thoughts on Random things. (I must confess a bias for the litter critter that looks just like my Ruffle Buns.) Any way on to the main event... My Paw It Forward Contest.

Yesterday, Kathy and I attended a funeral for the wife of a friend. She was only 50 yrs old, so needless to say we were all shell shocked and beyond saddened. She was a gal that always had a smile on her face and brought joy to everyone she met. She also had a heart as big as all outdoors and once threatened to adopt all the stray animals in a 5 mile radius of their home. While she was spreading this joy and gathering strays, she was in physical pain. But she never let her smile down. The minister spoke of her being joyful beyond her circumstances and challenged each of us to do the same.

Well that point hit me square between the eyes...or should I say heart. Yes, I have a severely broken wrist, 7 pins and enough nerve pain to fill a 5 gallon bucket, but I can certainly be more joyful! So I decided to laugh more, play more and enjoy my time now!

So this morning when I took the dogs out I watched them play. I didn't as has been my practice these last weeks hurry them to do their business, so that I could get back to my pillows. As a result of this new mind set, I saw Shaker lie in wait for Ms. Rainbow and then commence to fancy foot work the little devil all around the yard. I laughed until my sides hurt. I also saw Music hit Shaker broad side resulting in him rolling down the hill. I saw Ella pulling weed along the fence line and she got a Jewel weed stuck in her teeth. I think she thought it would disappear if she tried to out run it. I watched Ruffles tear up the yard as he ran himself silly for no apparent reason. I also had the pleasure of calmly petting Duchess without any interference.

What a gift! So here's the challenge...How do the animals in your life help you be more joyful than your circumstances? Nothing fancy...just a few lines. Let's figure out how to go forward and spread joy--one smile at a time!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Under Cover Cardi

The morning of my wrist surgery, Shaker snuggled himself up so tight to me that I could hardly breathe. When I finally convinced him to move, he insisted on lying on my feet under the covers. He couldn't have possibly been cold, so he must have been trying to be comforting.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Silly Dogs

I have noticed a trend at the Ranch...bone sharing. I initially thought "oh how cute, they're sharing", but I quickly realized it was a ploy for more toys. Yep, these clowns would each grab an end of something and then look at me as if to say, "oh poor us we don't have enough toys to go around!" (Trust me they have plenty.)

But it worked, we bought a dozen new Woobas from Pet Edge. I swear Russ can read. That box arrived yesterday. Russ immediately started barking at it and pushing it around. After much one handed effort I got to the prized toys. (Now today's box arrived and no fanfare from the dogs at all. I guess the box from SCOE doesn't do it for them.)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Outside Fence

Hi, it is me Shaker Baby. Yeah, they still call me that even though I am 2.

Well Mom broke her wrist so life is a little different right now. For one we go outside fence in shifts now. Mom says it is easier on her constitution. I don't understand, and even Russ, who has been with Mom the longest says he doesn't get it. But, you see, I am a very very clever Cardi and I have figured out how to open all the dividing doors. So I get to go out with everybody. Mom laughs at me and says, it is a good thing that I am easy to live with.

I found this picture that the neighbor took of me keeping the deck safe from marauders. See I can do it all open doors, make Mom laugh and guard the house (OK the deck, but I could guard the house).

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pool Time

Shaker's favorite season is pool season. There is nothing he enjoys more than a good lounge in the pool. Today he shared with Ella.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ruffles is 3

Russ better know as Ruff Ruff, Ruffles or Ruffle Buns, is special, not because he finished his championship like a horse on steroids, but because he is the foundation for my obsession with Cardigans. From that fateful Sept, afternoon at Foggy Bottom to this very moment he is an on-going joy in my life. His quirky sense of humor and undieing devotion to me are the cornerstones of my Cardi obsession. My little buddy is singularly responsible for the demise of two lap tops and a Spotbot, but he is also responsible for more belly laughs than I can count. (Many many thanks to Cindy and Alec for sending this guy into my life. ) It has been a great 3 year ride, and my most sincere hope is that my ride with Ruffle Buns goes on for many many more!


My wonderful neighbor took this picture last fall. He called it Recess and I think that sums it up!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

With Kim's broken wrist, we have been dividing the pack into 3 and 3 to go outside. Rainbow usually goes out with her Dad, Russ, and they laps around the yard. Rainbow is really fast and Russ ends up chasing her and sometimes Shaker is lagging behind. Rainbow is also showing some definite herding instincts, even if she is still small. Here is a new picture of Rainbow and her Dad Russ.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Way Too Long!

It has been far to long since I posted! So I guess I'll do a general update.

Rainbow and Ella are either the best of friends or the worst of friends. But aren't most female siblings like that?

Shaker continues to love his pool. He soaks his whole 45lb self in the water and then finds a nearby victim to shake the excess on.

Music and Duchess are resident old ladies are enjoying the summer and taking the attitude that when they are old they shall wear red and purple.

Ruffles, well he is still my playful boy who turned 3 just a few short days ago! His favorite game remains anything involving a ball and being chased by anyone or anything that has an ounce of energy.

At the end of the day, my life is so much richer for their presence.
p.s. The picture is of 'da boys--Shaker and Ruffles.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shake ~n~ Bake

Happy Happy Barkday to my Shaker Baker (aka Shake~n~Bake). Okay I am a couple of days late but we were far far away in a land called North Dakota. Well, my baby Shaker is two! Two! I can't believe he is two already. Where has the time gone? Well here is a few of my favorite pics!

By the way, he still loves the dishwasher, sleeping upside down and hanging out in his now much larger pool!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Snorkeling and Other Fun Stuff

Summer has officially arrived even if the calendar doesn't say so. The heat indexes rose to points not well tolerated by the Cardi Clowns, so we broke out the pools and added ice to the water.

Now on the pool front, nothing should stand between Shaker Baby and his pool except this year he has grown so much that the dog pool really doesn't fit. He slides his happy self in but can't lie down as his back side hangs over the top. This silly sight prompted a trip to Wal -Mart for a real kid size wading pool. (I just know that emptying it every night is going to be a back breaker! So much for the "smaller herding dog!")

Now this snorkeling business was most unintended. I added ice to the water so it be be just a wee bit colder for them. Well I guess they have clear ideas about where ice should be found and it is not IN water. Rainbow was the first to figure out the ice situation and for the entire first bowl she dove in, got the ice and then distributed it to her friends. But by the time the second bowl arrived she was tired of sharing and every one had to fend for themselves.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trash TV

Hey guys!

How goes it? It is me Rainbow. Mom went to the chiropractor early this afternoon. She put me in the room with Dreamy. Bahahahahaha, man is my Mom silly. Dreamy knows how to turn on the TV, so she turned on soap operas. If my mom knew that I was watching trash TV she would have a fit. She doesn't let us Cardis watch anything except PBS and Discovery until we are at least a year. Wow I hope she puts me in the room with Dreamy again.

Please don't tell on me,


Monday, May 10, 2010

On the Road

I probably should have posted this a couple of weeks ago, but well....

We will return home today. The clowns we have with us are READY to be home and running in their fence. The leashed walks were fun for a while but they are seriously ready for some free play. The romping in our RV has become more raucus every day. Of note is Rainbow's new favorite place--the dinette table. She hops her happy self up on the table and surveys her kingdon. The darn girl can actually ride up there! (pictures forthcoming)

We had loads of fun at Nationals, and crazy amount of fun with family in South Carolina.

I have heard that the dogs that stayed behind have done everything from get on my desk via the desk chair (interesting as it is on wheels...wish there had been a video running on that one) to eating some paint rollers. Guess they were a bit bored during the day.

Well as Corgi Capers go, we haven't had to many for the record books but stay tuned, as I am sure there will be many as soon as everyone is back in their element. These clowns are exceptionally good at pay backs!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great News!

Hello Mother, Hello Father!

We are having the best time at camp. Today was the absolute best. You see a very kind coyote left behind some squirrel parts. The Riverbend Cardis were very stupid and dropped them when the head counselor yelled "drop it!" We Winjammin Corgis are much smarter.

The head counselor did spoil a bit of the fun though when she pried our mouths open and stole the legs. Then she threw them over the fence where we couldn't get them, but Dreamy has a plan to pull the safety fencing off. We sure hope the head counselor can't find the staple gun to firmly reattach the fence. It is great fun to watch her hammer staples into the fence posts. We especially think it is funny when she misses and hits her hand.

Well we will write more later but we really must get back outside and roll in the smelly stuff left behind. Boy we sure hope she doesn't find a shovel and finish burying it!

Love and hugs,

Dreamy and Duchess

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shaker and Dreamy

Hello Mother, Hello Father,

It is I Dreamy or as they call me here at Camp--Stubborn Dreamers. (I am not sure why they call me that I just have things my own things to do!)

I have a new friend. His name is Shaker, Shaker Baby or Shaker Baker....I am not sure which one is his real name because he answers to all of them. Any way, he is a lot of fun. We run around the yard and sleep on the Head Counselors bed.

She is pretty cool about the bed thing unless we get on it with muddy paws. Yesterday she had to was all the covers because I pushed open the swinging door for us before we had our feet cleaned. Then Shaker and I rolled and danced on the bed. Weee Haaaa it was great fun!

Love Always,